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Friday, May 24, 2013

Geckos and Cookies at the Dollar Store

Have your ever bought cookies at the Dollar Tree Store? Well, Wednesday was my day to get cookies for Mr. Z ... "the cookie monster". They have a great variety.

Walking into Dollar Tree you are greeted with all this colorful summer fun stuff ... decorations for Memorial day and Spring.  

Looking at all the fun stuff, I almost forgot about the cookies. If I was having a pool or patio party and needed decorations or cookies, the first place I would go would be Dollar Tree. 

Well, I remembered Debbie at Debbiedoo's and Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage are having a Dollar Tree Summer Decor Link Party and just maybe I can find something to blog about.  

Dollar Tree Party Banner 500 
I loved what "bj" at Sweet Nothings made for her pool party.  (see post #4 or hop over to Sweet Nothings and see what she made). 

Truth be told ... after I saw that cute Gecko on "bj's" plate ... 
I just had to have one. 

So, when I saw this big green Gecko in the $ Store ... the decor wheels started turning.  They were so nice and I loved that he was green. I bought five ... just knowing I would find uses for them.

These bug/fly swatters in the shape of butterflies, flowers and bugs in the middle were really nice and only 50¢ each. 

Then came the colorful plastic watering can ... (can always use one of these) ... then picked three clumps of grass and the Gecko.  All I needed for a cute flower arrangement.  Cost would be $8.00. Not bad for a cute centerpiece and usable items. Can also be used for a door decoration ... but might need a burlap bow.

Wet play sand in the watering can kept the swatters in place. I bent the handle on two of them to make them shorter; added the grass and attached Mr. Gecko to the front. Hot glue did not work, so used some rolled-up, double-sided, foam mounting tape. This worked for the moment, but to be permanent, he needs to be wired on.

Swatters could be used as table favors or fold the handle over and secure it to a stand and use for name place tags.  

I was in the check-out line and saw this nice summery yellow cloth bag $1.00, thinking that would make an nice cover for a potted plant ... and so it does.

I tucked the handles inside ... cut a plastic milk jug and a plastic juice jug in half and fitted them in the bag added cardboard inside the front to strengthen and give it shape. Glued the Gecko to the bag with hot glue and put some potting plants inside that I had bought for the yard. This centerpiece cost $2.00 to make, plus the plants, but you have a choice of live plants, live flowers or anything from your yard or garden. 

I really liked this look and enjoyed it while I had my lunch.  
 I topped a thick slice of tomato and some lettuce with a small amount of left-over chicken salad. Fruit and crackers rounded out the simple lunch.

For dessert, I had two chocolate covered gram crackers that I bought at the Dollar Store ... I think there are 18 cookies in the package for $1.00.  

Now wasn't that fun ??? 
Summer decorations, cookies and Geckos all over the place. 

Just hanging around and waiting for the party to begin.


  1. Audrey,
    I LOVE this post. Love that Gecko and I will be stopping in tomorrow to get a few of my own.... along with that pink watering can. I actually have a list of things that i saw in the store but now they have a whole different look that i saw what others have done with them!! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  2. What a cute idea to use those swatters like that, and the little guy is quite adorable! Truth be told, I'm even more smitten with those cookies. Must be dinner time ;).

  3. HOW fun. What a great little idea. Sure adds lots of colorful energy :) Happy holiday weekend to you!!

  4. hahhaa....they are all just those fly swatters...not sure if my store has least I didn't see them.:)
    Great work on all these cuties, Audrey.and thanks for the shoutout.
    xoxo bj

  5. Your Gecko decorations you came up with are so cute! I never seem to go to the dollar store much but maybe I need to do that more often! I love chocolate graham crackers ice cold from the freezer! Your lunch looked so healthy! Nothing like the ice cream cone I just had! LOL Nancy

  6. Very cute and fun Audrey! No geckos here in Minnesota except maybe at Dollar Tree!

  7. Those little geckos' are just adorable!
    I love the planter with the swatters too!

    cute ideas for seasonal decor- Pat

  8. I'm torn between the centrepiece and the fly swatter bouquet! Never mind, I'll take them both at that price. Nicely done!

  9. I love your sweet gecko with those fly swatters. What a lovely, whimsical display!

  10. So cute! That gecko sure gets around!!! I hope our dollar store has those....

    Have a great day!

  11. Audrey you are so very clever my dear. I love it. Thanks for sharing with the party, glad you could make it.

  12. I bought a slew of Mardi Gras Feather Masks at Dollar Tree... Loving the Bug Swatters, it makes making something dead so Cheerful don't you think? All they saw coming was a big flash of Bright Color! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. That gecko is adorable...but we have the real thing did great job...I really like the centerpiece!

  14. What cute, quirky, and creative centerpieces. I try to avoid the Dollar Tree - It is hard on my wallet, but those geckos are so adorable. I think my favorite is the yellow bag of plants. That and the delicious lunch you made!

  15. I think I might be making a trip to the Dollar Store tomorrow. Love the Gecko and the cloth bag. Hope they have them at my store :)

  16. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the dollor Tree! Isn't it a wonderful place to shop! When I'm broke (which is most of the time since I "retired")I can still shop there! Love what you did with all your treasures!

  17. Oh what fun!! I need to visit the $ store!!


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