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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Took a shortcut and look what we found !

We took a shortcut back to the freeway on 
the "Old Fredericksburg Road" and found this lovely place ... all deserted, but still beautiful.

 The large iron gate had many interesting features ... a little bit of rust only added to the charm. 

The fence was made of native Texas stones and honeycomb rocks ... 

and the fence went on forever on both sides of the gate.
I did not see any cracks in the wall. 

They just don't build them like this anymore. 
Some of those stones are HUGE.

(That honeycomb rock at the bottom, looks like a skeleton face).

When I peaked over the fence ...

... this is what I saw and WANTED !!!

... just look at this ... 

... a balcony with French doors
  ... likely off the master bedroom.

and this ...

... those roof tiles and oh my ... that chimney

two old metal chairs under those awesome large oak trees.
... what stories they could tell !!!

I would really love to live there ... (if I were younger).

now you see why I WANTED it.

beautiful house and a wonderful rock fence. 
Glad we took this shortcut. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing this outstanding Texas rock fence. 

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Thanks for the visit ... hope you will say hi. 
Audrey Z. 


  1. Beautiful place. The iron gate is lovely and so is the house and the grounds you spied. But it is the stone wall that captures my heart! As you say what stories it must hold of another era. And what fine craftsmanship and pride in it!

  2. thanks for joining in with this beauty! the place is neat! the trees, gorgeous! love that rock wall!

  3. Beautiful old stone work wall and the iron gate with the rust is gorgeous. Love the place too!

  4. Omygosh....I. WANT. IT.
    well, as you said, "if I were younger" LOL
    It is indeed beautiful.....

  5. What a beautiful place! I love the balcony, rock wall and the pretty trees! Wonderful post, enjoy your day!

  6. That place looks awesome. I love the rock wall. Also that gate was neat and I just loved your 2nd shot. - Wonder why it's still vacant as it looks like a fabulous place to live.

  7. Hi Audrey! Great to meet you via Good Fences! What a wonderful fence and wall and homeplace you found! I would love it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best wishes

  8. Great looking wall and I love the gate too.

  9. What great texture and style. I love the roof tiles and the doors on the balcony.

  10. Well it was certainly worth taking a short cut to see all those different fences and houses

  11. Hi Audrey!
    LOVE the stone house and fence and gate...for the same reasons you do, I am sure! We plan to come your way next month, so we should plan to get together if you and Bob are available!

  12. Audrey, what a beautiful place! Love the old stone fence and the french doored balcony too! You have such an eye for photography! Blessings, Cecilia

  13. Wow, what a fabulous site! That stone fence is amazing, and the house...oh my, what a beauty!
    Mary Alice

  14. Pretty!
    It's fun to peek over the fences sometimes isn't it?
    What a really beautiful home... I'd like to sit in those chairs and while the hours away, with something cool to drink of course!


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