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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Collecting Ironstone.

rightShould I have been excited to find a white china platter for $3.00 ? 

 ... well, when it completes my ironstone platter stack, I guess I should. 

right    To make this stack complete, I needed the fourth plate. It is Homer Laughlin Best China and fills in nicely with the old white ironstone.

Not that I need any more ironstone ... 

I have been collecting ironstone forever and have quite a collection. 

Evidently, I have not sold any of it. 

I have some displayed on my Welch Hutch in the entry ...
mainly platters and pitchers with a few bowls thrown in.

Oops ... I did not even take time to stage it ... this is real life, just as it is. 

And then ... in the dining room on our combination table-shelf is some of our red and white ironstone/china along with some very old pieces. 

 This is an interesting piece of furniture in that I can adjust the shelves to be straight up and down or slanted in different degrees, forward or back and it folds out or up to make a three feet by five feet dining table.                                                 Patent June 6, 1893. The Combination Table Co. Bryan, O.
Right now, I have the shelves in a stair-step-slant with the bottom shelf to the front. Shelves are 12" wide. It is oak.

I hate to tell you this ... but there are more pieces sitting here and there and maybe some in storage.

And ... a question ???????? 

Well, I did just because Royal Ironstone China by Alfred Meakin is my favorite ironstone. 

Thanks for staying with me on this long post. Hope you enjoyed seeing a bunch of ironstone all in one place.

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  1. The post wasn't long enough. You have got me looking for ironstone everywhere. If I see white I pick it up to look at the markings. I love the pitcher with the chip - quite lovely for flowers. Okay so now I have a bunch of pitchers in varying sizes and you are saying I have to have a platter stack!?! I cannot keep up with you. Beautiful collection, Audrey!

    1. Yes, Donna ... you need a platter stack and then you can sit one of you pitchers on it too.

  2. Beautiful collection Audrey. Inhale a modest :) collection myself. Totally infatuated with ironstone and transferware. I picked up 5 small Homer Laughlin plates over the weekend. Luv the hunt....
    Hugs, Gee

  3. There's something about collecting ironstone~~~I have four gravy boats and I would gladly buy another if I found one! Your shelf that coverts to a table is very interesting.

  4. I have heard of ironstone, but wasn't exactly sure what it was 'til I came here. You have some incredible pieces in your collection.

  5. Ummmmm. YES I would have bought the pitcher for 25cents!!!!!!!

  6. ahhhh....what is it about plain olden white dishes that we all dream of..?? I have a nice collection of ironstone, too....some is out and being displayed....others are still packed from the move and waiting for more shelves to house them. I gave my sweet girl most of my tiny pitchers and she loves them, too. Your collections are lovely.
    OOO, and a chip on a pretty piece for 25 cents wouldn't bother me at all. :)
    hugs, bj

  7. I love your collection and the way you have displayed it so beautifully! It is so hard to find around here.
    Thanks for sharing it with us. That hutch is gorgeous!

  8. I adore stoneware. You have quite the collection too! and I love that hutch of yours as well - so beautiful! Happy Mother's Day Audrey!

  9. Beautiful collection Audrey! I love ironstone but really have none. Never run across it. I think your real life display looks just fabulous! And what a fabulous hutch too. Yes, I would have bought the pitcher. Looks lovely filled with flowers.

  10. Coming back to say I stole one of your photos here...and have it on my post tonight...come by and see.....

  11. Just beautiful and how wonderful that it was that price and completes your stack!! Wonderful!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  12. Hi Audrey - just dropping by from BJ's to say "Hello" and tell you how sweet your hutch is. I can never pass one without taking a peak and I love yours with all the ironstone and lovely pottery. I see some little birds there too. So adorable. I love to collect blue and white china, white dishes and pottery. I, too, love to hit the thrift shops when I can. Oh yes, and I should tell you that I love your name. I have a cat named Audrey. ;-) Deb (Ontario, Canada)

  13. What a pretty hutch, and that combination shelf table is AMAZING! I wonder why they don't make them anymore? Maybe because you'd have to empty it to use it...Love your ironstone and restaurant china, I have lots of it, too! I think I have the same Homer Laughlin platter. :) I probably would not have bought the pitcher...because of the design on it. Maybe if it were all stuff is all white. I did pass up a nice old red and white piece I still regret. Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life, Audrey!

  14. You have some lovely pieces Audrey! Nice collection :) Blessings, Cindy

  15. I love your collection of ironstone. That tea leaf piece is amazing for 25 cents. My mom had tea leaf and I love it. You hutch doesn't need to be staged. It looks great as is.


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