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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New birth of Spring..Flowers and Bird Watching

Nothing says Happy Spring any better than to watch a little bird care for her young.
I had this pottery bird house sitting on my patio and usually stop it up so birds will not build in it because that hole is the only place to clean it out. This time I forgot and this little Wren made her home there. I had hoped to see the baby birds, but they were deep in the nest. Notice how long her beak is to reach way down to feed them. In the second picture, you can see the food she brought. 

Here are a few of my flowers that have shown up for Spring.  

Snapdragons that I planted two years ago put on a good show this year. 
 This is a low growing Mexican Petunia.

Native yellow and white honeysuckle.

Hummers love this Coral Honeysuckle

 Lamb's Ear or Jerusalem Sage just starting to open ... below ... full bloom. Notice how fuzzy/wooly the leaves are.
Can grow into a very large bush.

 Mock Orange ... 
tall bushes that line the fence..

My Favorite ...
The Sunflower ... we have several that came up from a seed planted by a squirrel or dropped by a bird. 

 Not perfect but beautiful ...

This little Sparrow is fresh out of the nest. He is sitting on the walk just outside our workshop and kept looking up at the birdhouse and seemed to be saying ...
"Mama, mama, where are you ... come help me ... how do I get back up there?" He would stretch his wing and fall over on his weak legs. He would try to walk and topple over. I felt sorry for him, but knew that Mom was close by. He was always looking up.  

Better picture of Mother Wren with food for the babies. 

Have you been enjoying the freshness and new birth of Spring?  

Audrey Z.

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  1. Beautiful pictures.
    Such a sweet bird, and beautiful flowers.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Love, Annette

  2. A treat to see the wrens. Thank you for sharing your flowers too.

  3. We have a bird that built her nest in the wreath on my front door. Now there are about 5 eggs in the nest. Hoping to get a peek at the babies when they hatch. Our cat has been completely out of sorts over the birds at the front door. I love that you have sunflowers courtesy of squirrels or such. All of your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing Spring with us at Show & Tell!


  4. What a beautiful Spring you are having! The photos of the birds are so great. I love to watch the mama's feed their littles. And your flowers are so bright and lovely!

  5. What beautiful flowers you can grow in that pretty hill country.
    Loved seeing all these great photos...and I love the birds.
    So glad you are having a good spring.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful! You have way more blooming now than we do! Thanks for the reminder of what's ahead!


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