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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Fun ... Games and Fireflies Mantel

Summer Fun ... Games, Lightening Bugs, (Fireflies) Mantel

This large floral painting sets the mood with the feeling of freshly picked flowers, bringing the sunshine and happiness in. 

This is the third time I have decorated the mantel for Summer this year. Two failures ... third time is a charm. 

You can see number two HERE ... 
... number one ... not photographed.

An old wonky bicycle basket filled with croquet balls and these two time-worn mallets remind me of Summer fun. 

... jacks and ball too.


My daughter made me a wonderful memory book several years ago (EIGHT, exactly) … and included this email I had sent her in 2005.

 A note from Mom (that’s me) … 
dated June 6, 2005 … 7:48 p.m. 

" I have been on the front porch eating my tuna sandwich and pickled beets … (great combination … ha)
… and watching the fireflies moving in to light up the night.
 I would run in the kitchen and get an old Mason jar and catch a jar full of fireflies.

Then I would find one of my Mom’s old worn-out quilts ...
   ... spread it on the grass …

... let the jar of fireflies light up the darkness and 
watch the beautiful sky and the sparkling stars.

IF I WERE A KID ... ???

... well, those days are gone forever … but I can still remember the fun time of my youth. 

Hope your night is lit by the beauty of the fireflies and you have a peaceful evening.
Love U ... Mom"

Riding Bicycles.
Playing Jacks and Ball.
Chasing Fireflies (Lightening Bugs).
Watching the stars.
Old Quilts.

Croquet.. an outdoor game where players use a long-handled mallet to drive a wooden ball  through a series of metal hoops placed in the ground.

 Love using cement birdbath or yard ornaments in the house.

Thanks for visiting ... hope my Summertime mantel stirred some good memories for you.

Love your comments ...  
Did you love catching lightening bugs (fireflies)?
What was your favorite outdoor game?
Did you ever lay on the grass watching the stars and making wishes?
Tell me about your favorite childhood game ...

Old quilts and Lightening bugs ...

Blessings ... 

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  1. Love your summer mantel, Audrey! I especially love the croquet balls and jars for the fireflies - I have fond summer memories of both of them as well. My parents, sister and I frequently played croquet in our yard and catching fireflies was a nightly event!

  2. What a lovely mantel you've set up! I love the pretty picture and how you pulled everything in that looks spectacular with it. I so remember fireflies when I was little. I'm from Alabama and we called them 'lightning bugs'. Would catch them and put them in a jar and have our own lantern! I'm popping over from Seasonal Sunday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love this - please come back & tell us how you made the jar of fireflies. I think I'll be copying some of these ideas on my screened porch.

    1. Hi Jenny ... thanks for your visit and nice comment. The fireflies were bought off the internet years ago. It is just four or five small battery-operated or LED lights in the shape of flies that blink. I stuck some blades of grass in there. You should be able to find some. You could even get a small string of LED lights and make your own.
      Good luck, Audrey Z.

  4. Your summertime mantel is Wonderful, Audrey!!! Brings back a lot of good memories. I especially remember catching fireflies when we visited my grandparent's home in Maryland when I was very young.
    Very sweet post!
    Mary Alice

  5. Your new summertime mantel looks very nice! Yes, yes, I still love to see the fireflies! Nancy

  6. Love your fireflies! Hopefully, there's still a bit of kid in each of us.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Love the summertime mantel. My grand-daughters would love those fireflies! Such neat ideas and a talent you have for decorating. I don't always post; but I always enjoy!

  8. This mantel just screams vintage summertime fun! Love the fireflies in the jar (thanks for sharing how you did that!) The croquet set and the jacks are all part of my childhood. And a secret? I was outside last night watching the fireflies. You're never too old!

  9. What a lovely summer time mantel. I have several sets of old croquet sets. We used to love to play that game. I tried here in Florida, but the grass is too thick for the balls to roll. lol!
    Have a wonderful week,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  10. What a beautiful post and what a beautiful mantel!!!
    I LOVE those oversized jacks ( one of my all time favorite games as a little girl )
    And the email you sent your daughter?
    That should be framed!!!
    Loved reading this Audrey!
    Thanks for sharing

  11. What a beautiful note from your daughter! I treasure my girls letters to me - they sent me tons when they were at camp! I teared up reading them - they are so sweet and innocent! Here's to fireflies and warm summer nights.

    P.S. - love this mantel too - the croquet balls look fabulous!

  12. How beautiful Audrey!! Your mantel is completely charming. The croquet balls are such a great touch. And you know what? I have that little jar with the fireflies too! Mine has a green lid. Here's to the last days if Summer.. may they drag on and on :)

  13. Hi Audrey! I love your mantel. There's something so magical about fireflies. We got to watch some fireflies light up the night back in June. I love the idea of the jar you have on your mantel. And what a sweet note from your daughter.

    And they are lightening bugs to me too. :)

  14. Audrey,
    My Goodness!! I LOVE this post!! What a beautiful and imaginative mantle you have created!!

    Thanks so much for visiting!!


  15. I love your wonky basket! I still have never seen a firefly. Thanks for sharing!!


  16. I think your mantel is so fun! I love vintage toys and games and the primary colors!

  17. The mantle is so fun and creative! I love the use of toys and the memories they stir.
    I grew up in the country and loved summers spent running around a playing outside while the adults sat and told stories far into the night. Thanks for a beautiful memory.

  18. Your mantel is so charming and fun! I love so many elements like the croquet balls and cement bird bath.

  19. Love your mantel, Audrey! You are very talented. We have not seen many lightning bugs over Uvalde way in a long time..but this summer, they were back! Revis

  20. Love your mantel, Audrey! You are very talented. We have not seen many lightning bugs over Uvalde way in a long time..but this summer, they were back! Revis

  21. All you posted about here brings back MY childhood, too. We caught many fire flies (we called them lightening bugs), played croquet and jacks by the hours...lay on quilts and watched the clouds...
    I love your adorable mantel....:)

  22. Audrey, this is a fun mantel! Thanks for sharing it with me ;)


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