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Friday, April 5, 2013

ICE WATER ironstone pitcher and Brown transferware.

Have you ever gone to an Estate Sale and found something that you collect ... 

... was pretty, but was a little pricy?  

Well, I have many times ... 

This beautiful vintage ironstone ice water pitcher was $60.00 ...

My friend tried to talk me into buying it.

I liked it, but did not LOVE it ...

Second day of the sale, it would have been half-price $30.00 ... 

... but, still did not LOVE it enough to drive 
15 miles back to town for it ...
... just look at that ice lip to keep the chunks of ice out of your drink ...

...  that pretty little knob on the handle 
and all the stained crazing.

Unsold and donated ...

 Thrift store price of $15.00 
just made me LOVE it ... 

Now it sits beautifully next to an old ironstone bowl filled with vintage rag balls. 

I also scored this beautiful 14" brown transferware pitcher the same day at another Thrift store for ...


Happy Spring
I appreciate your visit and love comments.

Audrey Z. 

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  1. How lucky for you to find two beautiful pitchers at a good price! You must have a lot of patience to wait! Nancy

  2. What a score! See patience paid off :-)
    Happy Spring Audrey.
    Hugs, Gee

  3. Very very nice! I have 3 ironstone
    pitchers that I love. Your pitchers were great finds.....rags balls are nice too.

    Reuzeit Emporium Blog
    Reuzeit Emporium

  4. Oh I LOVE the pitcher! Sometimes it pays to wait and be patient :)

    Hugs to you,

  5. It pays to be patient! I love it too for $15.00

  6. Patience sure paid off on those pitchers! There is a price that I just won't go above and $60 would have been way too high for me. Don't you just love thrift store prices!

  7. O, gosh..that Ice Water is amazing, Audrey. So glad, even tho you didn't love it enuf for the high prices, you kept your eyes on it and was able to swoop down and snag it for such a great price. I've never seen one with Ice Water on it. Really a nice piece, as is the other pitcher.
    Good job, sister friend.'xoxo

  8. Beautiful pitchers! Aren't you so glad that you didn't pay the $60! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  9. I do LOVE the large pitcher. So lovely.

  10. Hi, BJ sent me over and I am so glad she did. Love the pitchers! You really got a good price.
    I will be following you.
    ]Have a wonderful Spring Day.

  11. That is just pure luck. That pitcher was meant to be yours. Love the transfer one. Something I passed up for $10 at an estate sale was marked $50 at the thrift shop!

  12. Audrey, you are so lucky to find that water pitcher on the third mark down! Love it!

  13. Oh I love when that happens! That's how I got a headboard! It was too much at the estate sale and then it was at the thrift shop a couple of days later!!

  14. Me again!! Just wanted to stop in and thank you for your visits and for encouraging me on my Weight Loss journey. I have now lost 10 pounds!!


  15. What a score Audrey! Love how you found it at a thrift store. I have been to estate sales and passed things up because of the price. Would have no idea where they would take it after. Darn, would love a score like you!

  16. Very pretty Audrey. Your like me, I just can't bring myself to make those splurges even if I like it. You were smart and it paid off:)

  17. I'm so glad you ended up with the pitcher. Sounds like it was meant to be yours.

  18. Loved both finds! Great score. Sally


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