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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ReStore Brass Lantern and Sconce make-over

This is one of the reasons I love ReStore, Habitat for Humanity … they always have interesting things that need restored or repurposed and the money they generate from donated items goes to a worthy cause. 
The first area that I look in is the lighting and lamp section because I love to restore lighting fixtures. I am always on the look-out for the old outdoor lighting fixtures, especially lanterns. 
A few weeks ago, they had three brass lanterns, two that would have been on a post in the yard and the other was a wall sconce. 
Only one post light was in good condition and at $5.00; it was a bargain. I decided I did not need the other two with missing parts and broken glass. Well, after I got this one restored, I loved it so much and was all excited to go back and get the other two. (Just look at that beautiful glass).

I know better than to think that they would still be there one week later … but one was. It was a wall sconce that would have been mounted on the wall by the door. 
Regardless of the condition and broken glass, I got it anyway and I knew it would be just what I needed for my fireplace. $5.00 was okay with me for that one too. Mr. Z. was able to glue the three pieces of the pane back together. That piece leaning against the sconce in the before, is a pane of glass.
After a good cleaning, I painted them with my favorite color (dried thyme). New wiring, insulation covers and sleeves were added. I used Mod Podge and covered the sockets sleeves with old sheet music. They are not real noticeable, but I like the look.  

The glass is beautiful light amber with lots of bubbles, lines and character. In fact the glass in the sconce looks like it is raining when the light is on. 
I put the miniature iron bird bath inside and it looks like a garden scene, I use this as a night light on the fireplace. The post lantern on the entry hall table right now.   

Both turned out very nice and I am enjoying them very much.


 What have you found at ReStore that you just LOVE?

Audrey Z. 

Thanks for your visit and nice comment.



  1. You are just so clever, Audrey. I love these!

  2. I am really impressed! The lanterns are fabulous. Did you do the electrical work too?

  3. What a labor of love and such a huge improvement! Love them both!

  4. Oh, Audrey, I love those lanterns. You are a lighting magician! The sheet music on the sleeves is just what I need to do with one of mine. Pinning ~ Maureen

  5. I love these! You did a fantastic job! I have never been to a Restore, I think it's time I pay them a visit! I always love your "stuff"...

  6. Hi Audrey! As always rocking something cool and fun out! Love the mod podge. In fact I am doing something fun and funky today.

  7. Oh they turned out so beautiful! You really did do a great job on them!!

  8. Oh, Audrey, these are just beautiful. What a lovely addition to your rooms.
    You are so smart to be able to do this..I've never rewired a lamp in my whole life. Mr. Sweet gets those jobs. :)
    You really did a nice job and they look lovely.
    xo bj

  9. Wow Audrey, the lanterns look fabulous!


  10. Lovely~you always have such wonderful & creative ideas!

  11. I just found one in my neck of the woods and I am so excited about it.

  12. The Reuse It Store is one of the places I can get Mr L too. So far the best thing We've ever gotten is a solid wood mantel shelf for $25, I had to do some digging but it was worth it.
    Oh, I also got a small 3 lightbulb chandelier with baubles that hangs in my craft room for $10. The lighting section is my favorite too.
    Chris =]


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