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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brown Transferware & Bleach Bottle Country Living Copy-Cat


I have a few pieces of vintage Brown Transferware that I wanted to display this Fall but just needed some inspiration.
When I saw this arrangement staged by
Terri Cannon-Nelson in November 2011 County Living ... I was ready to go. I don't know if mine is a Copy-Cat or just an inspiration ... but here it is.
Hope you enjoy it and can be inspired too.

(Please click on the pictures to enlarge)  
This is a vintage oak Library table in our Entry ... my favorite place to stage seasonal decorations. I was ready to remove my Harvest decorations and when I saw this article in Country Living magazine, I knew this is what I wanted before Christmas decoration went up. We recently hung this large green mirror that is a swivel mirror from an old dresser with the 1950's antique finish and has lots of character and chippiness. It is big but just what I needed to open this hall up. It reflects so much and may make things look a little busy especially after I stood the round mirror against it ... there are lots of great reflection. It also reflects from the Living Room and Dining Room.  In the large mirror, you can see the picture of the Victorian lady that is hanging on the opposite wall and part of the picture is reflected in the round mirror. . Several of my crocks are displayed underneath. I am looking for an antique crock cupboard to put here to display my crocks.  I added the wreath with the antler to add some rustic charm.

 In the magazine picture, it looks like the brown glass piece is a Cloche ... I have not seen a Cloche like this before. Awesome and wish I had one. I used a vintage amber/brown Clorox bleach bottle and a small Lysol bottle. Around the neck of the large bottle hangs a vintage, rusty jail key tied with raffia. This brown glass is so beautiful in the sun.  

This is the inside of the large bowl. Actually this is a pitcher/wash bowl set.
It is so beautiful inside; I did not want to fill it with grapes. The wooden candlestick is a great match with this brown transferware. It came from an Estate sale this year. Instead of a candle, I placed a $Tree ceramic pumpkin on top. Other small pumpkins are from $Tree also. I have had the brown transferware for a long time. The pitcher has damage to the lip but it is still a show-stopper. I bought the set at a Garage Sale for $2.50 just because it was damaged. The pattern is more of a reddish/brown, but I believe it is still referred to as Brown Transferware.

Lovely tea pitcher. It is marked MASON'S  "Ascot"  England.
Sitting behind the pitcher is an outstanding iron candle holder. That was a $5.00 Estate item this year and it is the best cast iron candle holder that I have ever owned.
 This grouping is sitting atop a huge dictionary to give balance to the rest of the display.
It was kind of lost just sitting on the table.

Thanks for viewing this long post. Hope you get inspired to do a late Fall decoration.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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Blessings ... Audrey Z

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  1. Wow Missy the hall just gets better and better! I love the gold mirror in front of the larger layers! And I just adore brown transferware, I always look for it on different sites!


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