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Monday, November 14, 2011

A State of Mind and a Thankful Heart

This statement was on the front of our Church program this morning and it meant so much to me because I see so much beauty and receive so many pleasure from all of God's creations.  Maybe I do have a thankful heart and should express it more.  

It was a cloudy, dreary day but I felt a strong need to take pictures of things that I find beauty in and share them with you.  I am thankful for so much and so blessed.

Thankful for my husband, children, grandchildren and friends.
Dried roses are beautiful and bring loving thoughts of the giver.
Thankful for the little birds and marvel at the nests that take months to build. The birds never cease to amaze me and bring me happiness to have them around; watch as they feed and care for their young and fill the air with their songs.  

I found these beautiful tiny feathers today, likely from the flock of birds that stopped over here for food and water before flying on to a warmer climate. First time I had seen them.
Simply pleasure.
One year black birds built their nests in this old birdhouse and it was so much fun watching the babies try to get out and fly away.

Even the moss pieces that grow on our trees have a beauty of their own.
(Not appreciated by most)

 Aged, weathered wood. This is on an old milk stool ... if it could only talk ... what stories it could tell.

Beautiful patina that can't be duplicated.

Nature's wonder.

A old fire bucket that may have helped save someone's house or barn and the people who helped.
 More weathered wood ...

Butterfly and Flowers ...
This is mid November and our Butterfly Weeds are just now blooming and we have a few butterflies. These usually bloom in June and July but with the drouth, nothing bloomed.

Watching the rain trickle down our gutter downspout chain of buckets
and so thanksful for every drop.
A hose connected to the bottom gives our thirsty trees a drink. 
(If you want to make a bucket and chain downspout ...let me know)

I hope you enjoyed these simple pictures and remember to give thanks for the wonders all around
that we just take for granted.  

Thanks for viewing my blog ... Questions, suggestions and comments are apprecited.

Blessings to everyone.
Audrey Z.

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  1. I rewarded you the Liebster Award! Please stop by my site!

  2. WOW ... Thanks for the award. Happy to have you stop by and comment.I will follow you. Come by anytime and see what new stuff I come up with.Blessings... Audrey Z


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