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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowmen are hanging around so Let It Snow

This fat little Snowman greets you at the front door and is hanging around in hopes it will snow. He has his presents and an old red lantern and hopes to find ice so he can go skating.   

Hanging out just inside the door are Clyde and little Earl dressed in their finest for Christmas.

They are happy here with all their Snowmen friends and the pretty lights and decorations.
The Welch Hutch is decorated with bottlebrush trees, pinecones, pine branches, birds and snowballs.
The tall one is Cotton and he lights the way for the parade. Shorty is Styrofoam and Whiskey is papier mâché.


Vintage Mercury glass deer would love to play in the snow too.

Yarn snow balls covered with Epsom Salts.

This little guy is happy because he has dug up the perfect Christmas tree with his little shovel and he has his little Hy-Speed wagon to ride in.

May your new year be Blessed

Audrey Z.

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  1. Happy New year to you to Audrey. I love your snowmen, so cute. You have a nice wintery display going on.

  2. Love all your snowmen! The yarn snowballs with Epsom Salts are neat.
    Happy New Year to you!

  3. I just finished making a pom pom snow ball garland and the epsom salt will be the perfect finish.
    Chris =]

  4. I had to keep going back for another look at that vintage reindeer! You always have such wonderful things tucked into your vignettes. Happy New Year to you and all of yours!

  5. Audrey, your snow people are adorable. I have one of the little Natalie Stitch snowmen just like your guy in the tartan scarf. ;-)

  6. Love all your little snowmen, Audrey and that little wagon is so bloomin' adorable!

  7. That green wagon is so AWESOME!! And that little red wagon ... everything is so perfectly accessorized with snowmen!!

  8. LOVE that adorable green wagon! The display is really cute.


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