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Monday, October 22, 2012

Vintage crackle glass pumpkin

 Crackle Glass Pumpkin

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Wednesday was my day to go to town to the 25¢ Parking Lot Sale and run errands.  After I met with the rain-gutter installer at the Rental, I/we determined that we needed a rain barrel for the downspout to drain into instead of up against the foundation of the house. I had to go to the little town nearby to buy one. Well ... this took me right by the Youth Ranch Thrift Store ... I did not need anything, but always like to check them out and could use some more Fall decorations ... besides purchases are for a good cause.  

The tool section and the lamp section are my favorite sections.  And since I was in a hurry,  I would take a quick run-through those two sections.

... well, nothing in the tool section; so I dashed through the lamp section ... just a couple old lamps ... nothing worthy to stop for ... BUT ... whoa ... wait ... STOP ...  back up ... that's not a lamp ... it's a pumpkin !! 
Yep,  just look at the beautiful amber crackle glass globe ... doesn't that look like a pumpkin to you??? Sure does to me. So for $5.00, it came home with me. I can always use lamp parts.

Disassembled, washed and shined up ... I trimmed off a piece of tree limb to fit in the electric card pipe hole ... added some tiny curly wire .... 

I added a few faux leaves on the top and there you have it 

... a beautiful crackle glass pumpkin that can be lighted too. Pretty by herself and with other decorations. 

Add a little wreath of berries under her for the perfect Fall look.

 Place her in front of a sunny window and she will GLOW.

She looks very much at home sitting on the vintage potato digger and the old wagon goat cart.  

She is pretty sassy sitting on this Shabby white lamp base. A small night light can be connected here. 

She also loves being a part of my Fall Mantel decoration.

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Audrey Z.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Mantel ... Wicker basket, bottles, Pumpkins, Crock

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Not yet November and I have changed my mantel three times. 
I love to display this lovely picture for the Fall season. I picked objects with the colors that are in the picture to decorate our Mantel.

Grapevine pumpkins ... wicker woven bottles and vintage splint oak market basket.

I decided the mantel needed a little more so I swiped the grapevine and my garland of painter's dropcloth leaves from my Fall table and used it here. Tutorial can be seen HERE 

(Now I have an excuse to do another table decoration).

Sitting atop my little red wagon, is the lighted Palm tree leaf pumpkin that I made ... see the inspiration tutorial here, Karah is one crafty lady. Check her out. The Space Between
I did make another Palm leaf pumpkin and my tutorial can be seen here ...  

  The large vintage splint oak basket on the left was recently purchased at Find's Thrift Store for $5.00 ... a very good buy. I have several of these and was happy to add it to my collection. 

The yellow painted crock on the right was purchased off eBay years ago for $12.00 ... unbelievable good deal. 
It is one of my favorite crocks.

This little guy is always happy to be part of the hearth decoration.

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DIY Palm leaf Pumpkin

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When I asked my neighbor if she would give me her dead palm leaf when she cut it off; she laughed at me and thought I was crazy when I told what I planned to do with it. Said she would not be cutting them until Spring ... so okay. In just a hour or two, she dropped the dead one and two green ones just starting to brown, over my back fence. Then the husband came home for the week-end and dropped three more over the fence. Had more, but I said I had enough. I have to let those dry out a little, but not to anxious to make more pumpkins right now.

Well let me tell you ... this was NOT the easiest thing that I have ever tried to make. Karah at The Space Between did a beautiful job of making one and I was so impressed and inspired. So original, I just had to make one because it looked so primitive in her decor and loved the LED lights in it. Check out her Blog ... she is one crafty lady.

I took the very dry leaf or frond and following her directions, I cut/ripped the leaf in long pieces and soaked them overnight.
Next day, or day after ... took the pieces and bunched them together in no certain order and tied them tight at one end. Then taking the loose end, looped them, one by one to the bottom of the bunch and stapled them together. They were not all the same length, so some came out short.  Hard to get pictures when doing this.   Well, although very open looking and not well formed, I thought it looked okay ... but maybe like a UPS truck had run over it. 

 I used a stick from the yard for the stem and curled some slim parts of the leaf and hot glued them around the stem.
It is now in my little red wagon with LED white light and it looks pretty good in my Fall Mantel decoration. Anything looks good in my little red wagon.  Fall Mantel here.

The second and greener palm frond.  

After I made the first pumpkin ... I just knew there had to be a better way to shape the pumpkin.  
I would find a small limb that I could use for the stem ... cut the bottom off smooth and be able to staple the leaves to that when I looped them around.
I trimmed both the top and bottom of the leaves making them all the same length. These pieces were extra long. 

I placed the pieces neatly around the end of the stem, so when looped to the bottom, I would be able to form the pumpkin better. I zip-tied them to the bottom of the stem and just under the part that was to stick out above the pumpkin.  I ended up hot-gluing the leaves together at the bottom and when I had a good bunch, I would tack them to the wood with a upholstery tack. This worked until they got so thick the tack would not reach the wood, so just kept gluing.  

These leaves were still slightly green, so they were more pliable and easy to work with. I did soak them though. 

I thought I had bunched enough pieces, but when finished, it looked a little sparse, so I just hot-glued other pieces in and added curled pieces around the stem.
I wrapped the stick inside the pumpkin, 
but should have made it shorter.

This turned out to be a big pumpkin and will look nice in Fall decoration.

WOW ... are you tired now from all this work?

You gotta try it ... so original and so awesome for Fall.     

Don't they look pretty grouped together on hay with the colorful potato plant?

Heck. I may just make some more.

Audrey Z.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Menu Chalk Board.Strawberry Jam and Fresh Bread

The perfect frame for a Menu board ... 
long and narrow ............ 
I got the Menu graphic from GraphicFairy... reversed it; printed it out on wax paper and transferred it to the Masonite board I had painted for this frame. I taped it off and painted the top section white and the rest in chalkboard. The small beaded trim around the frame was also painted black. 
The back was finished off with heavy brown paper. 

My daughter stopped by with her friend and her friend bought the Menu board even before I was finished with it.  

She sent me picture of it in her home. 
Thanks Donna  
LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!


Nothing better than 'fresh bread and her homemade strawberry jam'.

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Hope you will leave a comment and come back to visit often.

Audrey Z.    

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