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Friday, September 12, 2014

Estate Sale:Today was a GOOD day.

I love to find an Estate sale that has interesting stuff ... good prices and clean.                                  
TODAY was that kind of day !!!
Just look at that like new splint oak basket for 50¢ ...!
Don't know what the spools/rollers are
but they are pretty neat and 50¢ for all six.
Hole goes all the way through.
Research reveal that these are textile spools.

 Cute little cutting board ... likely a brush for hanging wallpaper (25¢) and unusual scissors ... 

I believe this is a display shelf that would have been used in a convenience store.              There is a bracket at the top that may have held a sign.                                           This was reasonable at $15.00.                                                                                 I plan to paint it and use it for towels when we get our bathroom remodel done.

 Nice metal bird bath ... for my daughter. $35.00
I might just restore this one. 

 Step stools or small
ladders are always needed around our house.

Good time-worn condition and a real steal at $2.00. 

Just look at these cool black silhouettes ... thin wood.               
All seven for $5.00.               
Will be used on signs or used for patterns.

Maybe even a pig cutting board pattern ... really primitive.


This old rooster will be perfect for a long awaited project on my to-do list.
 For a sign in a little boy's room.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope you will let me know you were here.

Audrey Z. 

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  1. Great finds Audrey. Loved the silhouettes, well, loved every find.

  2. Wow! You REALLY did find some goodies! That rack was quite unusual and sounds perfect for holding towels, etc. And I have a thing for old, wooden-handled brushes..Great price on the basket and how unusual to come across those silhouettes!.

  3. Good fun! I love seeing what you find. You seem to find the neatest things. I love those silhouettes! that PIG is cool, of course, the Rooster is my favorite.
    I like the basket picture at the end full of your goodies.
    Hope you're getting nice weather like I'm having... we're at 66° right now! I love it!

  4. Love me a great Yard sale...... This is a good one...

  5. Great finds. I love the cutting board and the bird bath.

  6. The spools are my favorite items and the silhouettes. Could the spools be wringers for old style mop buckets? I have a few but the shape is slightly different. Great finds for great prices. you can't beat that!

  7. Great finds, Audrey! That sale really did have good prices--can't wait to see how you use them! Blessings, Cecilia

  8. Fantastic finds! I love the shears and the bird bath! I didn't have much luck at yard sales this year... and now summer's over - where DID the time go???

    Have a great week Audrey!

  9. Oh my goodness, Audrey--what great finds! LOVE the silohuettes, especially the cow and the pig--great buys. I think that stand is going to look great in your bathroom. Hope you have a terrific week :)

  10. wonderful stuff!

  11. Those black signs could be amazing with your touch! And I would have bought the spools, too. I look forward to seeing your towel rack! Thanks for sharing at RLTLT, Audrey.

  12. ahhhh, I love everything you found here. I know that you will use them all in some awesome projects.


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