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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Treasure hunting ... special Finds for the Holidays

  Torn rag garland ...
all 10-plus YARDS of it ... yes, yards ... and yards ... 
all wrapped around this grapevine wreath ... 
yes, wrapped around and around ... not just on the front!

AND ... there are red, green and gold beads every so often.

Pieces are tied around a 3/8" rope. 
My daughter will wrap her Christmas tree with it. 
Oh, yes ... it was marked $3.00, but was half-price
 Can you imagine how long it took to make this?


Mandeville & King Co. counter top seed display box.
Interesting ... wish the flower seeds packs had been with it. 
$4.00 at an Estate Sale
value ... about $50.00 ... with seeds, about $200.00
(minor crack on lid ... easy fix)

Love the time-worn patina on this old masher. Great to add to my collection. $9.00 ... a little more than I usually pay, but the awesome handle got me.

I do not have a handmade wooden dipper so just could not pass this one up. Looks like it has dipped up a lot of beans. 

vintage Cobbler's bench/stand ... $18.00
Seems rather small for a Cobbler to work on, but looks used.
I think it is a great item and I will display it with some of my Cobbler shoe forms and other wooden ware.

beautiful Pheasant feather wreath.
$12.99 at Goodwill 
Minor repair the the Pheasant wing ... 
... easy fix with petal tips from a pine cone.
...added to our daughter's Pheasant Fall decoration.

Do you think I am using my daughter as an excuse to buy ???

Happy Treasure hunting.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Thanks for stopping by. 
Hope you will say hello while you are here.


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  1. You do find the best old old old. Great wooden handmade dipper and cobblers bench (child sized?) and that masher with its great grip fit and colour, who could resist. Who would have guessed that there was 10 feet of fabric stripes on that wreath - wow.

  2. There is always an excuse to buy, Audrey. The cobbler bench is for the elves! LOVE the seed display box - you really stole that. The garland will look great on the tree and I am sure whoever took the time to make it will thank you.

  3. What a fantastic buy that rag garland was! And it's gorgeous also!! You sure found some great finds. I too, like the handle on that wooden masher. Your cobbler bench makes a wonderful display with the shoe forms. Best ~ Mickie

  4. Audrey, LOVE that rag garland--what a deal! The seed display box is wonderful too. Thank you for sharing your fabulous finds @Vintage Charm! Blessings, Cecilia

  5. Wow, you did so wonderful on your deals...I would have given a limb for the seedbox. Have fun with your new finds, Sandi

  6. Wow...these are wonderful finds, Audrey! I am in LOVE with the torn rag garland! If we still had our rustic cabin, I would SO borrow that idea and make some myself! I made some pillows from shredded rags...the tops were actually woven together like the way we used to make the old potholders and the then fringes were left at the edges. All are really cool finds!

  7. I love the seed display box and my guess your daughter wouldn't mind what ever you do. You have such a good eye!

  8. hahhaa...maybe so but I know she is glad you do buy. Everything is wonderful and I love that little bench...

  9. First off, a beautiful holiday header on your blog!!!

    Oh yes, the masher...that truly is a treasure.

    And your wreath and garland are definitely works of art Audrey.

  10. All I can say is WOW!! Amazing, fabulous finds, Audrey!!
    Mary Alice

  11. Oh, my DEAR!!! I think I have just met a kindred spirit in you!!! I just know we are going to be best friends!!

  12. That rag garland is fabulous! I have so many pieces of fabric and now you've got the wheels in my brain spinning! Merry Christmas to you!

  13. Love the rag garland! What a buy as it must have taken hours and hours to make these! That wouldn't dipper is pretty neat too! Nancy

  14. Wow you totally Scored... especially that Rag Garland, yes, it must have taken a Labor of Love to Create it! Wishing you a Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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