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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Harvest.The mice are eating the corn.

WELCOME to our front porch.

 This old green harvest table came from an Estate of a lady that was the Queen of recycle. She saved everything and made wonderful, useful things. Condition is not the best, but it works here. The Antique chairs are hand whittled by Grandpa Bill. They have woven rawhide seats and still in the natural wood ... no finish. There is a set of six and a rocker. This idea for this decoration started with the large metal pumpkin with a swirling vine and green leaves.  It was hand crafted in Mexico. It sits in a metal tool tote which is hard to see. I just picked up stuff I had on the front porch ... pitch fork and spade head; two green tables, a basket of black-eyed susans and added raffia and a few pumpkins.

This metal flower cart is one of my favorite pieces to decorate with as it goes with all the seasons. Love the old rake or farm tool.

The sun was just low enough to cast some beautiful shadows. 

And what about the mice eating the corn? 

Looks like these two little mice from Dollar Tree are eating the corn ... well at least I blamed it on them. Actually, I think a bird did it. Guess the mice did not scare her away.  Pumpkin is getting a good laugh out of this.

And the $1 Tree crows saw the FOR RENT sign on the old Martin house and moved right in. It is sitting on top an old porch column. I tied a burlap ribbon around the top where some chunks were missing and added an old Texas street sign. Grandma Susie's rocker is a favorite place to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature.

I have been blog-stalking for several months … this is my first Blog and I hope you enjoy stepping up to my front porch.  
More scenes to enjoy.  Next post ... I will take you inside.

I love the shabby look too.

Notice the heart.

I LOVE fences.
You will see more of them in my Christmas decorations.

The Flicker light is turned on in the evening.

Thanks for viewing my first Blog.
Hope you enjoyed it and will come back again.
Doing this first blog is scary because I do not know what I am doing.


  1. Oh my gosh....I love it ALL, you have the most amazing eye for detail and how things can mesh together for a totally unique and creative way, but still have a fresh and random look to them!! I love you Audrey!!

  2. Thanks Donna.I need to learn how to put links at the bottom of the page. I accidentally posted it before I got finished.

  3. WOW, how pretty your blog and header and this post is! Welcome to blogging. Hope to see you next Monday for my newbie party that I host weekly. You may also find tutorials on buttons on my blog. Best of luck, now get out there and comment comment comment on some blogs you may be interested in and I bet they will come back to you as well.

  4. Wow! You are so talented with your decorating! I love all of your wire accessories and natural elements. Your shabby tables and chair (and stool) are perfect! You should be proud of your very first blog! Way to go!!!

  5. Still browsin' around your blog. I love your collections and the way you put everything together. I agree with Debbie, your blog and header are very pretty. I'm amazed that this was your first post. You are a very talented lady. It looks like you know what you're doing to me!

    Sharon @ mrshinesclass


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