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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When is a Cloche Not a Cloche ?

 definition of a Cloche ... 

1. a bell-shaped glass jar used to cover delicate plants. 

2. a close fitting, bell-shaped hat for women.

So ... what are all the other things we call a cloche?

You be the judge ... lots of pictures ... 

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I do have one bell-shaped glass cloche that houses a real bird nest on a stack of grapevine. 

Now this IS a cloche. 

These small cheese domes make really nice cloche. I placed them on small vintage enamel plates and displayed my miniature antique stone fruit.
you can see how these two glass light fixture were
re-purposed to a cloche HERE

and HERE

Chicken wire cloche ... 

I purchased these and they were pretty expensive, about $15.00 each plus shipping. The wire openings are smaller and items do not show up very well in them.   
                                                                                                                                                         I covered a metal frame from the Thrift store with chicken wire ... added a finial and called it 
a cloche.

Covered a small lampshade frame with chicken wire ... used it as a cloche.

Old metal bird cages make a wonderful display cloche. 

One sitting on a glass cake pedestal plate shows off the display really nice and the other on a silver plated cake plate.    

Both are brass HENDRIX cages but one has a screen around the bottom. 

This is a very big bird cage that hangs on a stand and houses an arts & craft pottery bird on a pedestal. Presently, it stands in our entry but just the cage gets used on the mantel pretty often.   

another bird cage     with                         what else?                          Love birds !

wooden dowel stick bird house with a metal lantern inside that serves as a night light.

"Apartment for rent" birdcage ... on the front porch ...
                                            handmade from a large tin food storage can.       
                                                         I believe it is already rented.
   Split bamboo ... not for birds ...

 A large glass and metal house display/cloche that I bought in 2009 to sell on eBay ... never listed and never displayed. 
Cost $15.oo for the frame and $20.00 to have the glass pieces cut. Must find a perfect place to use this.

                                                                               you can see how this wire trash basket was re-purposed to a cloche light HERE.

Hope you enjoyed all my "cloche" displays
or "not a cloche" dome displays !!

When is a cloche not at cloche? 

If not a cloche … maybe it's cloche close enough ... right?

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  1. I love cloches. Not the hat kind but the cover kind. I also use a cheese one on a pedestal plate that I made. Nancy

  2. You are a genius!!! Why on earth have I never thought of using a light fixture as a cloche??? and I have the perfect one too that is just gathering dust in the shed... Lovely examples Audrey! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Cloche encounters of the most interesting kind! I love your collection of cages. I think the most creative cloche is the one made from a wire trash can. That was cloche enough!

  4. A cloche is a cloche is a cloche~~~Oui? You have a wonderful and very assorted collection of cloches. The one you made using a lamp shade and chicken wire is brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing Audrey, loved seeing them~~~

  5. I love cloches and is of these display certainly are cloches to me. Love the metal birdcages/cloches. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. OMGosh Audrey, I love them all!! Especially the ones you made--so unique and beautiful and interesting. I'm gonna pin a couple so I remember the ones I want to "copy," if that's okay?!! Thanks for visiting me today :) Blessings, Diana

  7. I especially enjoyed the one with the white ceramic/china cats...but they're ALL delicious [if delicious is appropriate here]

  8. Yes...I love all of your beautiful and creative cloches!!! Have a great weekend!

  9. Light fixture as a cloche, ingenious! Thanks for sharing at the #creativemuster.

  10. where do you put them all? I like the wire ones, I would put an ivy inside with a bird maybe. Some good ideas thanks

  11. where do you put them all? I like the wire ones, I would put an ivy inside with a bird maybe. Some good ideas thanks

  12. SO wonderful! I love the bird cage on silver pedestal dish, your metal & glass house and your trash can ones best! What a great post, Audrey! Thanks so much for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday! You're going to be featured, sorry I'm so late.


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