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Monday, January 28, 2013

What is it? What is it Worth? Coppy-Cat Scale

 One of my favorite magazines ... Country Living
This April 2012 publication shows a 1940 Jiffy-Way Egg Scale. I just happen to have one so I thought I would do a copy-cat of their article.

I am using vintage glass eggs ... keep in mind that these eggs are hollow and come in several sizes.
The small egg does not even move the scale ... well, maybe just a little.

The scale moves to medium with the large egg. 

Can you imagine sitting for hours placing eggs on that scale just to see if they are small, medium, large or extra large?   

My hairdresser was telling me about an old white hen she had that was really big ... every day she came to the nest by the window and laid an egg ... and would cackle like crazy.  Every day she laid one egg and every egg had two yokes and was huge, almost as big as a duck egg. I think that would weigh in as an XX-LARGE.  

Well, this morning when I was fixing eggs for my breakfast ... I thought ... just for fun ... I would weigh them. I only had three eggs and all looked pretty much the same size.
(no ... I did not eat three eggs)

 I placed them in my little gray enamel berry bucket on top the glass eggs and created this vignette. This real egg on the scale showed small.

 This one was a medium.
The one that felt heavier, weighed in at
large/extra large.
How could this be when all looked the same size?

 Here is the answer ...

one yoke was quite a bit larger.

 Now, I am sure this has really made your day.
Country Living vignette

Then there is mine ... I do have small egg baskets, but forgot were I packed them away. 

The one in CountryLiving has a patent date of 1940/1941.
Added note:

CountryLiving says it is worth $100.00.

 Mine has a Pat.Pen. (patent pending) which might make it older.  

Just a fun vintage kitchen gadget.

Hope you enjoy this post ... 

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  1. How fun Audrey! I'd have a good time playing with that scale and our eggs :-) Your vignette is close to a mirror image!

  2. You have such fun posts makes me smile all the time! Thanks

  3. Hi Audrey: That is such a fun copy-cat. When I saw your scale I about fell off my chair, because I just remembered that I have a scale exactly like that but I don't know where I put it as I haven't seen it in ages. Might still be in some boxes at the back of the garage that we haven't openend since we moved over 20 years ago..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. How fun that you had that egg scale and could do a copy cat from Country Living magazine! It is my favorite magazine as well.

  5. I like your set up better than Country Living's.

  6. As always Audrey, you come up with the best posts. Loved the details and the heavier yolk egg too. Great copy cat post, a treasure.

  7. I really like this post! Love the scale too!

  8. Weighing the eggs would be an exhausting task if at a farm, but it looks like fun for the kitchen. I love the vintage red and the graphics. You nailed the copycat.

  9. I wonder what the difference in weight would be between a factory farmed egg and a free range. I bet the free range is heavier, with a larger yolk. I need to find one of those scales!

  10. A fun post Audrey. Gone are the days when time seem to stand still and folks still had the time to stop for a leisurely chat and weighing eggs:)

    I love that scale and that red gingham sweet!:)

    Happy week

  11. What a great idea!!
    Love your post.
    Love, Annette

  12. I love Country Living magazine as well and I LOVE that egg scale!! I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing yours and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! New follower!
    Jenna @

  13. Audrey!! I have never seen a scale like that but i absolutely LOVE it!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us all!!

    Thanks too for your visit and kind words!!


  14. That is the coolest scale Audrey. I love it! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Oh I would love to have one of those! Double yolk eggs are one of life's best surprises. Umm yummy. your vignette is wonderful!

  16. Audrey, I absolutely LOVE your little egg scale! I saw one I wanted at an antique store last week, but it was way out of my budget, so I had to pass it up. Yours is in great condition.

  17. Great copycat and what a fun scale! What did Country Living say it's worth?

  18. Carlene.
    Thanks for the nice comment. Country Living said the one shown was worth $100.00 but it is newer and in really good condition. I should have mentioned that in the post. Would like to think mine is worth that much, but probably about $40.00 to a serious collector. It would be fun to have if you have backyard chickens. I think I paid $12.00 for it, can’t remember. It is cute and interesting ... but not really ‘in love’ with it. I will likely try to sell in our annual community sale this year.

  19. Hi, Audrey, thank you for visiting my blog today! I have never seen an egg scale before, how unique.


  20. Love it!! I've never seen anything like it before. Wow, what a lot of time it would have taken to weigh eggs... Glad it's the 21st century and we don't have to do that anymore!!!


  21. So cool! I love it and how fun for weighing your eggs! Our chickens give us eggs of various sizes all the time.

  22. I passed up an egg scale like yours years ago at an estate sale, and I've always regretted it. It's a perfect kitchen accent....and useful, too!

  23. O my goodness...I love that you did a copy cat...and did it sooo well.
    I have never seen an egg scale before..I just LOVE it. Lucky you to find it.
    I have often looked at my eggs in a box marked XLarge but they didn't LOOK all that bigger than large eggs. Now, I have learned from you that it is the yolks that matter.
    See, you really CAN teach an old dog new tricks. :))
    Love ya, bj

  24. Hi Audrey! Thanks for coming by my blog! I suppose you may have noticed I just got a new granddaughter named Audrey!!! I love your vintage egg cool is this??? Your vignette is beautiful. I adore Country Living magazine considering subscribing digitally.

  25. Hi, again, dear one,
    The Natural Wicker paint is a GLIDDEN brand (sold at Walmart) but I had them mix it using their brand, COLORPLACE in a satin. Just trying to save a few dollars. I DID have to put two coats on the walls, after using 2 coats of Kilz (dark terra cotta on the walls) so I am thinking that I might just use the GLIDDEN brand on the next paint job. We are planning to paint all the rooms in this color but LATER.!! We have enuf work to do right now. :)

  26. Hi.. Your post and blog are lovely.. I am a country lover also and love the UK Country Living.. Have you seen it?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and I have joined your site, also..

  27. Your copy cat is just perfect ... and the that little scale is so cool!

  28. I have to be honest with you here. YOURS is a lot cuter. I like the basket better, I like the colors of your scale better, they are softer and more aged looking...and even though you did a fantastic copy cat of Country Living's..I definitely, definitely, like yours WAY!

  29. I like your Vignette better! And what Fun owning one of those Scales would be... I'm sure the G-Kid Force would eat even MORE Eggs if they got to weigh them first! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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