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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Chairs...A Chair Affair

Thursday's Theme {A Chair Affair}

 Here is my answer to her ... "A Chair Affair"

This rocker is a true antique ... painted orange and missing one arm when I bought it. We made the arm, but just left it as it was.  

All of these are children's chairs have been  collected over many years. 

Very old chair ... leather seat. My neighbor sold this in her garage sale ... it was her Father's chair and she is about 65 year old. 

Just a cute bentwood chair and just perfect for my little bear that came from Germany.

Another Antique chair ... bought at an Estate Sale for $35.00.

Great for display ... 
Mr. dryer vent Snowman loves this chair.
Shabby white-chippy and great for holding my bed-side magazines and reading material. I have had this one forever. Notice the wires stabilizing the legs.

I believe this is a Salesman's sample. 
Original needlepoint seat.
Bought at an Estate Sale for $25.00
This is one of my favorites.
When living in Michigan, (1980's) ...
I answered an ad in the newspaper for a School Desk ... traveling through ice and show, I came home with this ... a really nice oak, two drawer school desk and two chairs.
We cut the legs down to coffee table height, but left room for the chairs to fit under. 

This is the original paint on both chairs. 
This one sits with the table in the living room.
This one holds a collection of old brushes and wooden utensils in the breakfast room.

Cute little rocker crackled pink paint with lots of green showing that was part of my porch decoration last year.

Love the simple lines of this vintage, rope woven seat. May not be original, but very fitting. Bought from a lady who was about 65 year old and it was her child chair.

My most resent purchase ... folding chair with vintage decals. Precious and in great condition.

Very unusual School Chair with metal braces 
on the sides. Very solid !!!

I did this vignette long ago ... 
this picture just tells me that these two little guys just do not welcome the start of school. 

 Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of Children's chairs. 
They are great to decorate with.


  1. Your child sized chairs are wonderful. Precious actually. Such a lovely collections, glad you wrote about it today.

  2. I loved seeing your collection! What a great cross section of styles finishes and of course you always display your collectibles so well. ~ Maureen

  3. I have a love affair going with old chairs too. I loved your collection, Audrey.

  4. I o-o-hed and a-a-ahed over at Angie's post on chairs when I read her post, but then you posted this. I have a huge soft spot for children's chairs. Your collection left me speechless. As I read and scrolled down the page, I could not decide which one was my favorite. I have now looked at this post several times and I guess i most envy the chippy paint pair with the school desk. Outstanding collection!

  5. Glad I'm not the only woman having an affair, Audrey! LOVE your wonderful collection of old chairs!

  6. What a nice collection of awesome chairs. Enjoyed seeing them all.

  7. What a neat collection! They look wonderfully displayed!

  8. What a collection! I would have driven thru a blizzard for that desk and chairs! What a great idea to use it as your coffee table!

    Love the red/blue chair - but they are all fabulous!


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