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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thrifting finds ... just what I was looking for ... and more.

We had a huge garage sale this week-end and after seeing how much stuff I have, I was not much in the mood to go thrift shopping for more ... but Wednesday is MY day to go to Fabulous Finds Thrift Store 25¢ Sale. I always find something I can use and 
Mr. Z. and I have a lunch date every week.

Today I found something that I really needed.
I am building a floor lamp chandelier out of recycled lamp parts which I had hoped to finish for the garage sale ... but NOT ... and I was looking for SIX chandelier shades for it. It also has the sixth light on the top which was added after this picture ... can see it in this picture with the shade. It will have lots of prisms. Beautiful, like new shades for $1.00 each. I may paint the red dots black. The metal parts are oil-rubbed bronze, but look black.

I hit a snag in finishing it, but will blog about it when finished.

 The small ironstone platter was 25¢ ... nice old green bottle, thick glass and lots of bubbles, was $2.00 and the large, solid terracotta pear was $1.00. 

The Wm. Adams & Sons platter was the only item I bought in the 25¢ sale ... the

rest was bought inside the store. 

These look great on my ladder shelf in front of my large Apple Cider sign that I have had for ages. Mr. S. had apple orchards for a while and this sign was where his apple cider was sold.
It is huge (cut from a 4'x8' piece of plywood)

Last week: $3.50 bought seven nice heavy ironstone bread or dessert plates and the little creamer was 25¢ ... and they look so pretty under the wire trash 
basket cloche.

Remember the 
wire trash basket cloche light 
I made?
... well I had another thrifted basket
 ... cut the bottom out of it, shaped the top, spray it silver and made another cloche with a lamp part piece for the finial ... 
it looks so pretty on the stand I made from spindles and a round wooden disc.

Happiness is when find just what you are looking for when you go 'thrifting' ...

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  1. I so wish I could join you on your thrifting sprees! You find amazing things for such a little bit of money. Love the trash can cloche and can't wait to see the chandy floor lamp finished.

  2. ....I am trying very hard to NOT buy any more stuff for the fact have been packing and taking things to donate to thrift stores....but oh, what you find...they're treasures. Can't wait to see the finished lamp chandelier.

  3. You always hit pay dirt when you thrift! Great ironstone pieces.
    I can't wait to see that floor lamp, it is soooo gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow...I want to shop at that thrift store! You have certainly found some wonderful items. That lamp you are putting together is going to be marvelous!

  5. I wrote a nice long comment and it was eaten by my computer. Okay, I love the bottle and the ironstone, of course. I wish to visit a 25 cents sale though I do not need anything. Love the creative use of lamp parts to create a chandelier floor lamp - how clever of you - great shades.

    My odd question: Where does one find a cents sign on a keyboard?

    Sorry if you receive two comments almost alike.

    1. Not an odd question Donna ... just hold down the ALT key and hit 0162 on your keyboard to get the ¢ sign.

      For other ANSI character sets - ASCII Table - ASCII and Unicode ... search this on the internet.

  6. You did find some goodies...and I love how you re-use them so beautifully!

  7. I can't wait to see your finished lamp, Audrey. I'm in love with your little plates and creamer. You are created the perfect spot for them. :)

  8. I liked the white platter. Also the white cup and plates look so cute under the cloche you made! You are full of ideas! Nancy

  9. Your wire cloches are so well done! I can't wait to see the post on the chandelier lamp. It's going to be beautiful!

  10. ...just are one of the most creative ladies, ever ! Can't wait to see this chandy finished...:)

  11. I'm saving a couple of wire trash cans to try to come close to your cloches! I also am amazed at your 25c real English ironstone platter! Nice finds, as usual, Audrey. Thanks so much for coming to the Thrifty Life Thursday link party at Revisionary Life!

  12. My, aren't you clever--LOVE the cloches. Now I just gotta find myself a wire trash basket! Some great finds Audrey--the ironstone is beautiful and I am in love with your pear--
    Happy Week-end,

  13. Audrey, Love, Love, Love the trash can repurposed as a cloche!


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