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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Mantel and 2012 Mantels in review

 Winter Mantel 2012 and Mantels review of 2012

After I take down my Christmas mantel decorations, I like to continue with a Winter mantel, but have been know to leave my Christmas Mantel up until February. (not this year!!)

Winter Mantel

I love this special vintage picture, titled "Making Cider", and enjoy displaying it during the winter, otherwise it is stored in a closet. 
The color of the frame and the picture itself, goes well with my collection of copper which is also a favorite for a winter-time display. 
 I laid a pine garland with small pinecones on the mantel as a base for the arrangement. That, and centering the picture, limited the space to set up large pieces of copper, so most of them remain in the shelves next to the fireplace. The vintage watercolor above the shelf also picks up the copper and turquoise colors.

The copper deer weather vein fragment with the wonderful turquoise verdigris tarnish, sets the color scheme. The small clock next to the deer also has verdigris tarnish. The re-purposed jade color lamp (seen here) and the two vintage pottery vases also carry forth this color. 

At first I had my favorite copper candle holder on the stack of books, but decided I needed more light, so replaced it with this porch light re-do ... 
but left the natural shed antler horns. The faux greenery in the large copper bucket anchor that end. This started out to be copper and turquoise mantel but ended up with a mix of colors and natural elements.

This side of the hearth is decorated with a big wicker market basket with faux dried hydrangeas; a brown crock vase that has copper tones; old checker board, also with copper tones in the finish; old house column; clock and cement statue. 

What a variety !!!
On the other side, hangs this wonderful painting done by my childhood neighbor that I found just recently. Did not even know she was an artist. 

Large copper tub....
When our fireplace was wood burning (now propane) ... we used the large copper tub to hold our wood. Looked great and held a good load of wood. Purchased at a garage sale for $5.00 many years ago. 

The full picture ...

Enjoy the cozy, warm fire ...
Thanks for taking time to visit and hope you have time to check out the other Mantel decorations of 2012. 

Other mantels to enjoy  ....

Happy New Year 
Audrey Z. 

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  1. They all look warm and cozy Audrey. I am ready to go right into Valentines day myself.

  2. I adore the painting your neighbor did. And copper and turquoise is one of my favorite combinations. One of these days I'm going to come see that mantel in person.

  3. All your mantels have looked wonderful, Audrey! I'm still trying to get all the Christmas stuff put away, but I keep discovering little bits and pieces tucked here and there, and I didn't even do a ton of decorating this year!


  4. Your copper decor and vintage cider picture are so pretty. I am still undecided on how to decorate my mantel for winter, love the look of yours!

  5. That's a very impressive collection of copper pieces! Love this mantel with the vintage art and all the textures.

  6. I just love all of your mantel decorations. Each one is beautiful and unique. And the pictures you have hanging up are lovely.

    Happy weekend to you!


  7. You really have a flair for deocrating your mantel! I think it's time for me to get a little more creative with mine.
    Chris =]

  8. Audrey, I really like your winter decor. The "Making Cider" print is so pretty. Thanks for your visit and comment. Happy New Year!

  9. Looks great!! I LOVE that big deer. I still have my Christmas mantel up...but I am looking forward to a "switch" up this week :)

  10. I love all your mantel displays, A.
    You have a talent of knowing how to put natural elements together. I am not good at that, AT ALL. I love seeing how you use things. :)

  11. OOO, I LOVE your new header picture.

  12. Love all the ways you have decorated your mantle!!




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