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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vintage Farmhouse table in the Kitchen

We have this sweet little vintage farmhouse table in the kitchen, but do not eat there.


I use it as an island and as a dessert service table at Christmas.

This is where I roll out my pie dough and sugar cookies for Christmas. Can't see much of the tabletop in this picture.

Mississippi Pecan pie ... the best ever.

Perfect height where I can pull up a stool and sit down. I cover the entire table top with my vintage Tupperware pastry mats when I make sugar cookie or pie.

I bought it maybe thirty years ago. 

The auctioneer was very reluctant to sell it to me for $12.00, but I am happy he did. 

I stripped the green and red paint off the top, and not able to get the red paint out of the oak wood grain, decided not to strip the legs. The top is not sealed or finished. 

Cute legs with old wooden casters. Just enough natural chipping in the old green paint to make them interesting.

Size: 2' x 3'.

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  1. What a delicious and so very handy little table you have in your kitchen. It is the absolute BEST, so handy, not too big and great to look at. Happy that you posted.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the green color and the natural wood.
    I bet this table could tell some stories!

  3. Oh, what a perfect little kitchen table - love its legs and casters.

  4. I ♥ that table. Everything about it. (I personally have a "thing" for tables!)

  5. this is such a sweet table and i love that you use it xx

  6. Audrey, this table is a real gem! Love that it's on rollers. Pecan pie is my favorite. I use my mom's recipe with dark karo. I bet yours is delicious! Pretty pie crust too!

  7. It's a lovely vintage table and so useful too! You've presented it so beautifully through your photo series. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Audrey, that is one fabulous table! Always a pleasure to see your photos! Hugs, Cecilia

  9. Hi Audrey, I love your farmhouse table. How lucky you were to only have to pay $12 for it! I think I would put my huge wooden cutting board on it when I baked to work. Nancy

  10. Hello Audrey,
    I love that table and the green legs on it. It looks perfect for making pies on it. I love how much you paid for it too, a great buy. Hope you are enjoying spring!
    Julie xo

  11. ...just as cute as can be..just the right size for lots of uses....great price, even for 30 yrs ago. :)

  12. What a fabulous table...and I can see why the auctioneer hated to let it go for $'s a beauty!

  13. It's such a beautiful table! and I love your cutting boards - how adorable!!!

    Have a wonderful evening! xo

  14. That table is wonderful! I love that you stripped the top but left the legs as they were. It just says, please sit down to me or make a pie on me. Loving it! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  15. What a beautiful table!! And the perfect size! And I would love your pecan pie recipe if you don't mind sharing! :-)

  16. What a sweet little table, Audrey! You sure have gotten your money's worth out of it!

  17. The table is just perfect for baking. Love it as an island with those gorgeous legs!

  18. Audrey, I just love your green-legged table and the wonderful stories about it. I even like the red paint that won't come off the oak. I guess oak is pretty stubborn that way. Hope you have a blessed week-end!

  19. Audrey, Your table is absolutely adorable!


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