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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Fly Away" sign and Summer Mantel.
Worth the Wait.

Summer got a head start on me this year and I was a little late in getting around to decorating my mantel.
I always enjoy this vintage floral painting for Spring. I still enjoy birds, bird nests and eggs most anytime of the year.

I added a part of a fence gate and my beautiful 
"I'll Fly Away" sign to pick up the colors in the painting.

The sign reminds me of my Mom as she sang this many times in Church. "I'll Fly Away" ... such a beautiful hand painted sign by Carrie @lovely, etc.

Carrie painted and blogged about her sign and I wanted one just like it so bad. I planned to try to copy it ... 

BUT when I won the "give-away" prize for "That's the Ticket Blog Hop and Giveaway" hosted by
 Carrie @lovely,etcAngie at Knick of Time, Gertie at The Old Block House, and Shannon at Rusty and Redone, I asked Carrie to paint one for me just like hers ... same colors, same everything.

Carrie paints some beautiful signs ... all hand-done and they are worth the wait when you order one. I am loving her other signs and planned to copy some of them, but may have to order one from her as I have had "Blessings" planned for months now and have not gotten around to painting it.

I hope you will visit Carrie and see the beautiful work that she does.

I think that she is very busy right now decorating a nursery for a baby boy she is expecting soon.  
My mantel changes with the seasons and now I am already thinking of Fall decorating. Can't wait to get summer over with. Summer has not been very nice here in Texas this year. 

I think the correct way to decorate a mantel is symmetrical ...  using a large picture/mirror or item in the middle and like items on each side. 

I have a hard time doing this ... but must try because ... 

just look how beautiful and restful this copy-cat mantle by bj at "Sweet Nothings" looks. 

I usually put the large picture/wreath/mirror or whatever to the left and have room for another large item on the right to balance it. 

I will try symmetrical for the Fall season mantel. 
I bet I will like it.

How do you decorate your mantel... symmetrical or hodge-podge like I do?

Hope you summer has been enjoyable.
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you and love your comments.
Audrey Z.  

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  1. Your sign is lovely... I like that song as well. Congrats on winning it. Your mantel looks great.
    I don't decorate for too many seasons...I find something I like and mainly stick with it. When I grow tired of it, well, then I change it.
    If I decorated for the seasons, I'd feel like I was always behind!
    nice chatting with you, Pat

  2. Hi, Sweetie...well, this is just about the cutest mantel I've seen. I LOVE everything about it. The painting is lovely...the blue sign is an
    I WANT ONE, TOO. :) and I can't wait to go over and see her.
    I love hodge-podge designs, too, and do a lot of them on my two mantels. I love changing things up....just like you do.:)
    I love your style, relaxed and pretty.
    You did a great job here....and I thank you for featuring my copy cat mantel. :)

  3. Hi Audrey, glad to read your post. We've had normal summer weather here for a couple of days (rain) and are grateful to get it. Its been very hot for a couple of weeks prior to the rain and BC Coast people just aren't used to heat like that.

  4. Audrey, your mantle looks wonderful! I'm a big fan of asymmetry so I love what you did. And thanks for the kind words about my sign.

  5. I do like that sign and it it works well with the other things on your mantel! I linked back to you today, about your music sheet candle bulb sleeves. Stay cool! ~ Maureen

  6. I adore your mantel, Audrey!
    Have a great weekend and thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  7. Your mantel is so charming with all your treasures so well displayed. That sign really is pretty, congratulations on being the lucky winner.
    I have two mantels. Right now, one is symmetrical and the other is asymmetrical. I really don't prefer one over the other, just as long as it all works together:-)

  8. Great sign and it is a perfect reminder of your Mom singing that song in church. Your mantel is charming. I need to re-do my mantel. Come watch my dance video on my blog.

  9. That sign is priceless! Lovely mantel vignette you created!

  10. Looks lovely!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  11. Audry so a beautiful display. I love the statue holding up the plant! Thanx for coming to the party.

  12. Audry so a beautiful display. I love the statue holding up the plant! Thanx for coming to the party.


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