Sunday, August 7, 2016

Junk Yard Treasures

Our son bought several architectural porch posts on Craig's list and I was asked to go pick them up as it was closer to where we lived. 
I had no idea to what to expect, but was so happy to find this place. 
First, we were greeted by this huge cast iron eagle. If I remember correctly ... a huge U.S. flag hung on the large metal post. 
After I picked up my son's purchase, I asked if I could look around and take some pictures ... (hoping to find a treasure that I could buy). 

Well ... I found lots of treasures, but nothing seemed to be for sale.
(excuse being ... I might need that or my son wants that)

I did buy a few more weathered porch posts/columns to make legs for a harvest table I planned to build. 

Now FOUR years since the trip to that junk yard and here they still stand in the corner of my workshop.

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Here are a few treasures that I saw.    
 Large augers for drilling holes in the ground ... 
maybe for fence posts.


FORD 2000 Diesel tractor that still runs with the help of some starter fluid.  


 SAFEMARK spare tire

 Does not look safe to me.

  Added weigh.


Loved the patina ...

I really wanted this chicken nesting box !!!   

Not for sale. His grandson may start raising chickens and need it  ...
And look at the wire cages with rabbit feeders.

Some child will remember the fun times on this  old scooter. 
Love the blue color.

 This place was originally a sawmill ... just look at the size of that blade !!!


... but look at the size of the trees he cut. 

There were several large slices from trees laying around. 
Wish I had asked for some.

This looks like a cedar. 

Don't know what this is ... but interesting.

    It had rained the night before and everything was so fresh and clean.
The old man told me the name of this tree, but this trip to the Junk Yard was several years ago and I have forgotten. 

He described the limbs to feel like rubbing the legs of a lady who was wearing silk hose. WOW!
Most Texans use their hands to illustrate what they are saying. He was good at this by cupping his hands together and giving and up and down motion. lol

  Don't fence me in ...

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the Junk Yard ... yes, there was a junk yard dog, but he was behind the fence and he did his share of barking.  

For the pictures, I was looking for something unusual, texture, color and patina ...  I think I found a good variety.

I did find an old galvanized funnel on the ground, picked it up and Mr. JunkYard man gave it to me.

Hope you will hop over and take a look at my  junky funnel blog posted in 2012 


What did you see that you liked?

Thanks for your visit. I hope to get back to blogging full time soon.
Audrey Z.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Making do ...

Making do ...

I needed to send our Grandson who was in College, a birthday present and a card, and did not have either on hand.

He prefers some handmade something over the $5.00 Hallmark card and of course ... $$$$.

So I wrote a check and made an envelope to mail it in.

I opened up a business size envelope ... laid it out on one of  Mr. Z's new Texas maps covering all the places that were important to the Grandson right now and cut out an envelope. 

I use a quarter for the size and circled each location.

Glued the tabs together ... added a paper label ... a stamp and off it went.

Kingsville, Texas where he was attending Texas A.& M. Kingsville.

Kerrville and Ingram, Texas where he calls home.

Uvalde, Texas where he is on the weekends, working and managing a game ranch.

Now that he has graduated, he can circle  San Antonio, Texas which is the large yellow spot at the top of the envelope. This is where he is working and living and he still works in Uvalde.

He liked the envelope so much, it took him awhile to decide how to open it and not damage it.

He loves handmade things and this was special to him.

He plans to frame it. 

Thanks for your visit.
Audrey Z.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Antique Swan Bench for the Master Bath

             Last year when we were remodeling our master bathroom, I shopped our storage for a bench to use. There I found this antique hand carved swan garden bench that I had bought at least twenty years before. I attempted to restore it once, but gave up on it. 

This is not really the "before" picture as you can see the repair to the bottom of the sides and all the cracks that I had filled. Really old, hand-carved and thick wood. Unfortunately it had sat in a yard for years and was truly weathered and falling apart. The major issue was the bottom of both sides had rotted.

Filled and rebuilt the legs with "Hard as Nails" filler ... added a piece of board to the bottom to keep the filler from breaking away. It is quite heavy. 
Swans make up both sides and another is the back.
I would have loved to let the natural wood show, but there was just so much damage and the filled places were not pretty.

Wood had lots of natural character on the bottom of the seat which I left unpainted. 

Solid white ... just did not show off the awesome carving.

Washed it with blue paint ... much better. 

Sorry, but this is the only "after" picture I got ... 
I loved it, but was just not the right bench for our bathroom.

Sold in our garage sale last year.  $70.00.

This is the bench we used. 

Part one of our master bath can be seen here.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Audrey Z. 

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Really not exactly what I expected on Christmas morning.

I remember the days when I would get up early Christmas morning with eagerness to see what Santa had left under the Christmas tree.  

Joyful tree ...  but forgot to take pictures after Santa came.

Well, I did get up early Christmas morning, not to see what Santa had put under the Christmas tree, because I was Santa and knew what was under the tree


I was up early to start preparing food before everyone arrived.  

What I found was not exactly what I was expecting this Christmas morning ... 

As I approached the fireplace to turn on the Christmas lights, I stumbled over something on the floor. I finally reached the remote for the lights and found that our huge Christmas wreath had somehow fallen from the fireplace was laying face up on the floor with the string of lights still attached. 


Now this is a pretty tall fireplace. How it got off that very secure nail and ended face up on the floor; I will never know. 

Lucky that it only took one small snowman down with it. 

Then something was wrong with my camera and this was the best picture I got.  I was beginning to wonder what was going on. 

Is there such a thing as a "Christmas ghost"?
 I got the wreath back together as best I could and put it back in place. Some of the red birds are still misplaced but it looked presentable.

 Love my little antique wagon, bottle brush trees and snowmen.

I think this big Snowman is laughing about all the strange things that have happened this morning or maybe he is just happy that it is Christmas and he gets to come out of the closet. 
 Hope your Christmas was exciting and happy.

Happy New Year too .... 

Audrey Z. 

My $10.00, scrawny little Christmas tree that I have used the last three years is decorated with thrifted and Dollar Tree items. 

More about the scrawny tree can be seen HERE.

Dollar Tree decorations:  
White Reindeer, Red plastic balls, white slinky toys, Joy ornaments. 
Little snow covered bird houses were a Thrift store buy 23 for $5.00 ... new with tags. 

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