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Sunday, August 12, 2012

ONE potting shed ... TWO sinks

Freatured:   I Gotta Create

Another great find !!!

My OLD potting shed was being used for storage for several years and this year I cleaned it up ... replace the water pipes ... got it looking good and did a post on it here … Potting Shed and then this week; I found this old, cast iron, enameled, cottage vanity sink with the back splash.  Oh ... I have wanted one of these for a very long time.
  I wire brushed the bottom to get rid of the surface rust and painted it. Did not want to do this, but needed to protect it.

Only $8.00 and 20% off at the Thrift Store. Just had to have it ... but where to put it? Did not take me long to figure that one out. 

I had a small sink with running water in my potting counter, so did not need another sink ...

 Solution ... just tuck it in the plants in the corner of the first 'room' and use it as a planter.

It replaces an old plastic produce basket that the mailbox planter was sitting on. (Old look below)

The trick was to figure out how and what to mount the sink to. Pretty heavy ... maybe 20/25 pounds.  I tried a shutter and an old door but neither looked right; so just decided to mount it to the lattice and hang my GARDEN Blessings sign above it. Can see the tutorial on the sign by clicking the above link.

While working I saw the clouds roll in and was so hoping for rain ... did not come, but the sky was beautiful. Hard to see the Eagle or Hawk soaring and enjoying the openness of the sky ... loved watching him !!! So peaceful. He is the black speck in the middle of the picture.

Lucky to find some metal pieces in my stash to make a mounting bracket. Mr. Z. helped with cutting to make them fit. We bolted them together to make a bracket for the pieces on the sink. Do not know how this was originally mounted but this metal bracket will hold the sink close to the lattice … and the PVC pipe will hold the weight of the sink and it is secure.  I just happen to have pieces of PVC pipe that would work for the support. I notched the large piece to fit the shape of the back, then cut two pieces to support the back where the faucets were connected. Ended up not using the back supports.  

I surrounded the base with what plants I had there so the PVC pipe is not too noticeable. 
For right now, I just sat a potted plant in it but maybe next year I will plant some flowers in it. 
The 'hot'- 'cold' buttons are missing from the top of the faucets, but I will find some to replace them. 

I think it looks pretty neat tucked in the corner by the window.  

It has lots of character and I just love it like it is. What do you think ?  should I just sit a potted plant in it or actually plant in it ?

The left 'room' had too much sun on it to get a good picture. Always lots of shadows with this lattice.
Thanks for the visit ... I would love your comments.
Blessings ... 
Audrey Z. 

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. As always, I love your inventive uses of stuff repurposed. I would likely just add plants in pots but that matches how I garden (plants in pots). Love your post. Always look forward to each one you write.

  3. What a great find! I would love to have an old sink like that for my garden. Whether you put a potted plant in it or plant flowers it will look fantastic!

  4. Your sink looks fantastic! Like everything you do...It's nice to visit, I haven't been by for awhile, have to catch on what I've missed! Have a wonderful week!

  5. The sink is great and the old taps are really nice you have such good taste I like pots then it can be changed as the season progresses. I always look forward to your posts

  6. I like that sink, especially the high back on it and the vintage faucet. Hope you're able to find the hot/cold buttons.
    Looks pretty with the plants and tucked into the corner there.

    Love your potting shed.

  7. Now you are the clever one! I would never have thought to bring home an old sink and then make it look great by planting a fern in it. I love seeing the smart ideas from fellow bloggers. The sink fits right in with your plants and other things. Hope you get rain soon if you need it. It is supposed to rain here this afternoon, thank goodness.-----

  8. OMYGOSH, Audrey.....I have SUCH
    This is just precious. I am going to be looking for one just like it for next summer. I am not a good gardener so I am not the one to ask about planting or pots..I lean more towards pots but living where you do, I think you could use it either way.
    It is just beautiful...
    xo bj
    *fingers crossed for rain for you...
    and for me:)

  9. Audrey,
    so glad you popped over - I love coming over and seeing what you've been up to! As usual - I'm not disappointed!

    I'm still kicking myself for letting the contractor toss an old sink when we renovated our house! How I long for something like this in my garden!

  10. And I'm pinning and will keep my eyes peeled for my very own sink!

  11. I love it Audrey!! So much character. What I like about just setting a plant in there is it creates a feeling of expectancy.. Like someone will be returning soon to tend the plant.

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  12. I love this! Now I'm going to have to find myself a vintage sink. What fun!! I just love treasure hunting! I'm so happy to be a new follower.

  13. You're a STAR tonight at I Gotta Create! Thanks SO much for linking up this very creative planter.

    <3 Christina

  14. Hi Audrey...I stopped by to look at your totes and just kept on reading :) I LOVE how you used that sink...what a lovely spot :) Laurel

  15. Oh what a lucky find! I would probably plant it up, but either way it will look beautiful. Love your potting shed area!
    Debbie :)


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