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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pitchforks and Farm Tools

Decorating with the things of nature and old farm tools brings me pleasure.
I especially like old spades and pitchforks or hay forks.

On the front of our workshop I have a small collection of pitchforks. I hunt to find ones with different tines ... like the number of tines and the shape. The birdhouse above these was built for a spotlight over one of our fountains, but the birds made such a mess in our fountain when building their nests that we had to move it. 

During the day ...

 The spotlight comes on at the beginning of darkness. 

Getting really dark now.  Love the shadows.


I used this pitchfork for a curtain rod for awhile. I had a real long gauze fabric that I draped over it, crisscrossed it and tied it back on each side with metal star tiebacks. The gauze curtain has been replaced but I left the pitchfork. 

I have a special post that where I stand spade forks for display and actual use if usable. Some have deteriorated over the years. We had a worm bed where the fish pond used to be and kept the spades handy to turn the ground or dig for worms when we were ready to go fishing. 

 This is my favorite hay fork. It is extremely long and I can just visualize the farmer pitching loose hay into a huge pile on an old hay wagon. It is all wood, handmade, no nails, just pegged together. Beautiful and antique. I gave it to my son two years ago for Christmas. I miss it, but he really loves it and that is what counts.

It made a real interesting mantel decoration although it was longer than my mantel.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my farm tools. 
Audrey Z. 

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  1. I love your blog. You have so many wonderful ideas!

  2. OK, the forks under the light - great!!!


  3. Fun collection!! Love that light in the birdhouse...very clever :) Laurel

  4. Those pitchforks make for a fabulous nighttime shot!! Gorgeous.

  5. Love how you made the birdhouse into a spotlight! Definitely makes the forks stand out when it's on!

    Also love that old wooden pitchfork. How sweet of you to pass it on to your son! I have not come across many really old tools other than what my hubby inherited.

  6. That birdhouse spotlight is amazing! I love old tools, too. You somehow feel connected to all the people who used them. ~ Maureen

  7. Audrey - your pitchfork collection is amazing! Why oh why did I read this - now I am going to be on a mad search for pitchforks!!

    Love that you used that birdhouse for your spotlight - it's fantastic! I am definitely pinning that!

    Have a great day!

  8. Oh my goodness!!! I love them, and the wooden one is FANTASTIC! Seriously, it could be in a museum. You have the coolest stuff EVER. :)


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