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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree and Antique Ornaments

Happy Christmas ...
It will be awhile before I get my Christmas tree up this year, so thought I could show you a few shots of last years. 
I have been collecting Christmas ornaments forever, so have way too many for one tree, but I try to put all of them on ... no, just kidding ... I could never get all of them on this little tree. I have had trees that would hold all of them and I loved it ... way too much work now. 
 This is actually a tree-topper but I love her down low where I can see her better. I think I have three of these, but not all in wonderful condition. Spun angel hair and usually made from a kit. 

have stopped putting the really old and rare ornaments on because two or three got broken the last time I put them on the tree. 
I added German ice to these red berries and poke them in the branches to add glitter and loosen up the shape.  I took a garland of pip berries apart and also poke them in the branches for a looser look. 
Wax  boots ...wax ornaments did not last long because the kids would chew them or they would get hot and loose their shape. I do have some that survived.
Love Santa ornaments and pine cones are just so perfect on the tree.   

Some of my Santa collection are on the bookshelves behind the tree.

A vintage piñata ... not cute, but just had to have him.
Coffee table display. The clear ornament is displayed on a grouping of vintage door knobs.
Love the glow of the candle on the snow in this vintage milk bottle.

Hope you enjoyed ... 

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  1. I luv all the collected ornaments on your tree.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. All of your vintage ornaments are lovely, but my favorite is the Angel tree topper. She is just gorgeous! Hugs, Penny

  3. How beautiful! I think your pinata Santa is very cute.
    Chris =]

  4. Hi Audrey: I see that you are a Christmas fanatic like me. You have some beautiful ornaments. I love your photo shots into the tree. Looks like we have some similar ornaments. I'm hoping to get mine together soon. Better be soon!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. How pretty this all is, Audrey.
    Such lovely olden ornaments. I didn't know about wax ones...I still have a few of my mother's glass balls but not many.
    I am very late with getting my tree up...I usually do it on the day after Thanksgiving but with packed boxes everywhere, I have just put off decorating.
    will put the tree up today, tho.
    We switched from a tall tree to a 4' tabletop tree several years ago and I just adore the simply way of getting it up and down from the attic ea year. :)

  6. I sure love your vintage ornaments Audrey. That angel is precious. Love the coffee table display too. Clever use of old knobs!

  7. I really enjoyed your collection and a very merry Christmas to to you and yours.

  8. Hi Audrey - I recognize so many of your decorations as the same ones we had when I was still a kid. Nice flashbacks.

  9. That tree has made my heart happy! I LOVE old ornaments...and those are soo pretty.
    Your home is B-E-Utiful!! I'm off to deck out mine..I feel inspired!
    Take care!
    Farmhouse Life

  10. Hi Audrey, I love all your special treasures. They just add a a loveliness to your home.

  11. Ok...I am out of the loop and curious: what is German ice?

    Thanks always for sharing at the party!
    <3 Christina

  12. We have some of the same vintage ornaments. I try to put all the ornaments on usually, but this year I have cut way back on the decorating. That quirky little pinata is adorable.

  13. Your christmas tree last year was so pretty, and I so understand about not wanting to put up some ornaments. My favorite was a set of 4 of the pretties cardinal ornaments and last year I broker one! So now I pack them separately and take special care. So I don't' put on a tree but maybe in a bowl where they are safer! Your decorations are so pretty, we just put up a tree today, so don't feel bad. Thanks for liking my front porch!

  14. I love looking at your ornaments Audrey. It is like a little slice of what I remember of Christmas.


  15. How beautiful! I love all your vintage ornaments....especially those boots!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. Oh my goodness. I love that pinata.
    I have been collecting antique ornaments for 30 years. Yours are so pretty.


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