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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stacked Amber Globes Pumpkin Totem Pole

After I made this   Crackle Glass Pumpkin 
I remember I had other amber glass globes in my inventory that I had bought when I had an Antique Store ... so started digging and guess what I found

 ... enough amber glass globes to make a Stack of Pumpkins ... actually planned to be a pumpkin Totem Pole with painted-on faces ... but that did not happen. 

During the 1960's/1970's ... swag lights were very popular ... one large globe hanging on a chain on each side of the bed or twin ones over a vanity. When they began to be popular again and when I was selling on eBay and had a shop, I was buying the lights really cheap ... like $5.00 or less ... so I stocked up. Out of those businesses now ... SO ... still have stock. 

I started with this ... a base for an old floor lamp ... and five amber (pumpkins) globes
I started stacking ... 
5 ...  
and adding a finial to the top ... a burlap bow between each one and some burlap strings to the top for hair as it was to become a face, NOT. 
(later added Fall leaves and berries in the bows) 

and it became a part of my front porch Fall 

Mice are eating the corn again.
 Evening shadow of the crow on the Harvest table.
Old pitchfork or hay fork.

Morning and afternoon sun really lights it up.  Look closely at the top globe and you can see reflections of the trees ... and now it becomes a gazing ball. 
Very tall and heavy.    


 Added some Fall leaves and berries to the burlap bows.

Kinda funky, don't you think ???

Hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the visit. 
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  1. What a happy Thanksgiving scene at your home Audrey. Creative use of those globes - yes I remember them well. You made me happy. Bet you make lots of people have a happy smile today.

  2. This one blows me away! How do you come up with such original ideas? I'm happy just to copy you. lol ~ Maureen

  3. Oh wow! That is beautiful.
    I think your globe make over is wonderful.
    I have 3 hanging swags and 2 hobnail amber lamps in my living room. They were from my mother in love's home.
    That is all I wanted from her house.
    They are so pretty. I wouldn't take them apart...but, if I found some at a thrift- Oh boy would I?

    this totem is awesome. I like it without the pumpkin faces.
    ...but that is just me. ~Pat

  4. You are so talented Audrey ! Love your fall decorations ! Happy Thanksgiving !

  5. You come up with the NEATEST things, dear heart. This is just adorable...
    Will you take it apart after the holidays and save it for next year? It's so pretty, I'd be tempted to keep it up all year front of a window to catch the sunlight, maybe.
    In case I don't get back by, have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Well that's just downright pretty. Who knew something could look so good in a fall grouping. EnJOYed your post.

  7. It looks great. Love that you recycled those glass globes. I remember those-I think our bathroom used to have hanging lights like that.

  8. Totally Inspiring! If you knew how many times I USED too pass those by at Thrift stores...Thanks for sharing it with me and have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  9. How fun! You are sooooo creative! I just love all your fall touches, can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!

  10. Holy Cow! You are one heck of a creative lady. How clever... And good of you to have stocked up.


  11. New blog follower!!! Luv your glass pumpkin.
    Cheers, Gee

  12. That is just amazingly gorgeous!! Especially with the light hitting it. It's just beautiful!

  13. How did I miss this! It is wonderful.



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