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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty and the Beast. Wood Toolbox and Lace

"Beauty and the Beast" ... featured .....
Knick of Time Interiors Knick of Time Interiors
Thanks Angie ... I am really honored. 

 The BEAST ...........
This "beast" was part of my Fab Finds for $14.00 and can be seen here ...

This old caution-orange toolbox tote is the "beast" ... the orange just did not want to go away. 
I sanded it down a little, painted it with a light gray paint ... (Olympic)
the orange still wanted to shine ... a second coat got it covered ... light sanding ... here comes the orange again. Would not take stain, not even shoe dye!

 Sooooooo, I tried to "kill" it with KILZ ... that worked ... more gray paint ... light sanded, orange still showing. Just would not go away. 

 Decided to just live with it and stripe it back and front and let it be rustic ...

NOPE ... pretty ugly. 
see it ... the ORANGE under the handle !!!

 Then I spied this sample can of Summer 2012 Valspar paint I bought at Lowe's and decided to turn this "Beast" into a "Beauty" with a little Bling.  
HAPPY ... YES !!!
Stenciling and a little "Bling" qualified it as a "beauty" to be staged with this beautiful, vintage, lacy oval tablecloth that I bought at an Estate Sale for $15.00. 
It is 114" long and 70" wide.
A rhinestone button, a lace bow, an old lace handkerchief, a dollie and an antique picture of a beautiful young lady was a nice addition.  
The small crystal bowl of mother-of-pearl buttons and a shell just add to the soft, vintage feel. 

Draping the tablecloth as a backdrop for this vignette ... oh my, what a beauty !!

 Stencils both ends and both sides.

 Hope you enjoyed the make-over of turning this "beast" into a "beauty" ...

Thanks for the visit ... I appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Audrey Z.  

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  1. You went thru a lot to turn that beast into a beauty!!!! I love the final result!! Hugs, Penny

  2. Audrey, this is one of the best, yet! I've had trouble with red bleeding through and homemade chalk paint too care of it. The tablecloth is an amazing find and the whole vignette is beautiful! Pinning. ~ Maureen

  3. Hi Audrey ~~ I love what you've done with the 'safety orange' tote!

    It seems like you remedied the situation well enough. I like the bling and the stencil...the color is exciting too!

    have a wonderful day , Pat

  4. Oh, I love tool boxes! Yours turned out so pretty!

  5. Great job on working on it until you got it right! It's a beauty! I love the color, the stencils and the embellishments.

    Have a great day.

  6. I love it! The color is so beautiful and I love the stenciling and bling you added!

  7. Hi Audrey, Lori here from Color It Simple your newest fan.....Love your page and your lovely finds. I look forward to seeing more. Hugs xx

  8. Came over from Debbie's grad party. We both seem to be stuck on these toolboxes! I have another post coming this week on three I have almost finished. At first I thought don't cover the orange! But the results are beautiful! Of course, you know I love the blue and the stencil. That tablecloth is gorgeous! I cannot believe someone let it go. You are so good at creating vignettes. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  9. Audrey,
    Very nice! Can't believe that orange was so hard to cover but way to persevere! It's just beautiful! Love the touch of bling!

  10. Wow! You really did turn that ugly orange box into a thing of real beauty! Love the color & the stencil & the whole vignette! Great job! :D

  11. The bling did the trick! It's beautiful! Thanks for following me, now I'm following you too! Have a good day, Tammy

  12. Audrey,
    The "Beast" sure did turn into a "Beauty" Love everything about it. Just a beautiful transformation. :0)

  13. That turned out really great. Would have been great with the orange also! It's your stenciling that really made it!! Visiting from Southern Hospitality! Enjoy your day!

  14. Awesome job Audrey! Love the color, and I love the embellishment!

  15. Now this is a beauty for sure! I love the color and the stencil. The vignette you created using the frames is absolutely beautiful! I'm a new follower. Come over for a visit!

  16. What a beautiful transformation! I just love the blue, and the stencilling is the icing on the cake! It's so pretty!

  17. ust lovely and I love the colour! Visiting from Sweden

  18. Gorgeous Audrey - you definitely turned the beast into a beauty.
    Love that stencil and what an amazing tablecloth.

  19. It's beautiful, Audrey!!! I'll be featuring you next week at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing at the party!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  20. Oh, that is adorable!!!! Thank you so much for following my blog. Happily and excited to return the follow. :)

  21. Well done on getting there in the end, I love how it turned out! You have so much more patience than me, I think I would have given up halfway :)

  22. This turned out so pretty in the end!!! I can't tell you how many times I've remade a makeover lol
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back!

  23. Joining you from Debbiedoo's undergrad group. Lovely transformation on the toolbox and what a beautiful tablecloth. Great piece of work.

  24. What a tale about a beauty and a beast and you have definitely turned the beast into a spectacular beauty!!

    You deserve an A+ on this transformation!!


  25. HOly cow this is beautiful! Love that blue and the sparkle you added. I'm a new follower, feel free to follow back

  26. Why,'s just adorable. You sure do a great job on stenciling. I can't do it very well, at all.

    Wanted to thank you again for your suggestions on what to do with my little candle chandy. I ordered some little mini tart tins so that I can add them to the chandy and then can use larger candles.

    I am on my way to the thrift store...will I find something else to work on?...hope too much stuff in this olden house of mine. :))

  27. Wow, very nice! Love the colour and the added 'bling' :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  28. What a beautiful job you did! It's so lovely now!

  29. It really is a beauty now! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  30. Oh that is just gorgeous! I'm glad you finally got rid of that orange and the blue is so pretty! The little rhinestone sure sets off the stencil and completes the whole thing! Nice project!

  31. Sometimes the beast won't die huh? Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I love what you did to that box! Such a lovely color and bling on anything grabs my attention! Traci

  32. Audrey - your persistence paid off! It is a beautiful piece now!!! I'm a new follower...

  33. Soooo sweet and you are SO talented. I love it! I have two of those out in the shed..and the thought crossed my mind to try to fix them up..but..they would never turn out like that! Adorable!

  34. It really did turn into a the bling on it!!

  35. Just stopping in to see if you have tea ready but....I don't see you around. Bet you are out there in that cute potting shed, looking at that awesome sink and thinking you might go thrifting this week and find something else adorable to use.
    Whew...that was a looong sentence. :))
    Have fun tomorrow, whatever you do.

  36. Oh wow, it ended up being gorgeous! What a process to get there, but I'll bet it makes it more precious to you.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Debbie :)

  37. Dam orange! But helllooooo Summer.


  38. Very nice! You are very talented and creative. Wish some would rub off on me. :)

  39. You sure did turn this beast into a real BEAUTY..this is beautiful...

  40. Love it! I have a little smaller one and not as pretty but hmmmmmm what shall I do to mimic you! Nancy at


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