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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birdcage Light with dripping crystal Prisms

Looking down the long hall from the living room; there are six plain doors ... three to bedrooms/office, one bath and two closets. At the end of that hall is a linen/storage closet. For years, I just hated looking at that brown door ... 

  so I wallpapered it and hung a window.   
I decorated the mirror window with grapevine, grapes and birds. This is where I hung my natural bird nests and a stuffed cloth cat to protect the birds. (no not to eat the birds ... protect them) 

Over the years there has been many different things placed in front of that door. It is a storage closet and seldom entered, so moving a piece of small furniture; a plant stand; a rocking horse or any other object was not a problem. 

It was time for a change and this week, I put together this bottomless birdcage lamp.   

It has been outside for a lot of years and is pretty weathered.  The birdcage stand was purchased many years ago and not really used. Just took up space in a closet. It was wired to plug in a small hanging light, so all I had to do was install a light fixture inside the birdcage and plug it in. The light fixture came from Restore Habitat for Humanity and cost $1.00.  The two night light bulbs are just the right amount light for that corner of the hall.
 The inside of the cage is dripping with glass prisms ... the cute little bird proudly sits on her perch that is also decorated with prisms ...
... even has one on the door. 

Angie from Knick of Time  offers the most amazing free graphic. I chose a silhouette of birds on a branch to decorate the plastic light sockets covers.  Check out Angie's free graphics.  You will have fun with them.



On top the cage, sits a pretty white bird nestled in a bed of Fall leaves that covers the plug. Decoration can be changed with the season. 

I think I will enjoy this for quite a long time.


My natural bird nests have gotten a little tattered over the years but I still enjoy them ...
 ... especially the humming bird nest.


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  1. What a fun visit with your blog/you tonight. Loved the bird cage with all its glitter, light and birds. What a great way to make the end of the hallway into a place of beauty and interest.


  2. that was a joy to view Audrey..
    I have a thing for decorated birdcages and yours is very well done.

  3. What a creative way to use those graphics, Audrey - the light covers look like ceramic now! I love the way you dressed up a dull door and made it look so pretty!

  4. I love the weathered birdcage lamp! Great idea :)

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  5. I don't think I would have ever known that was a door....:))
    You are the Master of Change...:))
    It looks really great...and I love using the graphics on the lights....

  6. What a neat idea! I love it!

    :) Hope

  7. It was a great idea to camouflage the door with wallpaper and decorations :-) Love the bird cage light fixtures - it adds such a lovely soft glow to the space, and the prisms are so pretty & elegant. And covering the light bulb sleeves with graphics was genius!

    {Thanks for checking out my Kelly Werastler-inspired project!}

  8. Hi Audrey! Wow, you really brightened up a dark corner. It looks fantastic! Thanks so much for following; I'm returning the favor.

  9. This is adorable! I love it! I have a birdcage, and some old lights, now I just need, a stand...Wonderful idea!

  10. Love your ideas, Audrey...sooo Inspirational! Thank You!

  11. You're a STAR tonight in the "lamp lineup" over at I Gotta Create!

    Thanks so much for partying with The Wildly Original Crowd!
    <3 Christina

  12. Very creative Audrey. I haven't spruced up any doors like yours. The weathered birdcage lamp is very clever.

  13. What a beautiful solution to your "boring" brown door - from the wallpaper & window mirror to your birdcage lamp - I love it all! How original and simply gorgeous!!!

  14. This is so sweet Audrey. I can imagine what a change it was instead of looking at a brown door..Happy Monday..Judy

  15. Love the way it looks as if you could open that door and walk right outside. I think the birdcage looks s o amazing in that space -so glittery.

  16. Wow, those crystal prisms really set the whole thing off! It looks beautiful. I never thought about decorating with grapevines indoors. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Audrey, love your birdcage light and grapevines--thanks for sharing it with me! Hugs, Cecilia


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