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Sunday, November 22, 2015

No more Garage Sales ... breaking the rule and WHY

Well, I did it ... I broke MY rule of "no more garage sales".  

In fact, this is the first garage sale I have been to in a very long time ... not saying I have not been to Estate Sales and Thrift Stores ... just not to family run garage sales. Don't get me wrong, I love these sales, but there are so many and I spend way too much time and money going to them. I am really trying to stop buying so much stuff, and get rid of what I have collected.

BUT ... you know how it is. When I saw this little yellow sign with   SALE    written across it and that deserted looking old house,  I just could not resist checking it out.

I am glad I did. This house belonged to this guy's grandmother and now his mother ... both hoarders. (he said that)

I did not get there until after lunch and the seller said all the antique dealers had been there at 8:00 and bought all the good stuff.  
I knew the house was crammed full as stuff was piled up against the windows. They were only bringing stuff out of the garage. Besides this house, his mother has two more houses and several storage units ... guess what ... all full. 

Nothing was really organized and boxes sitting around to dig through. Yuck ... I needed rubber gloves. 

Anyway ... I did find a few things that might have some value and a few things I just like for myself.  

The prices were GOOD ... 

Three Audubon birds ... hand colored engravings. 
I don't think they are prints. 
I hope they are original engravings. Cost $1.00 each.

They are in narrow gold leaf frames under glass but have  age damage mainly on the backing (mat) paper. 
Not matted, just attached in one spot to the sheet of paper that looks like a mat.
This one is Ivory Billed Woodpecker
By research; I was able to identify it, as it is not titled.  
Not my favorite, but may be the most valuable, 
if any are !

 Titled Passenger Pigeon ... 

 Titled Cape Turtle  ... my favorit
Size of each is 8" x 11"

More research needed before they will be for sale on eBay. 

Now the fun stuff ...

Does this even hint that I love old wooden stuff?
The small dough bowl in the back has aluminum handles attached, which does not look original. Round wooden bowl, once hand painted, it will be sanded down and oiled. 
Small lidded box may have been a shipping box for ammunition. Old Parker super chrome jet black ink bottle and box without the lid. "writes dry with wet ink" ... still has ink in it. Love, love the long  handle wooden paddle ... oiliness on the paddle and part of the handle makes me think it is a butter paddle. Small brush with the softest bristles and really smooth handle. An artist brush?

The dough bowl, about 18" long and 9" wide has notched-out finger grips on the bottom.  

I removed the aluminum handles, treated it with HOWARD Butcher Block Conditioner 

... and it is beautiful.

before and after ... 

The lidded box and the round wooden plate are waiting their turn to be on the AFTER stage.

Butter paddle and brush have already been added to my collections.

Then ... Christmas ornaments ...
The unusual bead ornament was likely made in Czechoslovakia? Reminds me of a peacock. Perfect to add to my candle in our bathroom. The gold bell is very thin glass, just needs a hanger top.

Santa, Drummer Boy, Snowman and the Angel are small wax ornaments likely from the 1950's. 
The snowman needed a new broom head and the little angel had lost her head, so I took a piece from the angel wing to make the snowman a broom. I already have a set like these, but just had to rescue these from the dirty old box. I still need to clean them up a bit. Wax ornaments are a little rare, because the kids would chew the wax.                      

Remember the old wax lips?  

Sandi at  Barberry Lane Designs
found this beautiful complete set of wax ornaments at an  Antique Market. She has posted some good information about them.

Sandi is a new blogger ... you might want to go show her a big warm welcome.

(photo courtesy of Barberry Lane Designs)

I also bought twenty-two pieces of vintage restaurant ironstone, and a large china platter.  
Most of the pieces were small bread/dessert plates which I use all the time ... 3 little butter pats; plates; 2 little bowls ... and one very large bowl which I sent home with my daughter ... with a loaf of fresh strawberry bread/cake that I had baked for her birthday. She was kind enough to take a picture of it. I think they liked the bread. Almost all gone.

She found the marking on the bottom very interesting. It is dated Nov. 23, 1940 which makes the bowl 75 years old. 
U.S.Q.M.C. ... United States Military Quartermaster Corp.
from Google....The United States Army Quartermaster Corps is a Sustainment, formerly combat service support (CSS), branch of the United States Army. It is also one of three U.S. Army logistics branches, the others being the Transportation Corps and the Ordnance Corps.

I paid  $10.00 for all the ironstone and $10.00 all the other stuff.  

Thanks for your visit. I hope you will stay long enough to say hello.
 Audrey Z.

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  1. I'm glad you broke the rules :-) the dough bowl alone was worth it! And you found some really nice things. They had ME at the cute yellow sign. Have a great week!

  2. Audrey, thanks so much for the referral. I'm sure your little wax babies will clean up just fine. Those bird prints were a great was the Czech ornament. You just never know what you are going to find...anywhere, lol, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again, Sandi

  3. Audrey, what a great sale! I was intrigued by the wax ornaments Sandi shared and now you found some, plus all of the wood treasures--know you love that! They cleaned up beautifully--thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  4. Great finds Audrey! Enjoy your new treasures!

  5. I love sales like that but they are very rare around here.
    I have not been to a garage sale in 2 yrs.
    You did really good...have a great Thanksgiving....

  6. You, stinker, you! You said no junking and I took you at your word. Now I will have to come clean and post my sneaky finds. I LOVE the restaurant china - especially the butter pats. Great transformation of the dough bowl - it needed someone to love it.

  7. Oh my Audrey! You certainly hit the mother load with this sale. Your new dough bowl is just fabulous (I'm a little jealous of that one), and I love the Gurley candles. I've never seen the ornaments before but have owned many candles. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. If I'd drove by and seen all that stuff outside I would of been parking in the first available space. Got to have a wee bit of fun! Love the wooden items especially the brush, very nice haul. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Mickie.

  9. Audrey,
    I think you did well with everything that you bought!!Love the Christmas things especially the wax ornaments....reminds me of those my parents has when I was a kid!!
    Thanks so much for your visits... I am running behind on my return visits...


  10. I'm just like you and know I have to stop buying this stuff but how can you walk away from those great deals and wonderful treasures!


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