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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vintage door and work bench repurposed.

This vintage door was nailed to this set of legs (below) and used as a work bench. Very dirty, worn and weathered. I was able to just pull the door off the legs with a little tug because the nails were not holding much in the almost-rotten 4x4 legs.

Using my DeWalt sawzall, I cut the huge nails flush with the back of the door, leaving the nail heads in the door face so I would not have to fill holes. 

Nail heads would look better that filled holes.

Legs were poorly constructed and wobbly ... they were destined for the burn pile, but 

WAIT ... just maybe there was some life left in those old legs.  We added 2x4's on the sides and since it was just to be used for outside storage, I did not replace the "scrappy" /crappy 2x4's on the ends. 


For the top, we nailed on some nice boards 1x4's we had salvaged from a large crate that Papa John's Pizza sign came in.

It turned out pretty nice and now the table was very sturdy.

Wish I had made some changes in the braces on the legs, but once they were painted, they were not so crappy looking.

We turned it up-side-down on the garden trailer and painted everything except the 4x4 legs  which were cedar.
 I think I even painted the underside to weather proof the top boards.   

Yes, the top was painted too.
       Kinda pretty ... and really did not want to paint those pretty boards  ... BUT ... it was to be put up behind the garden to store lumber that I was weathering. 

In case you are wondering ...

I bought this old work table from our 
favorite Thrift store for $25.00.

Oh yes ...  what did I do with the door???

The Answer
Sliding door - Master Bath 

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  1. What a great save on that table! I found a similar one by the road although it was much smaller. Brought it home and everyone thought I was nuts! I love it, though:) Nice green paint, although I know what you mean about wanting to leave it that door, also. xokathleen

  2. Audrey, you are so handy! Love your transformed work bench--great job!

  3. You really took a junky set of legs and turned them into something grand--a little too nice for outdoor storage if you ask me, but I bet it makes you smile whenever you look at it. You are SO creative Audrey, and I remember that door and the AMAZING sliding barn door you turned it into. Thanks so much for linking up with our very first Vintage Charm link party. Looking forward to partying with you some more :)


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