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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Wedding Dress after 62 Years. Where is your Wedding Dress?

My Wedding Dress …

62 years … oh WOW …
June 25, 2012, Mr. Z. and I have been married 
for sixty-two years. 

Meet Olivia ... who will model my dress. She is much smaller than I was, but she is beautiful. 
I was eighteen, fresh out of high school 
and Mr. Z. was nineteen, almost twenty. 
We  were married in a very small, 
old but beautiful, 
First Baptist Church, Kerrville, Texas. 
(Church has now been torn down) … 
This is when women wore hats to Church 
and weddings. (notice the women on the left)
 This was taken as we were coming out of the Church.

Yesterday; when I read my friend Angie’s Knick of Time blog … “Where is your Wedding Dress?  about her Mother’s wedding dress; I decided to dig mine out and see how bad it looked and answer her question. I had to move six packed storage boxes to be able to open the cedar chest (which was my hope-chest) …  to get to my wedding dress. It has been packed away for a lot of years, and was pretty wrinkled but still in good condition and very precious to me. The veil has some holes ... but ... 

Sleeve with tiny covered buttons.
 My Mother and Grandmother made my dress and veil; the four attendant's dresses and head pieces. I kept losing weight because of stress over the wedding and my Grandmother had to alter it two times. My mother was a self-taught seamstress and made clothes for us. My Grandmother was also very good.  

If I could easily locate my photo album, I would show the complete wedding party. 

This is not a priceless necklace of diamonds, rubies and gold, but one my husband gave me before we got married. Very special and I wore it and matching earrings on our wedding day. 

My parents did not have money for my wedding, so don’t know how we pulled this off.  I worked at a Five and Dime Store (remember those) during my Senior year in High School and in the summer. I had very little money and spent my last dollar on a negligee. So I was really broke when we got married. 

Somewhere we lived and as a member of a Newcomers Club, for one luncheon program some of us modeled our wedding dresses … lucky me … I was still able to get into mine. This was some thirty-three to thirty-five years after our wedding. Could not get in it now. LOL

We celebrated our sixty-two years together by driving about one-hundred miles to visit my sister who is in a care facility and very sick right now.  She is ninety years old (90 … 91 in August) and the oldest and only surviving sibling out of seven.  

 On the way home, we stopped for a cooling banana-split blizzard; holding hands across the table and  remembering happy times spent in soda fountains sipping sodas, malts or root-beer floats.  
 The gloves I wore on my wedding day.

Thanks Angie, I am happy to have a reason to get out my wedding dress and bring back the wonderful memories especially on our anniversary.

Hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me.
So … where is your wedding dress?



  1. What a beautiful dress and beautiful memories to go with it. I loved reading every word.

  2. Oohhh, such a beautiful dress.
    And 62 years!!
    We are 32 years together.
    I made my own dress and I was 19.
    When we christening our doughter I did make her christening robe.
    (sorry for my bad English)
    And I save it for her children if it's given to her.
    Love, Annette

  3. Audrey, I loved the whole post! The dress is so special. I love your wedding photo, the gloves, the jewelry, and the story. Especially the part of the story that you spent your last dollar on a negligee!

  4. Oh Audrey this made me cry! What a beautiful dress that your mother made and what a handsome couple!! I hope my hubby and are still together on our 62nd anniversary, we're a 1/4 of the way there!
    Still holding hands, how wonderful! I know so many couples that i think don't even want to look at each other after a few years!
    Big hugs to you both and thank you for sharing this!

  5. What a beautiful dress and post! Your dress actually reminds me a bit of my own from 18 years ago. I am your newest follower~hope you will pop over for a visit! Angie

  6. What a beautiful story of all kinds of love. Your dress is still gorgeous today. I'm sure your mom and grandmother would be so pleased. You had such a radiant smile in the wedding photo.

    I'm so glad I came across your post. I'm now following you too.

  7. What a beautiful dress and even more beautiful story. Congrats on 62 years! New follower.

  8. Oh, Audrey, what a handsome couple you were and that dress is still spectacular today! That you have cherished these mementos and have cherished each other for so many years is truly wonderful and inspirational. I'm very teary over what you have shared. ~ Maureen

  9. Your dress is gorgeous and how special that your mom and grandma made it. Congratulations on 62 years, too. My aunt made my wedding dress 37 years ago. It wouldn't fit my daughter when she was married, which was a good thing because she didn't like it! But she did take my veil and have it restyled so she could wear it. Thanks for sharing such lovely memories.

  10. NOW that is a WOW for sure Audrey! Congratulations. What a gorgeous dress and what a beautiful bride you were indeed. I still have my dress too of course. Not sure what I will do with it. Perhaps one of my boys wives would like it for something someday. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a beautiful story, I enjoyed reading it so much and seeing photos of your wedding dress.
    I was reading your post out loud to my husband, caught myself choking back the tears just thinking of all the years that you and your hubby have spent together and still holding hands over your banana-split blizzard. Very sweet. :0) Happy Anniversary.

  12. I love it Audrey. I also wore gloves in 1983. Nobody else was doing that. Your dress is in amazing condition. Congratulations on 62 years!

  13. Oh, Audrey, this is all so special and so beautiful. What a lovely bride and handsome groom...and sooo young. Was I EVER that young, I wonder. LOL
    Your dress is just breathtaking.

    I didn't have a wedding dress such as this. I made a mistake of marrying when I was 18 to a young man of 20 and the marriage just didn't "take"....too young, not in enuf love and.....well, you know, things happen.
    I was 22 when Mr. Sweet and I married and my mother made a beautiful light blue lace dress for me. We were married in a small church with only family there. Reception in my mother's home. I will look for photos and do a post on it. I had not thought to do this for our 50th anniversary.
    Happiest anniversary, dear friend.
    love, bj

  14. Lovely dress, lovely story! What great shape your dress in, the chest really did it's job! My dress is up in our hot attic, in the original bag. I know there are some stains on it, none that where on it after the wedding. i do love getting it down time to time, and making sure it still fits :)Been married 28 years. What a blessed, sweet story you have! Rachel B

  15. What a wonderful dress and story. It truly touched my heart. . .

  16. What a lovely love story, Audrey! Sixty-two years is an amazing milestone to reach. Your dress is lovely and you were a beautiful bride! I'm so happy you shared it at Potpourri Friday!

  17. I still have my 25 yr old wedding dress. I try clean out my closet yearly & I always take it out & get all sentimental. When I cleaned last spring I asked myself why I kept it. I seriously thought about getting rid of it but my husband & 19 yr old son both talked me out of it. :o)

    I still think it's the most beautiful wedding dress ever!

  18. So very pretty, I love the satin the gown is made of and in such good condition too! So glad I found your blog! I'm following you too now!


  19. Oh my goodness! What a stunningly beautiful dress; I hope that there are some granddaughters that might be wearing it. Vintage wedding dresses are so much more romantic than all of those strapless things that seem to be the style now. I'm visiting from 2805 and am so glad I saw this lovely and touching post!

  20. What a beautiful dress - and a beautiful bride but even more than that what a beautiful story, magical - makes me happy inside, thanks so much for sharing!

  21. What a beautiful dress, so like my mothers. The same fabric, sleeves and covered buttons. My parents were married for 57 years, unfortunately my dad passed away a year ago. Sweet memories. xx

  22. Thank you for showing photos of your wedding. The two of you are a great model for younger people. Your story sounds a lot like my parent's story. They married young and have been together for 47 years next month. Your dress is beautiful and both of you made a beautiful couple. What a wonderful love story! --------- Shannon

  23. Your dress is in remarkable shape, and is still beautiful. I'm so glad you showed us a picture of you and hubby on wedding day. Glad you still have each other, too.

  24. Hi Audrey, I saw Angie's post too! My wedding dress (we'll be married 32 years on Nov. 1st) is back in the box that it was sealed in...I say back in the box...cause it was pulled out in 2005 when my daughter was getting married...she tried it fit her perfectly and looked really good...but she wanted her own back in the box it went. It was a bit outdated I guess, with long lacy sleeves. You were quite the nice looking bride and groom! Thanks for sharing your story!

  25. Wow, what a lovely post and a very beautiful dress. You were so smart to save it and I must say your and hubby are gorgeous. I truly love the dress shown on YOU! and as much as I love that dress..that picture with the gloves should be in a bridal magazine..Beautiful...

  26. That dress is beautiful and would be chosen today by many brides.

    as for where my dress is- first the question of " which wedding" would have to be answered.. LOL

  27. Beautiful love story! Congratulations on your anniversary celebrating 62 years! Your wedding dress reminded me of the one my mother made my sister and those buttons on the sleeves were time consuming to make. Thanks for sharing your story, I'll be following you! Helen

  28. This is really beautiful dress. I don't believe it that this dress is made 62 years ago. It looks charming. You looks beautiful in the old wedding dress.

    vekphoto wedding photos

  29. 62 years! That is wonderful!! Lovely dress and pictures. So great that you kept it so long. We'll celebrate 20 years next month:) I no longer have my dress. I donated it years ago to a charity that provides needy brides with dresses.

  30. awesome photos ... such an adorable wedding dress. love it.Thanks for sharing all these blogs and phots are very useful to every one

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