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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Thrift Store finds and how I can use them.

Did you see the tour of our new Thrift Store?
Look HERE >>>fun fantastic fabulous Finds

I so enjoyed all the keen decorating ideas. 
Be sure to come back and take a look at the link above. You will enjoy it.
This is what I bought at the Grand Opening. I bought everything here except the yellow wire tray, pink cloth and the live green mums. The folded piece with the lace is the the skirt to a Christening gown, also seen hanging in the background of the next picture.  
Had to have it for $1.00.

  The wicker wrapped bottle is a brown Whiskey bottle and has this unusual metal cap. I really expected a green bottle.
Some of the label is still there.  Cost $8.00. 

The old American Family Scale is just so very nice and the rusty, chippy green paint is perfect for the time-worn look.
It was $15.00. 

The bird nest was $7.00 ... did not come with the bird.

Could not pass this Batten-burg lace table cloth. It is one of the older ones and has some issues, but still just so beautiful, soft and easy to iron. $5.00

The two egg-shaped finials were $1.00 each. Likely for curtain rods.
Only $2.00 for this white pitcher used by 1-800-Flowers. Love the shape and the design around the top. Never can have too many white pitchers.
One thing I regret NOT buying is the metal fence/gate pieces. Went back on Monday and they were gone. I know the rule, "buy it when you see it" ...  but I did not follow the rule. 

With a few additions, I made an Easter display on my dining room table.

Displaying on this yellow wire tray will allow me to easily remove it. I added some lime green mums to enhance the eggs in the nest. Added more eggs ... three tiny clay pots with an egg in each ... three little screen wire nests (actually the little strainers out of  flower sifters) ...   
Would not be an Easter decoration without bunnies ... so had these three grungy ones to add. Sitting atop the scale is another wire strainer filled with "Olde Eggs" and a grungy tag.
  I took the Christening skirt, tucked it deep into the strainer and let the lace edge fall over the edge ... filled it with shredded sheet music and grungy painted wooden eggs.  

Here it is without the lace.
Okay that way too.
What do you think? Do you like with or without the lace in the strainer?

 Added my Rabbit Carrots.

  I am thinking this could be my place setting for the Easter dinner. Pretty green cabbage leaf plate and maybe I will serve some cabbage soup.

The Carrot Bunny will have to find another place to nest.

Thanks for stopping by ... hope you like what I bought. 

Easter Blessings.
Audrey Z.

Linking to:
Mrs. Hinds Class Show & Tell


  1. Those are great buys! It makes a perfect farmhouse chic grouping. I like it better without the lace. ~ Maureen

  2. I love seeing how you displayed all your great finds from the fun thrift store. Everything you found was great but my favorite was the chippy green scale. The prices are very reasonable too. I went back to see the post you did on the actual store. I was amazed at the creative way they decorated the walls (my favorite in that department was the colorful saws). Yes that bunny on the carrot will have to move over for your sweet tea.

  3. You brought home some great finds. My favorites are the scale and the wicker wrapped bottle.
    I like how you put it all together for the vignette.

  4. What fabulous finds! Love the way everything looks together...another lovely vignette. I especially love the scale. Thank you for sharing your eye for design with us at Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  5. Love the vintage Easter vignette, Audrey!

  6. Love the green scale! Good find.
    Wanted to let you know you won my That's the Ticket giveaway! You get $20 credit to my shop. I can either give you a coupon code to shop online, or if you'd like to come visit me in Fredericksburg you can shop in my sunroom~!! Just let me know:)

  7. You are always the clever one Audrey. Love your finds. The fun fantastic fabulous finds place looks AWESOME...I had to throw in an A! Today my hubby and I did a little thrifting. I spent a whole 15 dollars, and got some cools stuff.

  8. I would enjoy having my own blog, not sure how to do it and set it up so I threw that idea out the window. I really like thrift shopping. My daughter bought a brand new home and is starting to like antiques like her mom.I was at the thrift store and found this mint condition tea pot, I thought when my daughter finds the right hutch it would look beautiful in it. So I called the company about my tea pot and she said they had one in last yr at their company and it sold for 591 so I said $5.91, she said no $591.00 I lost my breathe when she e-mailed me the picture and there it was and I paid $7.50. So I shared the story with my daughter. Never know what is out there.


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