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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Raven Shoe Dressing (polish) Advetisment Sign

 Angie at Knick of Time 
took this tiny ad from an 1888 Harper's Magazine, enlarged it, cleaned up the background and offered it free to bloggers.

Check out all of Angie's free graphics at ...
 Antique Graphics to Print

 I wanted to do a silhouette of just the Raven and shoe. So I cut off the Ads in the background; enlarged it to print on an 8½" x 11" paper and drew it off on a ¼" thick board. 

 It went unfinished for a year or so and this year decided it was time to paint the ad on the shoe and use it for Fall decorations. 

Raven = Fall  ... Halloween. 

I used a Krylon White Paint Pen to fill in the letters.

Was not real easy to do because this was rough lumber.  

Here it is displayed with my small collection of wooded shoe forms.
I lightly sanded the lettering.  
(this helped cover up my messy paint job)
I tried displaying it with this Fall decoration near our back door entry. 

This is a work counter with cabinets above, in our garage next to our back door. I try to decorate it for the seasons ...
but it also catches a lot of junk.

The shoe sign was not a part of this decoration, but just trying to find places to picture it. 
Most everything you see here is thrifted. 
The lamp was just repurposed ... will link to that when I post it. 
The market basket and apples were recent finds.

The large metal lamp/urn recycle can be seen here.  
Trophy-Urn-Lamp ... Did I find a Hidden Treasure??

Thanks for stopping by. 
I would love for you to say hello.

Happy Fall.

Audrey Z.   

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Vintage Charm # 55  


  1. That is SO CUTE! Great job Audrey!!

  2. what a darling is so cute. I must visit her blog...hope your weekend is a good one

  3. I am always attracted to old shoe signs. You did a great job transforming Angie's design to fit your vignette of shoe forms.

  4. Audrey, that looks great! Love it with the old shoe forms.

  5. Audrey, I love it! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinned!

  6. Absolutely fantastic, Audrey! Pinned to our Vintage Charm board :)

  7. Hi, dear your pretty Christmas header...hoping all is good with you and you are as busy as we are, getting ready for Christmas...busy and fun time of the to you

  8. Your work counter is so inviting. You are always accomplishing something. Wishing you a great Christmas! Nancy

  9. Hi Audrey, thanks so much for stopping by my antique Christmas ornament post and the tip on the tail for the clip on bird. When I go down in the morning I will check.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  10. Hi Audrey, me again! The tail is there inside the bird ornament! Thanks so much for the tip!

  11. Audrey,
    So good to hear from you and I do apologize for taking so much time to get back to you. The Holiday season was busy as always and of course, I am still working but only part time. Thanks for dropping by!!
    Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!


  12. Hi Audrey, Isn't it wonderful when other bloggers share their patterns with us. That made a nice display. We have been super busy, overwhelmed an exhausted with moving but we are making progress! Nancy

  13. Hi Audrey, Angie is such an inspiration. Lots of great thrifted collectibles in your post today. Hugs.


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