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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vintage Christmas light bulbs game.Want to play?

This year, I went into the attic to sort, purge and clear out our vintage Christmas decorations. Had lots of the big vintage colorful lights and I decided we would line the yard with them ... well, finding most of the wiring not safe to use and a lot of broken and burned out bulbs, I just discarded the wires and saved the bulbs, burning or not.


I had this tall thick glass pharmaceutical jar and just piled it full of the colorful bulbs.  

 I tied some raffia around the top and added three small pinecones and it made a pretty decoration.

Then I thought it would be fun to have to have everyone try to guess the number of bulbs in it, so it became a game before opening presents. This was fun. 

Do you want to play?  (closed January 8, 2013)

I had one blogger send me a guess as to how many bulbs were in the jar ... so ...  would you like to play?
Just send me your guess along with your comment.

These are the large C-9 bulbs ... 

the jar is 6" wide and 12" tall.

Clue: even number between 80 and 125

Good luck ... have fun

I will let your know the outcome.

January 8, 2013 ... I have not had any more guesses in about a week ... so I will announce the winner. Five bloggers sent in a guess and all were pretty close. 

There are 112 bulbs in the jar and 
Chris at A Little Creation  
with a guess of 102 is the winner.
Thanks for playing along.   

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowmen are hanging around so Let It Snow

This fat little Snowman greets you at the front door and is hanging around in hopes it will snow. He has his presents and an old red lantern and hopes to find ice so he can go skating.   

Hanging out just inside the door are Clyde and little Earl dressed in their finest for Christmas.

They are happy here with all their Snowmen friends and the pretty lights and decorations.
The Welch Hutch is decorated with bottlebrush trees, pinecones, pine branches, birds and snowballs.
The tall one is Cotton and he lights the way for the parade. Shorty is Styrofoam and Whiskey is papier mâché.


Vintage Mercury glass deer would love to play in the snow too.

Yarn snow balls covered with Epsom Salts.

This little guy is happy because he has dug up the perfect Christmas tree with his little shovel and he has his little Hy-Speed wagon to ride in.

May your new year be Blessed

Audrey Z.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vintage Bottlebrush Wreath,Ornaments and 1892 Scrap Santa

I decorated this vintage bottle-brush wreath many years ago with antique ornaments and decorations to sell on eBay. I changed my mind and it continues to be a favorite of mine to hang in our Guest room.

The deeper the indent in an ornament ... 
the older it is. 

 Love the OWL and car.
 Purchased this large box of antique ornaments at an Estate Sale this year for $16.50. You can see the tag in the top, right corner. You can see sixteen or so here, but there was about ten more. 

These antique scraps were purchased about forty years ago when we lived in California. 
I put a cardboard easel backing on the big ones so I could stand them for display.
The blue one is about 13" tall and the red one on the right is 12".
Just beautiful ...

These Scraps were removed from a Scrap Book and I was also able to purchase this inscription. The scrapbook was full of wonderful scraps, letters and mementos. It was being kept for a man in service by the girl that was waiting for him to return home. It was sad that the scrapbook being taken apart and being sold scrap by scrap.
From Ell
with the compliments 
The Season
Dec. 25" 1892
(and what beautiful script writing

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 Blessings ...
Audrey Z.
Timeless Treasures

Vintage Baby Buggy Wheels for Mary and Baby Jesus

Wheels but no Buggy.
 What can I do with these vintage Baby buggy wheels that I just purchased from an Antique store?

When I finally got tired of stumbling over them, I picked them up and sat them on top one of my large crocks.

I had been trying to find a place for my Mary and Baby Jesus and said, what better place to hang the  guiding star and this looks like a stable to me.

So there is Mary and Baby Jesus and the Camel entered the scene too. He is the Camel for the Wisemen, so we know they are near by. I think Joseph is out tending to the Donkey. 


This is one of my favorites decoration this year. 
The top wheel makes a  great canopy.

Hope your Christmas was blessed with happiness and love with family and friends.

May the New Year be the best ever.

Audrey Zumwalt
Timeless Treasures

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Estate Sale Treasures. Would you buy these?

I went to an Estate Sale on Friday mainly looking for a small Christmas tree ... but ... look what I bought. 

My first stop is usually the garage or work shop. Show me metal pieces with time-worn paint and I want them. 

I was a big spender ... $4.00 for the two sets of vintage furniture pipe clamps ... just put a piece of pipe in between and there you have a clamp. 

The wheel thing is a part of a pully of some sort ... there again, it was the color and only $1.50. Nice bargain.

Now you are beginning to see my plan to use them.

Don't they make interesting candle holders?

This is really thinking outside the box and I love it.

Happy Christmas.
Audrey Z.

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