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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pickin' the GOOD stuff

I have shown you some of the junk I have bought at the 25¢ Thrift Store Sale every Wednesday, but this is about 

"Pickin' the GOOD stuff".

Have your every seen something in a Thrift store that you really loved but just kept telling yourself you had no room for it?  Every time you went in, there it was, telling you to 
"take me home with you"!  

The $9.00 price tag on the casserole and $12.00 on the platter were good prices ...  but I just did not have room for any more dishes.  They were sitting on a china cabinet in the back of the Store ... then one day the store had a large table of items down one aisle marked with pink tags ... 
pink tag = $1.00. 

In the back of the store ... still sitting on the china cabinet ... this beautiful set I loved ... with PINK tags but had not been moved to the $1.00 table. I asked the clerk if they were really $1.00 even though they were not on the table ... 
YES ... 
... how could I not buy them ... space or no space?

 From an Estate Sale ... two wicker covered wine jugs ... one is aqua glass and the other one is a brown crock ... beautiful condition ... the jugs, the four drawings of patents and a few other small things were $45.00. 
I was delighted to say the least!
(you can click the picture of the drawings if you want to see a better picture. They are pretty neat.)

 Restore, Habitat for Humanity ... $5.00 each ... 
Courthouse or Lawyer/Bankers chair.  
Heavy and in very sound condition. Need just a little TLC.
Thought these might be good for the new cabin at the Ranch.

Large hand blown glass float  25¢. 

Beautiful platter ... don't remember what I paid for it but the colors are great together.

Silverplate and stoneware ... fun stuff to decorate with. 
Three Royal Copenhagen porcelain fat Robins were half-price at $7.00 each.

 A old man that sets up on the side of the street had these to offer one day. The brown bottle is in a metal frame with a handle for pouring ... maybe a liquor bottle in a bar. Large terracotta lantern, nice old wire basket; a beautiful green demijohn and a cute little hand painted chalkboard/slate. All for $50.00.

These very early, maybe late 1800's, tin barn lanterns may be worth $100.00/$150.00 each on eBay.
I plan to put vintage stain glass in the two that has the missing glass.
Don't fall off your chair seeing what I paid for them.
75% off regular price ... unbelievable !!!

Another week, I bought these faces from the same old peddler on the side of the street for $5.00 each. Not my style but thought they could be of some value. He said he had them for twenty-five years. Still doing research on them. 

Can you help in identifying these clay pieces? 
Backs ...

Hope you enjoyed seeing these treasures ...
Some will be sold on eBay ...
Some already given to our daughter ...
Some for our annual Community Garage Sale in June.

Audrey Z.

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  1. Wow! All of these items are amazing bargains! Your post makes me want to jump up and go bargain hunting myself!!! Thanks for sharing :-)



    1. Hi Sherri ... thanks for the visit and nice comment. These items have been bought over a period of time, well, within the last twelve months or so.
      Be blessed.

  2. me, I would have bought them too, for one dollar!!!
    What a prize.

  3. I love the tin lanterns, the wire basket, the float, the chairs and the wicker jugs! How could you have passed this stuff up?

  4. All good stuff, my favs of the lanterns and the prints and the float. Great finds. Happy that you posted them.

  5. What a fabulous story about the beautiful dishes :) I have been in the same boat as you and in fact there's a set of dishes at the consignment store that I have been eyeing, but keep telling myself no. . . maybe they will be marked down soon :)

    I love the lanterns! You have found some amazing items. Have a blessed Memorial Day!

  6. Love the lanterns and the wicker covered pottery piece. I have never seen prices marked down so far. I bow to you so great treasure hunter! (I could see the prints framed in black!)

  7. Oh, those dishes!! I love them!! What a bargain. Lucky you. Nancy

  8. Hi Audrey-- I loved the story about the dish and the platter! Isn't that how the thrill of the hunt goes sometimes...?
    Don't you kind of like it; a cat and mouse game so to speak.
    Loved seeing all the finds-- those lanterns are pretty neat what a bargain!

  9. Oh my word, I want to shop there. Unreal treasures for sure.

  10. Wow! What a bunch of great finds. I don't think I've ever had a day that bountiful. My jaw dropped at your $5 chairs.
    Amazing! Thanks for the visit, Audrey.
    xo, Tina

  11. I want to pick where you pick!! I do have some good thrift stores near me...the VOA, Restore and Goodwill. Love your finds...all of them! They are different than what I find around here in Upstate NY. Where do you live?

  12. Thanks AnnMarie ... we are in South Central Texas, the drought country.

  13. AUDREY! You amazing have such an amazing nose or eye or whatever it is one needs to find great stuff! I think the clay pieces could be Mayan - whether or not they are old or just decorative reproductions, I couldn't tell. You should take them to a reputable place that deals in stuff like this. Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Linky Party!

  14. such wonderful finds, audrey! those lanterns are fabulous!! enjoy your day!


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