Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cast iron sinks ... Thrifted and RePurposed fountain and potting bench

I thought I would share with you today this little space at the back door of our workshop that I turned into a potting station, fountain and photo shoot area.

Our friend and neighbor (92) was moving close to his daughter and had a few things to sell. Sitting behind their art studio was this table with yellow cast iron double sinks ... wow, was it ever heavy! He said it was their fish-cleaning sinks but from the traces of paint on it,  I would guess it was where they cleaned their brushes. 

For $15.00, it was coming home with us. We removed the vintage faucets, replaced some rotten wood and painted the stand.

We poured this small slab by the back door of our workshop just the width of the ramp that was already there and put the table there. It sat like this for months. Even the nice wood gate that we built out of reclaimed wood just leaned up against the wall ... too heavy to hang and it covered the electric plug that we always needed to use. It was a nice backdrop for photos.

I am safe in saying that everything that you see here was thrifted or repurposed.

 I could put a cover over the sinks and use it for a table for taking photos. The lighting is perfect until the sun starts going down and then there was too much sun. 

 Photo shoot of blue tool box.

I used it like that for awhile and then I found this perfect faucet to just sit there for looks.

Then one day decided to make a little fountain out of it by putting a bucket of water on the shelf below and adding a recirculating pump to connect to one side of the faucet ... thus, it became a fountain. Having running water is nice to rinse my hands. 
I still use it for photo shoots by laying a board across the sinks.
 Today, was hot but I decided to make that area presentable even though it was not visible from the street.                                        
Cute little thermometer for 25¢

With old gate hinges, I mounted the gate to the wall and made a perfect screen for that one end. 
I hung the glassless window frame that had just been sitting there on top the bucket bench for weeks and added a few more plants. Window frame was a curb-side find. 

The bucket on the shelf under the sinks holds the pump and catches the water. A nice estate sale rocker needed for a short rest.

Old wire fry baskets hanging inside the old window with garden tools, clay pots and Sweet Anne adds interest and a place to store potting stuff. Just straighten the handle on the basket for an easy built-in hanger.

My new friend Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction.
inspired me to cut some rosemary and make a swag for my glassless window.  Hope you will hop over to her blog and see her beautiful Rosemary wreath tutorial.
It is so beautiful ... 


The awning may not look too pretty from this angle, but it sure helps to drop the temperature. I think it dropped about 4° in just a few minutes after I rolled it out.
Just a few steps away is our Windmill water fountain that runs through an old metal water faucet, and adds a pleasant sound of running water. This is where the deer drink and the large birds love it too. Next to the old ranch fence is a vintage metal animal water trough planted with several kind of wildflowers. 
8' trough was $10.00.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thrifting finds ... just what I was looking for ... and more.

We had a huge garage sale this week-end and after seeing how much stuff I have, I was not much in the mood to go thrift shopping for more ... but Wednesday is MY day to go to Fabulous Finds Thrift Store 25¢ Sale. I always find something I can use and 
Mr. Z. and I have a lunch date every week.

Today I found something that I really needed.
I am building a floor lamp chandelier out of recycled lamp parts which I had hoped to finish for the garage sale ... but NOT ... and I was looking for SIX chandelier shades for it. It also has the sixth light on the top which was added after this picture ... can see it in this picture with the shade. It will have lots of prisms. Beautiful, like new shades for $1.00 each. I may paint the red dots black. The metal parts are oil-rubbed bronze, but look black.

I hit a snag in finishing it, but will blog about it when finished.

 The small ironstone platter was 25¢ ... nice old green bottle, thick glass and lots of bubbles, was $2.00 and the large, solid terracotta pear was $1.00. 

The Wm. Adams & Sons platter was the only item I bought in the 25¢ sale ... the

rest was bought inside the store. 

These look great on my ladder shelf in front of my large Apple Cider sign that I have had for ages. Mr. S. had apple orchards for a while and this sign was where his apple cider was sold.
It is huge (cut from a 4'x8' piece of plywood)

Last week: $3.50 bought seven nice heavy ironstone bread or dessert plates and the little creamer was 25¢ ... and they look so pretty under the wire trash 
basket cloche.

Remember the 
wire trash basket cloche light 
I made?
... well I had another thrifted basket
 ... cut the bottom out of it, shaped the top, spray it silver and made another cloche with a lamp part piece for the finial ... 
it looks so pretty on the stand I made from spindles and a round wooden disc.

Happiness is when find just what you are looking for when you go 'thrifting' ...

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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Once upon a time ... this little old lady" ...

Don't you just love a story that starts with "Once Upon a Time" ?

Of course you do, because you know that it always ends with ... "they lived happily ever after" !!!

  Well, this little old lady just hates to throw stuff away and loves to re-cycle.

Several years ago, she bought this used pretty arts and craft metal sculpture of a water lily and ducks ... 

... she had picked up an antique, cast iron kitchen sink from her sister ... painted it a beautiful aqua blue ... set it in the ground and turned the metal sculpture into a fountain ... and made a 'frog pond' ... yes, frogs lived there ...

It made a beautiful screen to hide the water collection tank behind the shop ... well almost hide it.

Years passes and 'the little old lady' could no longer get down on the ground to clean and take care of the pond, so it was removed. The cast-iron sink got stored away and the beautiful water lily fountain just sat outside on that picket fence shelf and rusted away. 


The little old lady kept thinking she could save the water lily fountain ...

soooo... one day at the Dollar Store, she found these thin metal WELCOME signs with a sun flower attached ... (an ah-ha moment).  So she bought three Welcome signs ... 

Now, several years more passed and the rusty water lily fountain and the welcome signs just sat there.

Then the little old lady was cleaning out and getting ready for a garage sale and decided it was time to do something with the rusted-falling-apart-fountain or throw it away. 

She cleaned it up, salvaged as much as she could and cut one new lily pad from an old piece of tin ripped off the bottom of a plant container.


She built a water lily blossom with two of the $Store tin sunflowers. Four pedals had holes in them for the welcome signs, so she drilled holes in four more petals and hung facet cut crystals to the pedals. (plastic)

After adding the new pieces and a little paint she was ready to test her luck in getting this fountain to work. 
She could not put the original fountain back like it was so just used a bucket filled with water to test the fountain ... well lo and behold ...

it pumped water up through the blossom, falling off to the large leaf and then to the small leaf to drop back into the water do it all over again. This made the newly painted little ducks below very happy.

Now the little old lady still cannot get down on the ground to take care of the fountain, so this sculpture will just have to be an above ground fountain ... or just an art piece.

Frogs may not live there, but the the water lily fountain will 

"live happily every after" or until it goes to 'rust-heaven'.


Enjoy the wonders of nature ... 

Have you every heard the frogs croaking after they lay their eggs?  Almost as pretty as a birds song.  

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Audrey Z.  

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pickin' the GOOD stuff

I have shown you some of the junk I have bought at the 25¢ Thrift Store Sale every Wednesday, but this is about 

"Pickin' the GOOD stuff".

Have your every seen something in a Thrift store that you really loved but just kept telling yourself you had no room for it?  Every time you went in, there it was, telling you to 
"take me home with you"!  

The $9.00 price tag on the casserole and $12.00 on the platter were good prices ...  but I just did not have room for any more dishes.  They were sitting on a china cabinet in the back of the Store ... then one day the store had a large table of items down one aisle marked with pink tags ... 
pink tag = $1.00. 

In the back of the store ... still sitting on the china cabinet ... this beautiful set I loved ... with PINK tags but had not been moved to the $1.00 table. I asked the clerk if they were really $1.00 even though they were not on the table ... 
YES ... 
... how could I not buy them ... space or no space?

 From an Estate Sale ... two wicker covered wine jugs ... one is aqua glass and the other one is a brown crock ... beautiful condition ... the jugs, the four drawings of patents and a few other small things were $45.00. 
I was delighted to say the least!
(you can click the picture of the drawings if you want to see a better picture. They are pretty neat.)

 Restore, Habitat for Humanity ... $5.00 each ... 
Courthouse or Lawyer/Bankers chair.  
Heavy and in very sound condition. Need just a little TLC.
Thought these might be good for the new cabin at the Ranch.

Large hand blown glass float  25¢. 

Beautiful platter ... don't remember what I paid for it but the colors are great together.

Silverplate and stoneware ... fun stuff to decorate with. 
Three Royal Copenhagen porcelain fat Robins were half-price at $7.00 each.

 A old man that sets up on the side of the street had these to offer one day. The brown bottle is in a metal frame with a handle for pouring ... maybe a liquor bottle in a bar. Large terracotta lantern, nice old wire basket; a beautiful green demijohn and a cute little hand painted chalkboard/slate. All for $50.00.

These very early, maybe late 1800's, tin barn lanterns may be worth $100.00/$150.00 each on eBay.
I plan to put vintage stain glass in the two that has the missing glass.
Don't fall off your chair seeing what I paid for them.
75% off regular price ... unbelievable !!!

Another week, I bought these faces from the same old peddler on the side of the street for $5.00 each. Not my style but thought they could be of some value. He said he had them for twenty-five years. Still doing research on them. 

Can you help in identifying these clay pieces? 
Backs ...

Hope you enjoyed seeing these treasures ...
Some will be sold on eBay ...
Some already given to our daughter ...
Some for our annual Community Garage Sale in June.

Audrey Z.

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