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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Galvanized Antique "eggs to market tray" and more.

I love galvanized metal and here are a few unusual,           and my favorite Galvanized Farmhouse items.

An old water well bucket.
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 Antique "eggs to market tray".
I bought it from a friend several years ago and although admired and loved, I have never used it to decorate with.

Here is a quick staging to show it. 

It is 18" long ... 12¾" wide ... 5¾ deep ... weight 4½ pounds.
Just imagine how heavy it would be full of eggs !!!!!!! 

I think the patent date on it is 1901.

It is a true antique ... my friend was selling her Aunt's estate.
Her Aunt raised chickens and sold her eggs at the Farmer's market. This the tray she carried her "eggs to market" in. 

I think it would pretty to use as an Easter decoration with eggs, chicks and a bunny or two. 

Could be hung on the wall for a shelf.

 Notice how the metal is cut and lapped over to make the handle and that unusual seam joint.

 The red painted metal piece that I used in the background is tin ridge cap ... maybe galvanized. It is two-sided and open at the bottom to straddle the ridge of a barn or house roof. The tall piece would have been at the front edge. The stars, clover and rounds are cut-outs. 

A piece of 2x4 is mounted in the bottom so it will sit on a table. 

 Green apples are so pretty displayed in the old galvanized  chicken feeder. 

The painted white shorter piece of ridge cap is displayed in our garage. It is two-sided and open at the bottom to straddle the roof ridge. 


 This tall, skinny galvanized garbage can serves as a vessel to catch water via our bucket chain downspout and transfer it to the large trees via a hose attached at the bottom. 

Hard to find ... old galvanized apple baskets.
Mine has a rusted bottom and as you can see, part of the handle is missing. The other one is still there. The deer have eaten most of the leaves from my vine.

Almost anywhere you look in our yard, you will see galvanized buckets, wash tubs, watering cans and other galvanized  items. 

The galvanized chicken feeder is now in the house to display green pears for Fall.

Thanks for stopping by ... hope you enjoyed seeing some unusual galvanized metal farmhouse items. 
Audrey Z.

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  1. LOVE seeing your galvanized pieces in your home and yard Audrey. Takes years to put together such a collection. I love the way the egg market tray is joined at the handle side. First galvanized apple basket I've seen, you share the best stuff.

  2. What treasures indeed!!!
    And you have them all displayed with so my style, they're perfect.

  3. I am drooling over all these treasures I have not seen before. My favorite are the ridge caps - around here they are mostly wood, though I do have a huge copper one. Have you ever seen another egg tray or apple basket again? Great post!

  4. Hi Audrey!
    I just love having a peek around your place... you have a way with all your vintage goodies.
    I love the galvanized apple bucket... and that rain bucket spout with hose is a wonderful idea!
    We lost a tree this year... not sure what from, don't think it was drought, maybe too much water, hmmmm...
    anyway. Great to see you post-- I need to catch up!

  5. Audrey, I really love that egg tray! Great photos as always! Hugs, Cecilia

  6. Since I grew up in a poultry raisin' town, I just love the eggs to market tray! I've never seen one before. Thank you for sharing it with "Let's Talk Vintage!"

  7. I love galvanized metal too Audrey. I have a few pieces that I usually bring out this time of year. Cheers to Fall my friend. xo

  8. Hi Audrey--absolutely love your galvanized egg tray (to death!) and every single other piece of galvanized goodness in your yard, especially the apple basket. I come from upstate New York apple country, so I'd love to own one of those some day. Haven't seen (noticed?) your new header, but it looks terrific. Sunflowers are a favorite of mine :)
    Blessings friend!

  9. Your pieces are such fun treasures, especially the antique egg carrier. Love it! I might just have to dig out my chicken feeder and display apples...great idea.

  10. So many gorgeous galvanized pieces!! I particularly love your vignette with the rooster (why am I so attracted to roosters??!)

    I've never heard of galvanized apple buckets before - something new to keep an eye out for!

    Have a great day xox

  11. You do so much! I like the market tray! Nancy

  12. What an amazing collection of galvanized pieces!! All so unique!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  13. Sorry I haven't been over in awhile...I get so lost in Big Blogland....
    I love your pretty...and love your metal things.
    Guess it's still hot there...a friend and I want to go to Fredricksburg after it cools down some...are you anywhere close? There's a Bed and Breakfast there that daughter wants us to stay for a couple days....

  14. Me again!! Just wanted to stop by to thank you for your visit!!



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