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Monday, May 28, 2012

Re-purposed Vintage Door Hardware to Clock Shelf

This is my collection of salvage tongue and groove 4" planks/boards that I bought several years ago.
 Knowing I needed to start getting rid of stuff, I took a look at these boards and the huge collection of door locks and knobs and decided to see I could come up with.

First, we made a very simple weathered white shelf with three vintage hooks ... then a WELCOME sign out of the beautiful blue boards that I uncovered ... can be seen at Welcome Sign Rusty Wire Wreath

Pretty nice ... so we made another one as seen here  using some of the same type architectural salvage. 

Still had more boards to use and I wanted to make this one vertical instead of horizontal. 

I had seen this cute miniature clock shelf on Mamie Jane's and thought I would give it a try ... well, actually be a "copy-cat". 

We took some old door locks and the next board became this .... a narrow shelf some of my small, vintage clocks. You can see the keyhole and the square hole for the knob.

  You need the locks with the metal piece on the front.

This little wooden fragment was just perfect for the top ... how lucky could I be!

I even stuck an old key in the keyhole. 


The small one on the side with the knob is the first one I have ever seen ... likely on a closet door. Just added an old metal number for fun.
Likely cost less than $10.00 to make.

Here it is !!!  Ain't she pretty ???? 

As you can see, the lock pieces are staggered to the sides ... not down the middle and spaced for one large clock and two small ones.

My inspiration came from  Mamie Jane's.
 I get a lot of inspiration from her.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I love to do.

Audrey Z.
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  1. Audrey, this is SO COOL! You have the best stuff to work with. I love how you used it.:)

  2. Your lock/wood/clock shelf is wonderful. What a great mix of wood, metal and ingenuity.

  3. This is great! I always love what you do.

  4. I've been collecting - an old lock, a piece of weathered wood, etc. so I can copy what you do! Love it! ~ Maureen

  5. Looks wonderful, Audrey! Aren't those old door locks perfect for small shelves? I bought a box full of the to use!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  6. Hi Audrey, I came over after getting your comment on my coal box.

    I love your vision Audrey. Great job. It looks amazing!

    Love it:)

  7. Love it Audrey, it's great. I'm going to be looking out for some of those locks from now on !

  8. Hi Audrey,
    I love how your clock shelf turned out. The wooden fragment piece was the perfect addition to the top and I also love the idea of adding the house number!! Thanks for the shout out!!

  9. A great project - it's pretty, useful and artistic. A real winner! I may be a double copy cat because I think I need one of these too.

  10. This is awesome! I love the way you staggered them and added the door knob and swirly piece on top. Repurposing at its finest! Yes, Jane is a master repurposer.
    Pinning this one. Great job!

  11. That is a beautiful shelf! I love it with the clock display.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  12. This is waaay too cute. I just love it all..and love your clocks, too.
    You and hubby are sure talented...and you come up with some awesome designs.

  13. Audrey - this is amazing! I have been wanting to start a clock collection and I love yours! $10 for that - what a bargain and a great statement piece!

  14. Audrey, this is a charming clock shelf! It's so cute and you are so creative!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  15. I love the updated look! I would've been holding my breath too as it opened. :)

    panic bars


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