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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th.Red, White and Blue Enamel Splatterware

Happy 4th of July ... 
Featuring my vintage red, white and blue enamelware.

This is not staged ... just how I use my enamelware everyday.
 This huge round splatter ware platter is not vintage, but nicely compliments the vintage. 
The bowl is vintage and holds antique stone fruit. 
The little guy makes me smile. He is amazing ... made of rocks ... like native rocks picked from the fields. He has a twin brother in another room. The framed swans picture is a 1980's Valentine card from a very dear friend when we lived in Michigan.

Back in our home town ... 

I was headed to town one day as saw a garage sale sign ... I break for garage sales! This was a family I knew and the son was selling his Mom's stuff by the box full for $5.00 a box ... now, these were large moving boxes ... I bought five, yes FIVE big boxes without even looking at what was inside. On top of this one was five white enamel pitchers. Man, I grabbed that one really quick. 

I scatter them out in my kitchen and find uses for them. This one, sitting in a old wire apple picking basket, holds some vintage red-handled utensils and creates a cute vignette. The red bowl in front, holds paper dinner napkins.
I use this one to carry water to my plants on the front porch.
 I guess I love to display stuff in wire baskets. This one is displayed with vintage wooden rolling pins and bread boards. This is the smallest one.
 Another wire field basket for picking apples ... and one of the largest pitchers. The decal on front covers a chipped place in the enamel. Looks like a 1970 kind of decal.

Six white enamel pitchers all in a row. The third one from the left was acquired at another sale. It is badly chipped on the other side. I think a young boy used it for target practice with a BB gun. 
The blue pail was bought at an estate sale just recently for $10.50, this was a steal !!!

Unusual red divided plate ... I think I have two. The light blue pan has very open splatter. The mug has a hinged lid ... 

This was a Spring/Easter table decoration using three of the pitchers to hold Spring flowers. The white stool is a vintage milking stool. 

My collection of blue splatterware sits atop a vintage kitchen cabinet. The square platter is not vintage, but everything else is. The pail is my favorite and maybe the most expensive piece ... then two bowls ... colander ... and behind the milk bottle is a divided plate. 

Hope you enjoyed my red, white and blue displays. 

The stone men say thanks for visiting. 

Just look at that cute face.
Part of their tie is missing, but they don't care.

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  1. Love the Stone Men - did you make them? Your photos are always a delight to look at and your dishes are lovely! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July :)


  2. Cute stone men and great enamel ware!
    Happy 4th to you!

  3. Wow - I can't believe the amazing deal you got on those boxes! I love those pitchers and all your other enamelware pieces, Audrey.

  4. How fun to get boxes and boxes with treasures. I adore your enamel ware..and love the little ROCK BOYS.:)
    Happy 4th, my friend.
    xo bj

  5. Your red, white, and blue display of spatterware is just incredible!
    Love the cute rock boys, but the best for me is the stone fruit! I have a pretty big collection and LOVE the stuff! Your display with peaches is wonderful!

  6. $5 a box?! I would have bought 10! Love your enamelware - and those pitchers all in a row!

    Hope you had a festive 4th!

  7. I love your red and white and blue and white enamelware. Where did you live in Michigan? We lived there also, in Pt. Huron, until about 12 years ago! Maybe we were neighbors! LOL Little men are cuties! Nancy

  8. How delightful is your display of red, white, and blue enamelware. I just downsized my collection because I was only using part of it. Now I wish I had not. I do have a large green spatterware washing bowl. The pitchers are my favorites.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I love your blog. I myself is a huge fan of garage sales. I love to recycle and try to do so as much as possible.

  11. What great scores Miss Audrey. I love enamel ware, it is so awesome looking and great to serve meat and cold goods on.

  12. Such a delightful post!! Filled with so much vintage goodness! Those enamel pitchers are to die for!! And I just bought the same white and red basin at a yard sale for $2.00!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your words of encouragement on my weight loss. I will still need to have my knee replaced but it is looking like we can put this off for 5-7 years from now. Just losing the weight that have so far and doing the bike has improving the functioning of the knee joint and the mobility of it immensely!!


  13. I just love enamelware. I love the ptchers too. Are your wire baskets vintage? I never really see any vintage wire baskets just new made to look old. They do make a nice vignette.

  14. Carlene ... Yes the wire baskets are vintage. The smaller apple-pickin' basket was bought from the lady who used it. The larger one off eBay and almost a mate to the smaller one. Thanks for your comment.
    Audrey Z.

  15. ...just checking to make sure all is good with you and yours.
    I know you are staying really busy...
    I seem to be in limbo...not liking this waiting to sell one little bit. It should have already happened and I am tired of waiting.....:(

  16. Hi Audrey, love your collection. It's so charming. There were a few pieces of it at an auction I attended this morning but I passed on it as I have a kitchen full. :)

  17. Audrey, somehow you were dropped off my reading list and I just realized it. I'm playing catch up with you now. Love the potting table/stand and you enamelware is wonderful!

  18. Love this collection. I have some enamal ware junk too! It is so useful for lots of things!
    Also... I must say the 3rd picture of the basket with the enamel pitcher...caught my eye...not for the pitcher; but for the cast iron TRIVET painted out in white! I have a trivet like that, only it is original black and it belonged to my great grandmother.
    I cherish it. :) Great catching up...I'm following you on bloglovin now too.


  19. Love your stone people! Love that enamelware as well, I picked up a few pieces myself this summer.

    Have a wonderful day!!


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