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Friday, July 25, 2014

Selling, purging, donating and going to a garage sale.

We had just had a subdivision garage sale two week prior ... 
I sold a ton of stuff.
I purged a lot
donated two loads to the Thrifts
here we are at a neighbor's garage sale.

 She had taken part in the neighborhood sale but she is moving and had a ton of stuff. This was the second day and she was pricing out at 50¢ and $1.00.

I had picked out eight things, plus some jewelry and I figured it to be $8.50 ... but she charged me $5.00.
I offered the $8.50, but she refused. 

  The silverplated cake stand was still in the original plastic and original box.
Did not even need to be polished. Happy !
The large silver tray with attached bowl 
was selected by Mr. Z. ...
he polished it and he gave it to our daughter. 

 Solid brass and quite old ... considered for eBay sale.

Nice vintage wooden tray ... 
handles are knotted on the bottom and make feet.
decals will be removed and may be painted 
for a coastal (beachy) look.

 Just could not resist these little vintage glass hobnail trays.
May use for a votive candles as they are indented in the middle.

Costume jewelry will be used for crafts.

 Then when leaving, I spotted this garden bench ...
how could I pass that up? 

Well, I should have ... 
rotten boards and a lot of work.

We replace all except the two boards in the back.
They were bad, but I filled the weathered cracks, a lot of sanding and they looked okay. 
The pieces for the circles had to be special cut. 
A little problem with that, but got it done using our band saw on a 5% bevel cut.

Mr. Z. cleaned up the metal frame and I did the boards. 

Painted it barn red and sprayed it with poly. 

Dry brushed the flower basket with white to bring out the design.
Remember the before ...  
And now the after ...
 Sitting pretty in front our wood-working shop. 
Have a little more landscaping to do. 

Some bloggers have expressed interest in the pitchforks so here is a link to a post I did when I first started blogging.

Yes, that other garden bench to the right is next in line for a make-over. We used to have a fish pond in front of it and our grandson and I usually ate our lunch there everyday and watched the fish. (he recycled aluminum cans to buy fish)

Thanks for the visit ... 
would like for you to stay awhile and have a glass 
of Texas sweet tea?

Audrey Z.  

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  1. Hi Audrey, great finds and that bench - my current fav color. A lot of work to get from before to after.

  2. My goodness...what a work of art you two did on the bench! It looks marvelous.

  3. Great finds! The bench looks really nice, and I hope you show us the wooden tray reveal when it is done ;)

  4. As always, wonderful finds! and great prices too!
    I just love that old bench and the RE-DO on it. You and Mr. Z make a wonderful team, I'd say.
    My daughter has one of these at her house next door and it needs to be made over... I keep watching, and if it ever looks like they might be getting rid of it. I'm going to snag it!
    I love the idea of recycling cans to buy fish...perfect for a young boy. Teaches his the ethics of hard work at a young age!
    have a good one, I'd love some Tea if I ever get that way to see you.
    Y'all take care, Pat

  5. Oh my goodness!! The bench is wonderful! It looks like a new one! I love the colors!

  6. Audrey, that little red bench is just too cute--what a great makeover for a $10 bench! I love your garden pitchforks :)
    So fun to visit today! Hugs, Cecilia

  7. Great job on the bench - love the red. Your neighbor, I think, may have gotten you and Mr. Z to help unload all of her stuff so she could move. Steal-a-deal prices I could not have passed up. Purge or no purge.

  8. so remind me of me...during all the time we were getting rid of STUFF when we moved, I kept going to the thrift shops...we're chronic thrifters, I think.
    I love your red bench....:)

  9. WOW! Your bench looks great, and I love your pitch forks! You're the only girl I know who has that many. :) What great deals you found at your garage sale, too. Love the silver stuff...and those brass candlesticks!

  10. Your new garden bench turned out so well. Love it. Neat that you and your grandson ate your lunch on the other bench and pretty cool that he recycled cans to buy fish! Nancy

  11. love the garden bench, audrey! i've never seen hobnail trays before-great idea for the candles:)

  12. What great finds. I love the red on that bench. It's just gorgeous!! I would have picked it up too.

  13. Audrey, love, I am going to feature you again tonight! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Link Party!

  14. Great finds, you did a fabulous job on that bench, it looks amazing!
    Love those pitch forks!

  15. When you're ready to sell it the next neighbor will have an easier time with it!

  16. Great finds! Your bench looks great too. You must be so pleased!


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