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Sunday, November 8, 2015

the slamming of the screen door ...

Did you love to hear the sound of the slamming screen door?

... kids running in and out and "bang" goes the door. 

The dangling little hook to keep the door locked and the charm of the oh-so-simple handle.

We don't see the use of the old wooden screen doors anymore unless on the older homes. 


I am going to share with you some vintage iron and aluminum adjustable guards that were used on vintage screen doors and how I have used them.

The guards had nothing to do with the slamming ... just gave it a little weight and protected the screen from being  kicked in or pushed out by someone in a hurry to get the door open or maybe cats or dogs that wanted to get in.  

Looking out ...

 This is an aluminum full screen door guard, more decorative than protective. I have it on our sliding screen door in our living room. This is just a flimsy mental screen and this "guard" gives it stability. I do enjoy the design of this one with the little bird. 

Looking in ... 
You can slide the little bird up to make the design tighter.

This is another aluminum screen guard which is more of a guard, but still decorative. It covers the full screen.


It is attached to the top and bottom of the door and the little curls down each side are attached to the sides of the door.  Length or width can be adjusted by stretching.
 I have it hanging on the wall on our little back porch. 

This is the same style, only for the bottom half of the door. 
lightweight iron, and adjustable by stretching. 

 I used it as a backdrop on the fireplace this year. 
Love the old green paint with a little bit of rust.
Fall mantel can be seen here.

Same style here ... perfect fit on this vintage screen door that I used when making a potting stand/shelf can be seen here.

Now this is the "heavy-weight" ... it was on the screen door above that I used for the potting stand

The door came off a Art Deco style house that I think was built in the 1930's.

It is iron. It went across the bottom section of the screen. 

 The width can be adjusted as shown.

Dusty ... rusty and black chippy paint.
Is sitting in storage right now.  

We needed a screen door guard for a patio door on our rental. I found two doors with this screen guard. 
Bought both ... took the guards off and gave the doors back to the Thrift Shop.

I use this one to hide our black rain water collection barrel. 

It is made of iron ... welded together and is not adjustable. Nice look with a modern design.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the different screen door guards and how they can be decorative and useful when used other than on screen doors. 

Thanks for the visit ... hope you will say hello before you leave.

Audrey Z.



  1. I did enjoy your screen door protector visit! I didn't know there were protectors for screen doors. Pretty neat how you have used them! Nancy

  2. Very pretty Audrey! How funny that I never realized those metal bits were to protect the screen! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Audrey, I love how you have used your screen protectors--especially the one with the bird! Thank you for sharing it @Vintage Charm! Hugs, Cecilia

  4. I love your collection of screen guards. I was lucky to find one with "W" in the center. I never knew the birds were adjustable.

  5. What a fascinating collection, Audrey. They are so striking and perfect for all kinds of decorating. I saw one at a sale on Saturday and could not think of how I would use it on the spot. Now I wish I had gotten it for my mantle. But it was not nearly as nice as any of yours!

  6. Gosh Audrey, I love your collection! Each one is so unique and full of wonderful chippy detail. I would love to find some! Will have to keep my eyes out.

  7. Wow that looks amazing! I love when old things are reused for different purposes. You're absolutely right, I never noticed how pretty some iron guards could be. I would think some climbing plants would be able to climb quite well up the guards to add even more interest.

    Like the vintage rusty look too, just not sure how happy I would be when the paint and rust start flaking off everywhere and making a mess. Is it possible to seal the rusty iron with something to stop it flaking off more?

    Malcolm Potter @ IntelliScreens


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