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Saturday, February 8, 2014

re-purposed ...Thrifted Magazine Rack for Dust Pan and Whisk Brooms

I am all for re-purposing ... 
AND ... i love thrift shopping.

 a thrifting buddy saw me in Wallmart one day and said ...
do you really pay retail for some things? 
(not very often) 

This was done many years before blogging days ... actually it was made to sell on eBay.
So no before picture.

In its former life it was a tired-old-brown-pine magazine rack that hung on the wall and might have held keys on the bottom hooks.

This was for those who collected vintage whisk brooms. 
Red paint ... a little distressing and an added decoration to the top gave it a fresh, new look.

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Thanks Revi  ...

As you can see ... 
it was likely November or December when I did this. 

I painted the top parts of the brooms ... dipped the edges of the bottom in the paint and wrapped each with some decorative material off a cafe curtain. The stained lace and check ruffle was salvage from the edge of a wicker basket. A grungy metal star hangs from the lace and the time-worn white dust pan was included for those who wanted to do a little sweeping. 
(gosh ... racking my brain because it has been years since I did this)
  A little distressing brings out the black. 

   Back of  brooms.

All items were bought at thrift stores, garage sales or estate sales and nothing was bought at retail ... well maybe the star.
This makes a useful and decorative display and still could be used for magazines and keys. 

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  1. Gosh, I never would have thought of turning that magazine rack into a display piece. You have the most ingenious mind! I hardly ever go into a retail store either now. Why bother when you know whatever you want will turn up at a thrift store or auction eventually.

  2. What a GREAT idea. And love the finish color!!

  3. What a good concept keeping everything handy, love the dust pan great colors. Thanks for sharing Rob

  4. Love this Idea! It could also be used for mail and keys.

  5. So cute! I always love there re-purposed things!

  6. The rack is perfect for a whisk broom collection and I love how you decorated them. There is something so sweet about a whisk broom.

  7. This is so cute, Audrey!! What a great idea.
    Mary Alice

  8. That is darling! Here we just threw away a magazine rack that could have been taken apart and made into two of those! But then I don't have room for one. So many cute ideas that i need a huge house! Nancy

  9. Hi Audrey, I just love how you upcycled these little brooms. They are so darn cute.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  10. LOVE THIS! It's functional AND great looking...who could ask for more? Thanks for sharing it at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday, Audrey. :) Now...where can I find some cute vintage whisk brooms and dust pans? My plastic dust pan wouldn't look quite as cute...

  11. Audrey, you're featured again at Revisionary Life Thrifty Thursday! :)

  12. the little brooms are too cute, audrey! such a clever idea--happy vday!


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