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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We live in THE WOODS ... come visit

So honored to be in the  
Thanks Debbie.  
Check out all the great homes she picked.
Be inspired. 

Hope your enjoy the Tour.
Extremely Photo Heavy ... 
hope you can visit for a little while.

The subdivision that we live in is named THE WOODS and it is almost like living in the Country with 100 houses with acreage or large yards. We have about one acre. We have lived here for twenty-six years, the longest we have lived anywhere. It is a house that I love to decorate and always have tons of unfinished projects sitting around. The large front porch seems to be a good place to stash some of these unfinished projects like this one ... 
This green cabinet was a freebie and you will love the before and after, so check back to see the finished project.

I love to decorate this old farm table for the seasons ... the crows are looking for some corn to eat on this Harvest table.

I have been re-doing the Entry, so we may get stuck in here and not see much of the rest of the house. 
Hope to do a blog on the re-do soon.

This is the wall to the left. I made this old pedestal many years ago from a piece of bannister from the high school. Sitting atop is a concrete base of a fountain. The Welch Hutch was purchased just recently from Finds Thrift Store for $265.00.
 Wood flooring was installed about five years ago.
While we are here; I will show some close-ups of the Fall decoration and items on the hutch ... 
so please grab a cup of hot apple cider and stay with me. 
Remember to Give Thanks
The prayer book with the brass and turquoise  
cross belonged to Mr.Z's Mother.
This is my Welch Hutch for my crock collection, but decorated for Fall right now.

Bottom shelf holds some of my favorite crocks.
Please check back later for a blog on this DIY rusty spring decoration.

Love how the candle light reflects off the antique stone fruit and old pottery.

Love the brown transferware and the old wooden acorn finial.

 This is the sweetest platter I have ever owned. Looks like it might have held a casserole or soup tureen. Sold to me by a dear friend.

Sweet little Squirrels my Niece made for me 
years ago.
Old iron nutcracker with acorns. The
 large one is a Burr Oak acorn and it is big. 

Now on with the rest of the Entry. 

To the right as you enter, I have this wonderful old iron grid that is so much fun to decorate. 

Then below in the corner it is a collection of Newel posts and one of my collection of small chairs.

Then the Hall Tree where I store some of my vintage umbrellas.
The open door you see, goes to the dining room.
Take a peak inside at my fall table.

Have you ever seen a Parade Umbrella? ... it has a very long handle so the umbrella is up high and will not block the view of the people behind you. Don't know what the long point on the top is. 
Use your imagination !

Looking back to the front door. The curtain is just an old lace tablecloth draped on the window.

Before entering the Living room, you pass under the arch, not really arched, but two antique cast iron brackets decorate each corner and Gabriel above blowing his horn.

For the season, I have this nice plant, part of a metal fence and another little chair holding a grapevine pumpkin borrowed from the dining table to anchor the large china cabinet. Above that is a gold gild antique mirror.
Lots a pictures for such a small space but hope you enjoyed this.

You can see parts of the Living Room by viewing these two blogs Fireplace and Drop cloth Drapes

Leaded /stained glass windows cover six by six windows. They came out of a church in Houston, Texas that was built in 1903. We had to do extensive restoration on the middle one. The outside ones are on the original hinges and can be opened like a door. The middle one is just hanging inside the window.

Pottery Collection 
LOVE copper

Walking down the hall and peaking into to the guest bedroom ... this bed just says ... "come take and little nap" and sometimes I do. 
I LOVE this room full of roses.

 This is a California King bed and so comfortable. It is one foot longer than a regular king. I have two metal garden screens behind the bed. I made this spread out of two twin size spreads by lapping one over the other and sewing them together; thus the ruffle down the middle. Just keep using it because I can't find one I like better. Used the ruffled piece I cut off for a window valance.

I have been removed and swapped some furniture out of this room and still working on it, but will show you a few pictures as is. (more unfinished projects)
Please have a chair and rest awhile.

 Just did not have the heart to scrap these pieces of Sterling.

Now a peak at the main Bath off the hall. Restored lamp with French script shade from Wall-Mart.

That all for now ... thanks for the visit.

You can take a closer look at the china cabinet in the living room as you leave or would you like to stay for a while. The guest bedroom bed is real comfortable.

Audrey Zumwalt
Timeless Treasures

Thanks for staying with me.


  1. Hi Audrey--
    Love all your fall decor. You have a lovely home. Thanks for the tour.

    Did you get some cooler weather over the weekend down your way? WE got cooler temps all weekend...we're N.E. of you...
    :) Pat

  2. OH I really like your collection of crocks at the bottom of your hutch, and the way you decorated the farm table. Very cute! ....and that metal grid is cool too. What is it and where did you find it?

  3. Thank you Audrey for sharing your little slice of Heavenly home. Everything about it is so charming.

  4. Hi Audrey; I loved visiting today, just walking around the porch and into the (fantastic) entry an finally down the hall with a peek into the living room to the rose bedroom, on a peak into the main Bath taking my time looking at everything. Such a treat.

  5. Audrey,

    I love the candles in the bed springs. That hutch is wonderful too! I enjoyed the tour!

  6. I don't know where to begin, Audrey! The rusty springs, crocks, restored stained glass,fall planter...! Every bit of it is wonderful and you missed your calling as an interior designer. ~ Maureen

  7. Wow, Audrey, you ARE a collector of many things. :)
    I really enjoyed seeing your's so pretty.
    I love crocks, too, but don't have quite as many as you.
    I know you enjoy your Welsh hutch. It's a pretty one. I sure have enjoyed my red one.:)
    xo bj

  8. Audrey, you have so many pretty and interesting things in your home. I love the stained glass windows. Your decorating style makes your home look comfortable and inviting. -------- Shannon

  9. Wow Audrey, you have an amazing home. So many wonderful piece to admire. The buffet and hutch is loaded with beautiful treasure. Such a thrill to visit.

  10. Audrey,

    How lovely all the vignettes you have created throughout your house. The porch is so welcoming - I love that green cabinet like it is - are you changing it? The Welch dresser is just filled with delightful things. You have truly made this house a home.

  11. Your home is lovely and decorated to the "T" for the season. I love it all especially your welsh cabinet.

  12. Audrey...I just looked at the post of your fall table, and oh I do so love the story of your crock that was your moms. My gosh what a beautiful piece and such a wonderful memory, you are very blessed to have that tangible piece to go along with such a beautiful memory - love you my dear friend xoxo


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