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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cast iron sinks ... Thrifted and RePurposed fountain and potting bench

I thought I would share with you today this little space at the back door of our workshop that I turned into a potting station, fountain and photo shoot area.

Our friend and neighbor (92) was moving close to his daughter and had a few things to sell. Sitting behind their art studio was this table with yellow cast iron double sinks ... wow, was it ever heavy! He said it was their fish-cleaning sinks but from the traces of paint on it,  I would guess it was where they cleaned their brushes. 

For $15.00, it was coming home with us. We removed the vintage faucets, replaced some rotten wood and painted the stand.

We poured this small slab by the back door of our workshop just the width of the ramp that was already there and put the table there. It sat like this for months. Even the nice wood gate that we built out of reclaimed wood just leaned up against the wall ... too heavy to hang and it covered the electric plug that we always needed to use. It was a nice backdrop for photos.

I am safe in saying that everything that you see here was thrifted or repurposed.

 I could put a cover over the sinks and use it for a table for taking photos. The lighting is perfect until the sun starts going down and then there was too much sun. 

 Photo shoot of blue tool box.

I used it like that for awhile and then I found this perfect faucet to just sit there for looks.

Then one day decided to make a little fountain out of it by putting a bucket of water on the shelf below and adding a recirculating pump to connect to one side of the faucet ... thus, it became a fountain. Having running water is nice to rinse my hands. 
I still use it for photo shoots by laying a board across the sinks.
 Today, was hot but I decided to make that area presentable even though it was not visible from the street.                                        
Cute little thermometer for 25¢

With old gate hinges, I mounted the gate to the wall and made a perfect screen for that one end. 
I hung the glassless window frame that had just been sitting there on top the bucket bench for weeks and added a few more plants. Window frame was a curb-side find. 

The bucket on the shelf under the sinks holds the pump and catches the water. A nice estate sale rocker needed for a short rest.

Old wire fry baskets hanging inside the old window with garden tools, clay pots and Sweet Anne adds interest and a place to store potting stuff. Just straighten the handle on the basket for an easy built-in hanger.

My new friend Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction.
inspired me to cut some rosemary and make a swag for my glassless window.  Hope you will hop over to her blog and see her beautiful Rosemary wreath tutorial.
It is so beautiful ... 


The awning may not look too pretty from this angle, but it sure helps to drop the temperature. I think it dropped about 4° in just a few minutes after I rolled it out.
Just a few steps away is our Windmill water fountain that runs through an old metal water faucet, and adds a pleasant sound of running water. This is where the deer drink and the large birds love it too. Next to the old ranch fence is a vintage metal animal water trough planted with several kind of wildflowers. 
8' trough was $10.00.


Thanks for the visit ... hope you leave a note to let me know you were here.

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  1. Audrey, when we go on garden tours I always love to turn a corner and find fun little spots like this. It adds so much character to the gardens and yard. :)

  2. I love it! I like the garden tools in the wire baskets and on the window and fence! Perfectly rustic!

  3. I love love all your thrifted finds and how you have incorporated them into the area by your garden shed! I'm going to go over and visit your friends blog now.

  4. I love it all. The fence is darling. I love the old sink. What a great repurpose.

  5. Your garden area with the planting bench looks so great! I like how the gate conseals the trash bin.
    I'd love have a water feature like one of yours--- with the water running, do you have a problem with mosquitoes?
    Or is that only with stagnate water? I bet that awning is nice! I know having our front porch covered for about 4 years now...has made a big difference in the temps in our front room.
    have a great week.
    ...we're supposed to get rain every day! Pat

  6. How lovely! It is such a peaceful outdoor space to me. Great job!

    Hope you have a lovely week..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Sherri ... always so happy to have you visit. Thanks for the nice comment.
      Audrey Z.

  7. I love the whole concept of the faucet being restructured into a fountain!! Excellent and very ingenious!

    1. PS....I think the blue eye ring of the white winged dove is always present, but it gets more bright and more prominent during breeding season.

  8. You are so good at repurposing things. How nice to have a sink outdoors to wash your hands and your new area looks so nice now! Love the awning. Wish we had one for our back deck. That wasn't a thrift find, was it??? Nancy

  9. Audrey, Love your clever and charming arrangement! Your rosemary swag looks great--thanks for mentioning my
    blog! Cecilia

  10. Audrey! What a beautiful potting bench area, and your windmill area, too. Girl, your energy makes me feel so lazy - I pay someone to mow, and haven't had a garden in years. I love Rosemary - the smell, and to eat! I haven't had luck getting it established here, but some friends have. I'll check out Cecilia's post...Thanks for sharing this with Revisionary Life, and for your continued public relations on my little party's behalf. You're an angel. :)

  11. That's too cute to make a mess around and actually pot plants!

  12. I found your post clearly by accident but was drawn in immediately!! I love old items mixed in with flowers and you have given me some great ideas. I'm sure to be back to see more.

  13. A beautifully prim vintage look for this space - love it! If we lived next door to one another, no one would be able to tell the property line - our stuff is so alike.

    A great big Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Z !!!

  14. Happy Anniversary, dear friend.
    I love all your outside sure do a lot of hard work...but it all looks GREAT.

  15. happy anniversary, audrey!! love your newest garden spot! the water feature is so clever! enjoy your day!

  16. Your potting area is wonderful!! Love the table with the sink...the fence piece is fabulous...great old window frame!

    Mary Alice

  17. What a wonderful potting bench area really fabulous and it all works together so well

  18. I love it! You are so lucky to have that area to work! And it turned out so cute!

  19. What a beautiful home. Those peacocks and the hydrangea lined lane are stunning. I think it's always best to follow your heart and not trends! Take care.

  20. Awesome... there is nothing quite like a big ole' Cast Iron Sink! I am Blessed that several came with this old Historic Home we purchases and I wouldn't let anyone yank them out when we were remodeling... even the Olive Green Enamel coated one that The Man thought was hideous! *LOL* It came in handy for bathing Grandbabies since it was so deep and large... and I still Love it. My Studio Cottage also has one, handy for messy Projects. This was definitely a great 'Score' for you and you've Styled it Beautifully... so visually appealing, utiliatrian and photo op worthy... it's Images like these that make my Heart and Soul Sing, thanks for Sharing. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. Just coming back by to say hello...and thank you for sending Cecilia by. She is adorable and I'm honored she asked me to be one of her bloggers on the Tour. :)

  22. I just adore your potting bench, and how clever to make a fountain there, too! That entire area to the shop entrance is wonderful and so inviting.

  23. I don't know how I missed so many posts!! Love your bench. The sink is a great idea, love all the bits and pieces you've decorated with. It's all so pretty!


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