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Friday, December 4, 2015

Denim quilt Farmhouse advertising patches

Our son-in-law was saving his worn-out denim pants, saying he was going to make a quilt some day. Well, that was many years ago and I guess he is still saving his denim pants.

In the meantime, I found this beautiful denim patchwork quilt at a craft show and gave it to him for Christmas several years ago. 
 It is extremely well made. Size is about 4' x 6' including the fringe.  
Very heavy even for a lap quilt.
Has great Farmhouse patches. 

Enjoy the pictures ...  

It has denim patches on the back as well. The artist did a great job of using the pockets on the back. 

Notice the fringe edges on the squares. 

Wish I could say I made it ... but that would be a lie ... 

Just wanted to show it to you.

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  1. this is a very charming quilt.. I have always wanted to try the rag quilt method. what a unique and special gift! thank you for sharing. have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I cannot decide which side is my favorite. The patches are very pretty - espeiially Nibbles, but I think the ragged pockets win!

  3. What a wonderful and unique quilt! I have made other things out of old jeans but never thought of a quilt! I just love it!

  4. Hi Audrey! Loved seeing this... I have lots of denim saved for such a thing... This gives me ideas. It's a great gift thanks for sharing it

  5. quilts made from jeans are sooo heavy. This is a cute one

  6. What a find...the patches are fantastic, and the other side is just as great with all of those pockets! Best ~ Mickie

  7. What a fun and thoughtful gift Audrey! Thanks so much for sharing @Vintage Charm! Blessings, Cecilia

  8. I LOVE this!!! I make denim quilts but none this awesome!!!

  9. That quilt is fantastic, what a score! What did your son say?

  10. Nice quilt! I would like to make a denim quilt someday too! Hope your son-in-law gets to make his someday!! Nancy

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