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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Once upon a time ... this little old lady" ...

Don't you just love a story that starts with "Once Upon a Time" ?

Of course you do, because you know that it always ends with ... "they lived happily ever after" !!!

  Well, this little old lady just hates to throw stuff away and loves to re-cycle.

Several years ago, she bought this used pretty arts and craft metal sculpture of a water lily and ducks ... 

... she had picked up an antique, cast iron kitchen sink from her sister ... painted it a beautiful aqua blue ... set it in the ground and turned the metal sculpture into a fountain ... and made a 'frog pond' ... yes, frogs lived there ...

It made a beautiful screen to hide the water collection tank behind the shop ... well almost hide it.

Years passes and 'the little old lady' could no longer get down on the ground to clean and take care of the pond, so it was removed. The cast-iron sink got stored away and the beautiful water lily fountain just sat outside on that picket fence shelf and rusted away. 


The little old lady kept thinking she could save the water lily fountain ...

soooo... one day at the Dollar Store, she found these thin metal WELCOME signs with a sun flower attached ... (an ah-ha moment).  So she bought three Welcome signs ... 

Now, several years more passed and the rusty water lily fountain and the welcome signs just sat there.

Then the little old lady was cleaning out and getting ready for a garage sale and decided it was time to do something with the rusted-falling-apart-fountain or throw it away. 

She cleaned it up, salvaged as much as she could and cut one new lily pad from an old piece of tin ripped off the bottom of a plant container.


She built a water lily blossom with two of the $Store tin sunflowers. Four pedals had holes in them for the welcome signs, so she drilled holes in four more petals and hung facet cut crystals to the pedals. (plastic)

After adding the new pieces and a little paint she was ready to test her luck in getting this fountain to work. 
She could not put the original fountain back like it was so just used a bucket filled with water to test the fountain ... well lo and behold ...

it pumped water up through the blossom, falling off to the large leaf and then to the small leaf to drop back into the water do it all over again. This made the newly painted little ducks below very happy.

Now the little old lady still cannot get down on the ground to take care of the fountain, so this sculpture will just have to be an above ground fountain ... or just an art piece.

Frogs may not live there, but the the water lily fountain will 

"live happily every after" or until it goes to 'rust-heaven'.


Enjoy the wonders of nature ... 

Have you every heard the frogs croaking after they lay their eggs?  Almost as pretty as a birds song.  

Thanks for your visit ... I would love a comment to know you were here.

Audrey Z.  

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  1. Your pretty crafty for a little "old' lady. =]
    Chris =]

  2. What a fabulous idea! I love the original but your new version is super cute too! You're pretty crafty!!


  3. That is the cutest story I have heard in a long time! What a great, fun post! I love how you magically fixed that water sculpture. I thought you were going to say you sold it at your garage sale! I think you need to keep it. If I lived near you, I'd want to buy it!!

  4. Your so clever. I like the happy ending! Those are the best stories! I have a hard time getting up too so my hubby bought this neat kneeling pad that has metal handles so I can use my hands and arms to help me up! It can also be turned over and used for a chair too but I mostly use it for kneeling. It is a lifesaver for an old gardener like me!! Nancy

  5. Well, now isn't that just a cute story with a fabulous ending?
    sounds like to me the little old lady needs a garden bench to place her little vintage sink in the that the cute little lily pad fountain will be a table top feature!!!
    Either looks so much better with the bling hanging off the sides. ;)

  6. I resemble that old lady who can't get down on the ground too!

  7. cutest happy ending ever! another great project, audrey:) (i can get down, just can't get up--hah)

  8. I am glad the happy ending involved recycling the water lily - It looks great as a sculpture. So clever and crafted. The little old lady must be very pleased with herself. I have gone to container gardens - no more kneeling on the ground for me.

  9. Just beautiful, may not be able to get down anymore but your mind sure is sharp to think of all the great projects you come up with...:)

  10. You are very talented and creative. I love your blog and have been visiting it for a couple of years now, but never had posted a comment before. Keep your creative juices flowing. It gives me inspiration.

  11. So creative, Audrey! I'd never have thought to save it in that way. It looks great, keep on creating!

  12. Hi Audrey,

    What a great project and you hit it out of the park! The additions of the crystals are a real hit with me.
    Hugs, Lynnie

    New follower...

  13. Great post! Thanks for sharing this information. I gained quite a lot of knowledge after reading your blog thank you.
    A Wonderful Apartment

  14. Oh, wow. You are a never ending fountain of creativity! I am so impressed with your lily from the dollar store welcome signs!!! I hope your sale is really profitable and your great junk finds loving new homes. Wish I could come to it!!!

  15. I loved your story Audrey, and I have to say that I'm getting there myself. Great job fixing up that water lily. It looks beautiful as a fountain or not. Love the dangly crystals!

  16. Just discovered your blog, via Corn in My Coffee Pot.
    Wow! You are SO creative. Loved the story of how you made a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

    1. Thanks you NancyR ... since you are a no-reply blogger this is the only way I can say thanks for the nice comment. Hope you will visit me again.
      Audrey Z.


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