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Friday, August 31, 2012

Stacked Clay Pots and Saucer Pedestal Planter and Rain Water

Okay, time to do something with this stack of clay pots and saucers that I have been looking at for a few years.

The old chippy white bowl planter is one of my favorites, so decided to put it on a "pedestal". The chippy paint was a keeper so had to try to match the base.

I stacked the four pieces together and got out my favorite glues. 527 and E-6000.

I chose to use the E-6000 because I had read good reviews on it. 527 is very good too. I use these old worn-out paint brushes for dusting off the cob-webs and dirt..

I worked around with paint colors that I saw in the bowl, mainly wanted some yellow and terracotta color to show.
When I put the dark wax on, it pulled most of the white paint, but it looked okay, so just went with it.
I am pleased with how it turned out.

 I filled it with some small plants that I dug up out of the yard and a couple begonia plants I had just bought. Rich soil came from my compost pile.

We had just installed two black 65 gallon water collection tanks behind our house in the area of the patio and back porch. You can see RAIN WATER stamped on the tank just under my watermark. There was a gap between the two where we connected them together and this was a perfect spot for this pedestal planter. 

This old galvanized bucket with the red handle is so handy to get water from the tanks to water the plants. Plants love rainwater and have grown very nicely. Sometimes I use the old sprinkler can.

The water collection tanks have two faucets where we can either get water by connecting a hose or an higher one for using a bucket. 

We got 1/8" of rain and we collected 29" of water in this one 65 gallon tank. This is coming off one small area of the roof on the house. 
This is amazing.

We have added to our rainwater catchment system this year and I plan to do a blog on it.  

SO ... let it Rain !!! 

This watered several plants. 
Are you harvesting the precious rain water ?

Thanks for the Visit ... hope you are inspired. 

Audrey Z. 

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  1. Audrey, it sure looks like one of the expensive pedestal planters in catalogs I look at. Super job!

  2. Oh how nice this looks.. Love your stacked pots. I will keep a look out to try this when I get enough supplies. Awesome idea... Hugs, Cindy

  3. Love your stacked pots. I have lots of pots that would work well with this idea.
    I am intrigued with the rain barrels. We have had drought conditions for several years. Sounds great.
    I am pinning both the stacked pots and the rain barrels.

  4. Great Idea! Never would have thought of this. I always want a pedest planter but they are so expensive. Thanks for the idea, I already went out looking for the supplies to make my own ;)

  5. Ha! That was my sister commenting right before me. We have similar taste ;) What she said. LOL. I can never afford the big urns either. Great trick!! I love the old sap bucket too :)

  6. Just pinned you from Debbies party. Love the stacked pots, great idea.

  7. I so love your rain water catching.
    Yes, when it starts to rain here, we put out all kinds of things to catch as much as we can. We have a lot that comes thru our rain gutter but must figure out a way to catch more of it. I need a barrel like yours, I think.
    Love love love the stacked pots...:))

  8. So love this! What a great way to use up those pots - I have a stack sitting around too. Thanks for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!

  9. That looks great! Love how you matched the paint of the other pieces to the one on top. I collect as much rainwater as I can - sure would like to have the rain barrels!

  10. What a wonderful job you did! It turned out beautifully! We also have a rain barrel, but we haven't had much rain. We placed ours under a faucet that drips and is cemented in so we can't repair it...anyways, we attached a little watering hose and it provides fresh water for the cats. It still catches some rain water when it does rain. I am so impressed by your stack pots I am going searching when I can around my garden...almost said pot stash, that wouldn't be wise would it...LOL! Best, Vicki

  11. Thank you for sharing. It looks lovely. Helena

  12. Your so clever Audrey! I love how it turned out :)


  13. It looks great! Very creative one you are! I want a rain barrell so bad will have to convince hubby to help me with that! Traci

  14. Okay, you got me again...

    What a fantastic transformation!!

    I really love this and now I will be out looking for clay pots!!


  15. Hi! I really like your new planter that you made! You are very handy and clever! How high do you set your rain barrels???? We do have one and it is set up a little bit but I am thinking that next year I would like it a little higher. What do you consider a nice height? Nancy


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