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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I was featured: Vintage Blog of the Week and Wooden cobbler boot collection 

Diana from Adirondack Girl @ Heart emailed to say she had chosen my blog to be featured on her  Vintage Blog of the Week

Oh my, was I ever surprised, thrilled and a little nervous
 wondering what in the world could she say about me that would be interesting. 
I did not feed her any information ... well, I did give her my age. 
She just snooped around in my blogs and I will say, 
she is good and she is a talented writer.
  What she does requires a lot of time! 

I am really impressed with Diana.
  Thank you Diana for featuring me! 
Hope you will pay Diana a visit. 
She has a lot to share.

I love all things wooden.
Here is a quick peek at some interesting wooden cobbler forms
I thrifted recently. 

Vintage wooden English riding boot form for keeping the shape or stretching. (sold on eBay)
19" tall

I tied them together with leather string 
because they do not fasten together. 
Four pieces ... front, back, foot and stretcher. The pieces are dovetailed to fit together. The middle piece with the ring on the top is the stretcher.
This is pushed between the back and front to stretch the boot or keep it in shape. The form will fit together without the center piece
Not sure this is totally correct, but that is how I see it.
This is a pair of short boot cobbler forms. They work the same way as the tall boots. The toe part and the front (shin part) are hinged together. The stretcher part slides in between them to stretch or shape.
(sold on eBay)

Size 9

one center part is missing in the photo below.


 Unusual stretchers or keepers for ladies high heel shoes. The rod will screw down to stretch the toe of the shoe or keep it in shape. Sometimes called shoe trees.       


Common Cobbler's shoe forms.  

  May 5 1952

8 D

 Square toed baby shoes.
one is marked 4A and the other 4½A

Do not know what 66 means.

4124 child shoe
13½ C
marked Empire Branch
U. ?  Co.
NOV  1945

Baby high-top 

Adult shoe form
marked 23.

Tole painted with strawberry and flower vine.

Thanks to all of you for visiting and for your sweet comments. 
I hope you will hop over and pay Diana a visit ... 
she is sure to inspire you.

She is so kind and so helpful to other bloggers. 
  She loves thrifting, collecting and is very knowledgeable about about history and art which she happily shares. 


  1. What a wonderful blog post you have... and what a wonderful feature for you over at Adirndack Girl at Heart! Congrats! ( I was vintage blogger for last week.)

    Love the cobbler's boot forms... I have never come across a set .... great find!!! Would love if you could join the "Let's Talk Vintage" party each week (Tuesdays at 9 AM) on my blog! Enjoy your day!

  2. The boot forms are amazing. I've never come across a pair. Congratulations on your feature! Heading over to check it out now.

  3. What an amazing collection you have. I've never seen some of these unusual forms before. I LOVE the boot forms. Congratulations on your feature at Adirondack Girl. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  4. Congratulations on being the Vintage Blog of The Week. Diana is always wonderful about condensing a blog and finding its essence. I love the boot stretchers - I have a pair and once I figured out how they went together, I tied them also! Love the baby high top form.

  5. Hi Audrey, congrats again on being featured at Diana's blog! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too. I'm now following you via google friend connect! You have a nice blog and I'm looking forward to learning new things and meeting a new blog friend. Thanks so much!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  6. Thanks so much for the sweet shout-out, Audrey. I'm blushing at my laptop. I'm glad you're pleased with the post--I loved digging deep into your past and discovering all your vintage goodness :)

  7. You certainly deserve the recognition, Audrey! You have a great blog.
    Love your collection of wooden shoe have some fabulous ones!
    Mary Alice

  8. Audrey I love your blog. Congratulations on the award. Jo

  9. Audrey I love your blog. Congratulations on the award. Jo

  10. Wow...once again! Those cobbler forms are wonderful! Are they for sale, Audrey? I might want to buy some...let me know.

  11. Congrats. Love the cobblers.

  12. What a fun collection, Audrey! Congrats on your award--well deserved! Hugs, Cecilia

  13. Hi Audrey, Congratulations on being featured on Diana's blog! You are one ambitious lady and have a special talent! I was surprised to learn you are 83! I hope I have 1/4th of your energy when I am 83. Nancy

  14. Congratulations on being chosen vintage blog of the week. You definitely deserve it!!

  15. What a wonderful collection you have. The patina on that old wood is just priceless.

  16. Hi Audrey, thank for your visit to my spring flings post. I'm just now getting caught up on Diana's feature of you and we have several things in common - your collections of ironstone, whisk brooms, and kitchenwares are just a few. Diana featured me recently also, and it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Count me as your newest follower, and I look forward to more posts.
    Rita C at Panoply

  17. Audrey, you have an awesome collection of cobblers forms, they are so hard to find around here,
    Congrats on your feature, I can't wait to check it out.

  18. What an interesting collection...I've decided, dear heart, that you are, indeed, a collector. LOL
    Congrats on the deserve it.
    going over to meet her now.


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