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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Shades of White Winter Mantel 2016

2016 Christmas Mantel ...
I had already removed the little red truck; some bottle brush trees and snowmen from the full picture above.

THEN ... my Christmas mantel was pretty easy to change to ...

a "shades of white"  Winter Mantel
I left the three beautiful white wooden columns on the right for the birds to perch on. The tall one with the finial top is a architectural salvage newel post ... the short one ... just a piece of a column and the third one toward the center was a vintage 1950/60 table lamp.

 The two wooden white trees hung around a little longer for a white wintry look. I added a plug-in night light behind the columns.

On the left side, I use two vintage ironstone pitchers, one with white, yellow and green pip berries. The chippy terracotta riser gives height to balance with the tall columns.                  

I found these two fan-shaped architectural brackets in my storage and they were the perfect backing for my antique kitten doorstop. 

Of course, I have to leave my tiny white lights because the mantel is so dark without them. 
In the middle under the beautiful carved wooden frame, is a vintage oak-splint market basket filled with faux, dry-look hydrangea. The frame was left empty for awhile, but just had to add my dried artichoke bunch tied with a burlap bow that I made years ago.
(hot glued to the rock) 
 I had to replace several missing pieces of the splint and paint it white. Hope to post how I replaced the pieces in another blog. I added a string of white lights in the basket and pulled some up into the flowers.  Love how the light shines through the basket. 

To get the aged look, I did a wet-wipe while the paint was still wet. 
The wooden tree is in two parts and just slides together.

More architecture pieces on the hearth.

 Still enjoyable at night.

Thanks for your visit.
Hope you will let me know you were here.
Audrey Z. 

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Monday, January 30, 2017

I have been poisoned by Cipro

Life is not always a bed of roses …
sometimes beautiful flowers have life threatening thorns.


I have been poisoned by Cipro !!!
October 6, 2016 ... 

During my wellness exam, my (doctor) Nurse Practitioner  (NP) prescribed Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) antibiotic 

for a kidney infection I did not even know I had. 

Raise your hand if you have ever taken an antibiotic …    (insert raised hand).
I needed a magnifying glass to read the tiny print of the allergies and the side effects of this drug. I immediately saw red flags and did not intend to take them. I was not having any symptoms of a kidney infection.

Several days later, for whatever reason, I decided all the prescriptions said about the same thing, even that you could die, so I took the prescribed medicine just to keep the infection from getting bad.

My NP nor the druggist warned me about the allergies or side effects. 
I had taken antibiotics before, but not this one.

After three days on this medicine ... my neck got stiff and my right knee started swelling. I could not turn my head nor use my knee. I had to use a wheel chair to get around.  
The tendons in my neck started popping ... 

then I knew !!!

 I was having the serious side effects that this antibiotic would cause ... not the allergies, but irreversible, damaging, life threatening side effect. 

My vision was blurred, brain fog, short time memory loss, change in voice, headache, weakness, unsure, afraid to go to sleep and unable to concentrate.

I called the Emergency Room ... they would not see me ...
they advised me to see my doctor.

I immediately started drinking a lot of water. 

I tried to see the NP that gave me the medication but she was not in the office. So as what I felt was an emergency, I saw a new NP. She was not at all alarmed about this and I thought I was dying. She just 'skirted' the issue and said I had gout. I  wanted something to detoxify my body ... she had no clue. She was not at all concerned that my blood pressure was 160 and is normally 120 or below and I was in terrible pain.

I left her office very unhappy ...asking that my regular NP call me at once. (she called in another antibiotic) ... do you think I took that ... NO WAY !!!

My good friend Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction suggested Epson Salts soak in the tub might help. Anything to draw toxins out of my body. I can’t get in/out of a tub so the Epson Salt soak would not work for me.

So I went to the Health Food store for some help to detox.  Cecilia suggested that I talk to Lacy there.  I asked about  Magnesium to rub on the bottom of my feet to draw the toxin and she had some gel rub. Suggested other things that would likely help me. 

... for one, CoQ10 to help reduce the effects Cipro can have on the heart, muscles, and other organs.
Probiotic to help replace the lost beneficial bacteria and correct any digestive problems.

 Lacy laid her hands on mine and said “you have the blood of Jesus washing over you and you will be okay” … this is the best medicine that I had received.

Prayer helps … so please pray for me and others that may be a victim of these drugs that are meant to heal … NOT kill.    

Every night, I am applying magnesium gel on the bottom of my feet, neck, palms or any place I can that might draw the toxin. I also do an "oil pull" by swishing about one tablespoon of warmed coconut oil in my mouth for about twenty minutes ... then spit it out and brush.

Taking CoQ10 and Probiotic and of course continuing my daily supplements. I started taking/eating natural stuff to try to detoxify my body. Protein, fresh fruits and veggies ... lots of water and 100 percent juice, fruit and vegetable  smoothies. Avoiding sugar. Drinking so much cranberry juice, I feel like I would turn into a cranberry.

The home visit from Cecilia and Cecilia B. from the BFarm and having a big bowl of Cecilia's Taco Soup helped too. Cecilia B was here for a short visit and it was so special that they took time to come see me.


 Now about one month later ... I am better, but neck is still popping, but not stiff  ... swelling in knee is down some, but still needing a walker to get around. Still have some brain fog. Feeling very thankful !!!


Here are other drugs that have been related to Ciprofloxacin (Cipro).   Levaquin.  Cefuroxine Axetil, Floxin, Noroxin, Avelox, Factive…

Ciprofloxacin is made by Bayer.

I read where Cipro had been “black boxed” by the FDA but doctors and druggists are still putting it out. 

(A black box warning is the strictest warning put in the labeling of prescription drugs or drug products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with the drug..... 

When I talked to the Duggist, he said it is NOT black boxed. My NP also said it was not!!!  well it should be. 

Visit to my NP on December 5, 2016 ... 
She says that Cipro is NOW black boxed.

So my warning is,  don’t take Cipro or Levaquin ... or at least do serious research before you do. 

This is serious stuff.

I got some helpful information from these websites.

There is so much information on the internet that there is no reason everyone in the medical field should not know about it.  Thousands have been affected by this … some do not know that the antibiotic they took caused their problem.  My friend had to go to the emergency room with terrible back pains.  No one associated the Cipro antibiotic she had taken with the terrible pain she was having.  She didn’t either until I gave her this information. Another friend has digestive problems.

My daughter was given it too and it is effecting her.

Bayer, the druggist and doctors should be held accountable. 

I am not angry, because it was partly my fault … I am/WAS a healthy 85 year old that has a lot of unfinished business … I just want my life back !!!

This is written as a warning so you will know that those stated allergies and possible serious, life threatening side effects should be not taken lightly.  Yes, I read them and a red flag popped up, but days later, I just figured every prescription filled by the druggist says the same thing written in the smallest font that it takes a magnifying glass to read it.   

I hope you will share this with your friends. 

Audrey Z. 

January 20, 2017 ... some three months have passed and I am still trying to stay positive and work thru this. 

I feel that this drug has damaged tendons in my neck, knees and shoulders. Still have some brain fog, recall memory, sleepless nights and using a walker or cane.

Doing a lot of research and trying to see what works for me.

November 5, 2016 ...
Prescribed by my daughter's doctor ... Meloxicam (Mobic),  for tendonitis. I think it is helping. 
January 13, 2017 ... stared on Turmeric (a natural remedy)
One 780 mg pill once a day. Too early to tell, but I think this is helping to promote a healthy inflammatory response to tendons, my brain, heart and throughout my entire body. I hope it will tame the joint pain and completely detoxify my body.

 article... Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy of the Century?

January 30, 2017 ... Sorry for this long post and taking so long to get this information posted. Just did not feel comfortable about how to explain all this and not always thinking clearly. SO, I am just telling it like it is. I hope that some of this information will be helpful for anyone needing an antibiotic. Some people have taken it without allergies or the side effects. My Pastor says he takes this with him when in foreign countries on Missions. A "must-have" antibiotic for him.  

Thanks for the visit. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them. 

UPDATE: There is a comment from blogger, NELDA ... 
I hope you will take time to read it. She is a pharmacist and as a person who has suffered an injury from this drug. She is offering some important information. Please take time to scroll the comments and read this.  

Thank you and God bless ...  
Audrey Z. 

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Raven Shoe Dressing (polish) Advetisment Sign

 Angie at Knick of Time 
took this tiny ad from an 1888 Harper's Magazine, enlarged it, cleaned up the background and offered it free to bloggers.

Check out all of Angie's free graphics at ...
 Antique Graphics to Print

 I wanted to do a silhouette of just the Raven and shoe. So I cut off the Ads in the background; enlarged it to print on an 8½" x 11" paper and drew it off on a ¼" thick board. 

 It went unfinished for a year or so and this year decided it was time to paint the ad on the shoe and use it for Fall decorations. 

Raven = Fall  ... Halloween. 

I used a Krylon White Paint Pen to fill in the letters.

Was not real easy to do because this was rough lumber.  

Here it is displayed with my small collection of wooded shoe forms.
I lightly sanded the lettering.  
(this helped cover up my messy paint job)
I tried displaying it with this Fall decoration near our back door entry. 

This is a work counter with cabinets above, in our garage next to our back door. I try to decorate it for the seasons ...
but it also catches a lot of junk.

The shoe sign was not a part of this decoration, but just trying to find places to picture it. 
Most everything you see here is thrifted. 
The lamp was just repurposed ... will link to that when I post it. 
The market basket and apples were recent finds.

The large metal lamp/urn recycle can be seen here.  
Trophy-Urn-Lamp ... Did I find a Hidden Treasure??

Thanks for stopping by. 
I would love for you to say hello.

Happy Fall.

Audrey Z.   

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