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Monday, March 12, 2012

Old Table Kitchen Island.Spring Harvest and Easter

 Linking up with DebbieDoo's Copy-Cat challenge   .............
 and  after looking at all the posts already ... this is  more of a challenge than what I thought!!!  
Oh My ....

March 2012 issue of Country Living   
 idea notebook ...

... I studied this for a few weeks and said ... I can do that ... 
I have almost all the elements ... well except the bountiful harvest of fresh vegetable and a window over my sink. My bountiful harvest came from H.E.B. Grocery ... except for the onion which I planted in my garden two years ago and it survived the drought last year.
I didn't have any potted herbs ... so I went to the garden and dug some weeds that might look enough like a herb, and maybe no one would notice the difference. I found some Sweet Annie; cut a little twig of Rosemary and two other plants weeds . They did not enjoy being uprooted and they wilted before I got finished with the photo shoot. They were so far in the background, that they were hard to see anyway. Now look at them today ... all perked up.

Normally my little oak table is on an angle in the middle of the room and I use it. To get the look in CL, I pushed it up to my sink.

I bought this little oak table many years ago for $12.00, started stripping and could not get the red paint out of the grains ... so stopped and there is where it is today.

My old white Rooster makes a nice prop for the vintage cookbooks. 
The eggs in the basket are glass eggs (large one is a duck egg) ... if your hens were contrary and not laying, you could put a glass egg in the nest to encourage production. Some people used them while darning socks. 

Have plenty of spoons to fill this old crock. 

Love this shaggy mum ... Notice the decoration on the breakfast table ... well, another copy-cat ... Debbiedoo's painted cans for vases.

Enjoy the harvest ....


Love the old canning jars.  Happy Spring.

 Linking up with DebbieDoo's Copy-Cat challenge


  1. Bravo my friend. How clever...and looks so cute too. I see your dollar tree eggs too, aren't they just the cutest. Thanks for joining me Audrey.

  2. Fantastic! Everything looks so very lovely~

  3. It looks just like a magazine shoot Audrey, great job. I like the red in the wood grain it adds character.

  4. Very good copy cat. It was fun going between the original picture and your copycat table as well as your other pictures of how you proceeded. Good one indeed.

  5. ahhh...this looks GREAT, Audrey. You did a wonderful copy cat and it is sooo pretty. I love your olden table.....

  6. Hi Audrey,

    I love your copy. Well done indeed!!!



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