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Monday, April 30, 2012

Weathered Boards.Barbed Wire Rusty Junk Welcome Sign

Our Community will be having garage sales in May so I have been gearing up for that. This affords me the opportunity to gather up some of my junk treasures, re-purpose/up-cycle them and offer them for sale and hopefully reduce my inventory of stuff. I have been feeling really creative, so making some neat stuff.

Several years ago I bought a five gallon metal bucket that was crammed full of pieces of tongue and grove boards. I put a plastic bag over them; sat them behind the shop and forgot about them. I had lots of old hooks and these old boards, so set out to make something out of them.

 In the bucket were some fantastic blue boards ... they were great !! We cut one long one in half and glued them together.

While searching for some old glass knobs,  
I found these beautiful, painted blue gate hinges. So ... this is what I/we, Mr. Z and I created. 


The old rusty barbed wire wreath was perfect to hang from the center glass knob using a burlap bow. Love the rusty "5" to tuck in the wire. The little blue bird feels right at home in the rusty iron dipper.

  Rusty jail keys look great hanging from the hinges. I guess this is just a rusty Welcome sign. I was really pleased with the way it turned out.
Great for hanging some junky stuff or just about anything.  
The WELCOME is hand painted ... sanded the lettering a little to age it.

Enjoy ...

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Blessings .....Audrey Z.


  1. Love all your salvage treasures! the blue is wonderful and the hinges are great!

  2. Audrey, this is beautiful! I'm pinning this so I can remember all your great ideas! ~ Maureen

  3. Hi there Audrey. I love your project. Very cute and so useful too. Nice to see you. Enjoy the newbie party,

  4. Audrey, as always you have made up something I not only want, but need. Please,please sell it to me.
    You're the best. Give Bob some credit to.

  5. i really like this! Great use of stuff that was just there :) Consider linking up to our UnFinished Object DIY challenge

  6. What a great project - the blue is lovely!! Good think you kept those boards around :)

  7. I love that sign! I can't believe you found boards such a perfect shade of blue. Normally, you would have to paint and sand it.

  8. Hi Audrey,

    I popped over here from Debbie Doos. Love what you created out of those old boards. I also love the way you photographed them. I'm a new follower. I took a look around and really like your space

  9. That is so great! I love the rustic, well loved look. And the blue color is so feminine and pretty on something so rough! I love the dichotomy! Thanks for sharing your project!

  10. Way to go using what you have and creating something amazing... whether to be enjoyed by you or sold and enjoyed by someone else.

    Thanks for linking up to the UFO Party!

    Double-Wide in the Sky

  11. So glad to see you at Show & Tell. You are one of the most creative people I've ever met. I absolutely love these board projects. Are you selling them?


  12. I absolutely love the blue wood pieces! Such a great color. I think the hinges and all the accessories you added were spot on. Good call on the hand painting--it gives it an authentic look. (Newest follower)

  13. I love the blue board welcome sign! The hinges with the keys hanging from them is just perfect!

  14. That is so cool! I love rustic things :) The Welcome sign looks awesome!


  15. Followed over from Cowgirl Up. I just had to see your weathered board signs. The rustic feel comes through your beautiful photography. Thanks for making my visit special with your projects!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  16. I adore your barbed wire wreath :) I love barbed wire and work with it a lot.

    I found your blog by way of FJI and I'm so glad I did. Newest follower and plan on being back for more tips and ideas.


  17. Hi there, I love, love this. Brilliant. I just had to join your site. Looking forward to more inspiting ideas!


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